Chapter 866 - Unworthy of a Mention

MGA: Chapter 866 - Unworthy of a Mention

“It’s unlikely something caused by the Divine Body. I’ve heard when Zi Ling of the Zi family was born, there was indeed a phenomenon that had appeared. Moreover, many people had seen that. Although it was frightening, it was not as horrifying as today’s.”

“Yeah! I’ve also heard that the phenomenon of a Divine Body is only an omen of the arrival of a Divine Body. Although it appears powerful, it would not terrify others like the one just now, nor create an illusion of a disaster.

“On the other hand, the strange lightning before was completely different. Not only was it frightening, its horrifying aura seemed as though it would destroy this world! I truly do feel quite some fear when recalling it.”

Those famous people of the Winter Plains still had some cold sweat on their faces. They were endlessly recalling the previous scene before. If it weren’t for the head of the Stone Sword Sect who forbade them from leaving, it was likely they would have all flown away and escaped for their lives when the lightning appeared.

To them, the lightning was really too horrifying. So horrifying they could not control their fear, and could not resist.

So, even though the lightning beasts were gone, they could not retain a calm heart because they didn’t know whether it would reappear, and whether they would be able to survive if it did.

In reality, that uneasiness had spread throughout the entire Stone Sword Sect. If the peak characters from various forces were in such fear, then naturally, the young ones, the disciples, felt terror.

“Everyone, if the thing before wasn’t an omen of a Divine Body, then what do you think it is?”

Finally, the head of the Stone Sword Sect who had been in silent spoke with a smile. He appeared rather calm, in contrast with the others.

However, no one knew this calmness was forced out by him. Since the crowd were so frightened, he had to soothe their emotions, and since he had to soothe their emotions, he would have to soothe his own first. Thus, he had to pretend to be very calm, and only then could he convince everyone else.

“Sect Head Shi, do you think the scene before truly represented the arrival of a Divine Body? Wouldn’t that mean on the Winter Plains, there is a new Divine Body?

“However, if that were really an omen of a Divine Body, then in the end, there should be an indication telling everyone where it had appeared.

“From what I know, the Divine Body of the Zi family had such an indication. Everyone could see the descent of the huge purple bell in the sky, which quickly became a purple stream of light and swirled above the Zi family. After quite a while, it landed into the Zi family, and only then did Zi Ling appear.

“Yet, the frightening lightning just now was not like that. When it appeared, it was as if it were going to destroy everything. Although it still disappeared, it was a very strange disappearance. No one knows where it went.” However, there was someone who expressed suspicion to the sect head’s words.

It was a short monk as thin as a match. He was very old, and not only was his skin full of wrinkles and marks, they were very loose, as though they were detached from flesh. He was simply like a dead person already in a coffin.

He was a rank seven Martial Lord, and his cultivation was not inferior to the sect head’s. He too was a famous person in the Winter Plains, named Monk Pingjing.[1]

“Sir Pingjing’s words are reasonable.” After hearing that monk’s words, the crowd nodded, expressing agreement.

Seeing there was someone speaking against him, the head of the Stone Sword Sect tightly furrowed his brows. He felt quite displeased, but didn’t know how to defend himself. As such, he could only cast his gaze at the black-haired old man by his side.

That black-haired old man was not a simple person at all. He was not only a rank eight Martial Lord, he was even sitting on the main seat in the banquet. Moreover, the clothes he wore made everyone feel both respect and fear, because he was a person from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Many of the peak characters in the Winter Plains had gathered here for that person, not really for the head of the Stone Sword Sect.

“Who made the rule that the omen for the arrival of a Divine Body couldn’t contain deterrence?

“And who made the rule that the arrival of a Divine Body demanded an announcement to the world which family it would appear in?” The black-haired old man calmly spoke, but his serene words were full of threat.



After he spoke, the crowd was speechless. No one dared to argue whether the lightning was an omen of a Divine Body. Not because they didn’t know how, but because they didn’t dare.

“Haha, Lord Yan is correct. It’s most likely a Divine Body, otherwise how could something like that suddenly appear?

“But so what if it’s a Divine Body? A Divine Body did appear at that Zi family, but other than a beautiful complexion, she had no accomplishments in cultivation.

“So, legends will only be legends. Even if it truly appears, it may not be as powerful as rumoured.” After a short moment in silence, there was someone who added on, agreeing with that Lord Yan’s perspective. It was quite a well-done bootlicking.

“Yeah! Not to mention the Divine Body isn’t as powerful as the legends, even if it were, so what? Right now, it’s said the most powerful genius is Chu Feng in the Eastern Sea Region. He is indeed quite shocking and grasps many legendary techniques.

“Yet, back then, wasn’t he still driven away by Sect Head Shi? Even an exceptional genius will be no match in front of a true expert.” More and more people started joining in. They used Chu Feng’s escape due to Shi Jingtian as an example to insult the title of “genius”.

“That’s right, that’s right! I’ve also heard of that, but regretfully, I wasn’t able to personally see it. Sect Head Shi, how about you tell us what happened back then?”

“Right right right! Sect Head Shi, quickly tell us whether that genius was as powerful as the rumours, and how he was beaten away like a dog by you!”

At that moment, the crowd’s tense emotions started to be relieved. They, who did not know the truth, actually took Chu Feng as a joke. They even asked the head of the Stone Sword Sect to narrate Chu Feng’s disgraceful scene.

As he heard their words, the head of the Stone Sword Sect first drank a cup of wine, then wiped his mouth before proudly smiling and saying with a wave of his hand, “That Chu Feng was no match for me. He’s unworthy of a mention.”

“Unworthy of a mention, or too embarrassed to mention?

“You’re afraid of telling the truth and being laughed at everyone here, right?” But just at that moment, a voice filled with mocking rang out from the disciples below. It shocked everyone.

“Insolence! Who dares to be so audacious and speak such nonsense?!” The head of the Stone Sword Sect was enraged when he heard that. He violently slammed the table, then stood up and loudly questioned as he pointed at a certain location in the plaza.

Seeing that, many disciples changed their expressions greatly from the fright. Their bodies trembled, and all of them drew some distance from the person who spoke, greatly afraid they would be affected by that fearless person. They wanted to rid themselves of fault.

In a situation like that, the densely packed plaza very soon became empty. Only a single person remaining standing there.

It was a young man. He was not only fearless, he even had a smile on his face. He was smiling and looking at the head of the Stone Sword Sect who stood at the peak of the palace, and said, “Old bastard, I didn’t expect you were still alive.”