Chapter 849 - The Furious Eggy

MGA: Chapter 849 - The Furious Eggy

“Today, you will all die!” After the odd roar, the head of the Stone Sword Sect shouted angrily again. Then, he abruptly jabbed with his sword. A sword of light enhanced with layers of runes shot towards the Nine-fingered Old Man.

“Dammit!” At that instant, his complexion changed greatly. He knew it was a very powerful attack, so he quickly put forth his full strength. In a breath, he used several powerful defensive martial skills to block the strike from the head of the Stone Sword Sect.

At the same time, he rapidly backed away to dodge the ferocious attack.

*bang bang bang bang…*

But it was useless as his strike was simply too powerful. In the moment it collided into the Nine-fingered Old Man’s defenses, it completely destroyed them all. Not only was its power undiminished, it instead became even more powerful and had already arrived in front of the Nine-fingered Old Man.

“Black Tortoise Armour Technique!”

However, just as he felt he was absolutely dead, Chu Feng had arrived in front of the Nine-fingered Old Man. He used the Secret Skill, the Black Tortoise Armour Technique, to block the attack from the Stone Sword Sect.


Simultaneously, Eggy had flown up as well. With her black flames, she laid them in front of Chu Feng. It formed a black shield in the air.

*boom rumble rumble*

However, they had still underestimated the attack. After an explosion, even Eggy’s black flames were split open.

When the shock waves burst out, Chu Feng, Eggy, and the Nine-fingered Old Man were forced back several thousand meters before they could stabilize themselves.

At the same time, the head of the Stone Sword Sect rushed over again to attack with the stone sword in hand.

“Dammit! With the power of the Forbidden Medicine, he broke through my technique! I will make you a useless person!”

Her black flames being dispersed made Eggy furious. She leapt forward, and with the boundless black flames, she fought the head of the Stone Sword Sect who had taken thirteen Forbidden Medicine.

“Hahaha, so what if you’re a genius? So what if it’s a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World? Today, you will all die by my hands! Everyone in the Eastern Sea Region will know my name!”

The head of the Stone Sword Sect had neared insanity. He, who had obtained great power with the Forbidden Medicine, was cutting off his future. He opened his mouth and actually threw in two more in. With the stone sword in hand, he fought Eggy without any signs of weakness.

With the support of fifteen powerful Forbidden Medicine, the strength possessed by the head of the Stone Sword Sect was devastating. Even the strong Eggy felt enormous pressure. She was continuously forced back and was in a horrible situation.

“Senior, quickly bring your family away,” said Chu Feng decisively. He frowned lightly when he saw the unfavourable circumstances.

“No! Chu Feng, you risk your life to save us. We cannot leave you here.” The Nine-fingered Old Man shook his head, refusing.

“Senior, I have a way to defeat him. But, if you’re here, you will only become a burden. Quickly leave, otherwise I will be disturbed,” Chu Feng said gravely.

“Then… thank you. In the future, I will definitely repay this favour.”

The Nine-fingered Old Man no longer hesitated after hearing Chu Feng’s words. He flew back to his family, and with a wave of his sleeve, he lifted the surviving young ones. Then, he flew towards the Teleportation Array, aiming to leave this warzone.

“You want to leave? All of you will die!” The head of the Stone Sword Sect was unwilling to let the Nine-fingered Old Man and the others leave. He jabbed out again, and a fierce sword light flew to take away their lives.

“Your opponent is me.” But how could Eggy give him that chance? Channeling large amounts of black flames, she blocked his attack.



However, Eggy, who was only focused on saving the Nine-fingered Old Man, was careless. The head of the Stone Sword Sect found an opening and a shock wave came forth, injuring her.

“You are looking to die!” She was already furious, and now, she was surprise attacked. That put Eggy in a rage. Like a volcano, layers of black flames surged out endlessly from her body. They were like black clouds as they covered everything, yet also like a huge wave as they rolled towards the head of the Stone Sword Sect.

However, he, who had taken fifteen Forbidden Medicine, was really too strong. Regardless of Eggy’s strength, she was unable to defeat him.

In reality, seeing Eggy struck by a surprise attack made Chu Feng tightly clench his fists. He gnashed his teeth in anger, and he yearned to skin the head of the Stone Sword Sect alive. But he who still had some reason in him—unlike the sect head—knew that continuing fighting was not the best choice.

As such, Chu Feng forcibly endured the anger in his heart, and yelled at Eggy, “Eggy, run! Follow me!” After speaking, Chu Feng leapt forth and fled in another direction.

“You old bastard, you better remember this! In the future, I will strip away your skin and extract your tendons alive!” Despite furious, Eggy followed Chu Feng’s instructions. She leapt, then entered the already opened World Spirit Gate, and disappeared.

“Hahaha… What genius? What Asura World Spirit? You are all nothing special! Before me, you can’t even take a single strike!”

Seeing that Eggy hid into the World Spirit Gate and Chu Feng stepped on an azure dragon, running for his life, the head of the Stone Sword Sect laughed. His laughter was full of madness, then with a flip of his palm, yet another Forbidden Medicine appeared in his hand. He threw it into his mouth.

After consuming that Forbidden Medicine, his body had twisted. Not only were his eyes fiery red, even his skin was fiery red. His body exuded bursts of heat, and even his robe was being burnt.

After his entire body was showed bare, everyone could see clearly that there seemed to be countless insects running around within his skin. His flesh was squirming—it was both horrifying and disturbing.

But the head of the Stone Sword Sect didn’t seem to feel how ugly he was at that moment. Instead, he was very proud, as if he were an invincible ruler.

As he felt such pride, he pointed at Chu Feng, who was escaping, and said, “Chu Feng, you can’t escape! Your Royal Armament is mine, and your World Spirit is mine!”


He leapt forward, and after a huge boom, the air in which he stood on trembled, his figure disappearing afterwards. His speed was quick, so quick it was dumbfounding.

“Dammit, he’s consumed another Forbidden Medicine! How many does he have!

“If he didn’t have any, I would have killed him like a dog!” At that instant, Eggy had returned to Chu Feng’s body. However, she still felt hatred due to the surprise attack of the head of the Stone Sword Sect. She was gnashing her teeth, furious.