Chapter 850 - Arctic Killing Formation

MGA: Chapter 850 - Arctic Killing Formation

“Heh, the power he has right now is all due to the Forbidden Medicine. If it was a normal battle, he naturally stands no chance against my queen.

“But, since he dares to be so arrogant by relying on the power of Forbidden Medicine, then it would be too good of a deal to kill him right now.

“Rather than taking a risk and using the World Spirit power you lend me, I am much more willing to see him kill himself. In a while, let us watch him how pitiful he becomes as he receives the backlash of the Forbidden Medicine.

“He’s taken over ten Forbidden Medicine, and the backlash of every single one is something excruciating! I truly want to know how his life will end,” Chu Feng said with a smile. If he used Eggy’s power in addition to the Royal Armament’s might, it didn’t matter how many Forbidden Medicine the head of the Stone Sword Sect took—it would all be useless.

However, Chu Feng now knew the enormous risks associated with borrowing Eggy’s power to increase his strength. Not only risks to himself, but also to Eggy.

Typically speaking, after a World Spirit lends its power to its master, it would only increase the strength of the master’s physical body. There would be no rise in fighting strength, and even if there were, it would be negligible.

At least, with the cultivation Chu Feng currently possessed, after borrowing the power of the World Spirit, he shouldn’t have received an increase in fighting strength. It was for no other reason but because his body could not take it.

Yet, when he was fighting Old Feng and Old Lei back then in the Flower Valley, Chu Feng had acquired an enormous increase in fighting strength after borrowing Eggy’s power.

Chu Feng, who had a greater understanding in Spirit Formation techniques, knew that was an atypical situation. Afterwards, Chu Feng had asked Eggy why that had happened.

At first, Eggy wanted to hide it, but upon constant questioning from Chu Feng, Eggy very unwillingly spoke the reason.

Back then, when Eggy lent her power to Chu Feng, not only did Chu Feng sustain huge risks, in order to decrease the damage done to Chu Feng, Eggy too had sustained huge risks and paid an enormous price.

Before even becoming an actual Martial Lord, Chu Feng had borne Eggy’s power without dying. And, while receiving Eggy’s power, not only was his physical body more powerful, his fighting strength had a huge increase. All of that was because of Eggy.

It was Eggy who sacrificed her own life by touching upon a taboo, which allowed Chu Feng to receive that rise in fighting strength.

That meant if Chu Feng wanted to use Eggy’s power to increase his fighting strength, not only would Chu Feng have to pay an agonizing price, Eggy, the queen, would have to pay an even greater price than Chu Feng.

So, from the day he learnt of the truth, Chu Feng decided, unless absolutely necessary, to not use that ever again. He was willing to bear through pain, but he was not willing to have Eggy sacrifice so much for him.

“Chu Feng, hand over your Royal Armament and I’ll leave you a complete corpse!” Just at that moment, a huge pressure came from behind. The head of the Stone Sword Sect had caught up.

“Heh, old thing. I’ll let you feel proud for a bit more. In a while, let me see how painful you’ll die.”

Chu Feng had already expected that. Even though the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique was very fast, the head of the Stone Sword Sect had used his life as the price for his power. He ingested many Forbidden Medicine, so his strength was very horrifying as well. It was completely reasonable for him to possess the speed to catch up to Chu Feng.

But Chu Feng had already made preparations. He had first run in a circle to buy time for the Nine-fingered Old Man and the others to escape, and only after he felt they had safely fled did Chu Feng head towards a goal and fly quickly.

After a while, an icy mountain range appeared in front of Chu Feng. It was an extremely vast mountain range.

It was a very strange one too—there weren’t any trees, nor any accumulated snow. What existed was only ice that exuded chilliness.

Moreover, the peaks on the mountain range were very straight—they were akin to countless enormous swords imbedded into the ground.

As for where that place was, it was the entrance to the Burning Heaven Church, the place titled as the Arctic Killing Formation.

*swish* At that instant, Chu Feng used the Heaven’s Eyes. Before his fierce gaze, all sorts of traps appeared. A path others could not discover emerged into his eyes, and he locked onto it.

He increased his speed and entered the Arctic Killing Formation. This was the place where he was going to send the sect head to the grave.

“Hmph. You want to die together? Even if I die, I will first kill you! I will shred your corpse into a million pieces, then play with your beautiful World Spirit.”

The head of the Stone Sword Sect had grown up in the Winter Plains. He was a person who had witnessed the glory of the Burning Heaven Church, so how could he possibly not know what sort of area the Arctic Killing Formation was? This was a forbidden land no one dared to enter in the Winter Plains.

But now, it was different. When he consumed all ten Forbidden Medicine at the same time, he had already prepared to die. But, he could not die for no reason at all. Before death, he wanted to kill Chu Feng, and to kill him with the cruellest techniques possible. Otherwise, he could not endure such resentment.

He had plotted this betrayal for a very long time. He had carefully laid a trap. He initially thought he could rise immediately with this move.

However, everything that he had done was destroyed by Chu Feng. He was truly unable to endure that. He had to kill Chu Feng.

*whoosh* So, without even thinking, the head of the Stone Sword Sect followed Chu Feng straight into the Arctic Killing Formation.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

It was completely foggy within the Arctic Killing Formation. Even the vision of Martial Lords was restricted by such odd white fog.

Moreover, within the Arctic Killing Formation, there was a strange pressure. This was a very powerful formation. It was definitely laid by several peerless experts after exerting much of their energy.

The layout of the Arctic Killing Formation was complicated. There were countless traps, and if one took a single wrong step, they would die.

However, in such a perilous region viewed as a forbidden land, Chu Feng was like a fish in water. There were no traps that could harm him.

But the head of the Stone Sword Sect, the old cunning thing, was quite smart. He knew Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation techniques were excellent. So, he closely followed Chu Feng’s steps and walked only where Chu Feng walked in order to avoid death via the horrifying traps within the Arctic Killing Formation.

“Heh, it seems that I’ve still underestimated this old thing. He’s able to follow me for so long! But, I would quite like to see how much longer you can continue.”

But even so, Chu Feng was not afraid. Instead, he smiled oddly and no longer ran in circles. Instead, he flew straight towards the entrance of the Burning Heaven Church.

The Arctic Killing Formation was very vast, but to Martial Lords, they could easily pass through even larger regions because their speed was simply too quick.

So, in order to increase the difficulties of outsiders entering the Burning Heaven Church, they made a huge maze within the Arctic Killing Formation.

One could even say if they wanted to enter the Burning Heaven Church, they had no choice but to enter the Arctic Killing Formation. Moreover, there was only one possible path. If a single incorrect step was taken, there would be no recovery.