Chapter 848 - Fighting with Life on the Line

MGA: Chapter 848 - Fighting with Life on the Line

Chu Feng didn’t just know that the head of the Stone Sword Sect consumed Forbidden Medicine, he also knew after doing so, it was clear that the Nine-fingered Old Man would be defeated.

If everything remained the same and continued, then the Nine-fingered Old Man would be eventually killed. However, since Chu Feng had showed himself to help them, he would naturally not ignore them. He loudly replied, “Senior, don’t worry. As long as I, Chu Feng, am here, I will not leave you behind and ignore you. I am also a member of the Crippling Night Demon Sect! Since we are from the same sect, we are family! We should share both are fortunes and disasters.

“This Stone Sword Sect is truly audacious! They dare to make our Crippling Night Demon Sect an enemy! Instead of letting our brothers kill them, why not we do it ourselves!

“Don’t need to be afraid. At the very worst, we will only die. So, today, we will fight to the very end.”

Chu Feng’s shout drew out the praises from the crowd. Not to mention the Nine-fingered Old Man and the others who met Chu Feng for the first time, even the observers, completely unrelated to Chu Feng, gave him a thumbs up deep within their hearts.

It was because Chu Feng’s words were the manifestation of a single word—righteousness.

In this world, everyone put their own interests at the forefront. There were truly very few who emphasized righteousness as much as Chu Feng. He even had such a mindset at such a young age! That was truly something rare to come by.

Today, even though the people watching had admired Chu Feng for quite a while already, they saw him in an entirely new light today.

Not only was his talent unparalleled, his character was also superior to those in the same generation. No matter how cruel and ruthless he treated his enemies and how he cared not of the methods to achieve his goals, at least, when facing allies, he was a person worthy of trust.

Even though Chu Feng’s words just now had given the Nine-fingered Old Man some confidence and perhaps he would thus last a bit longer, Chu Feng knew confidence alone would not increase his power. If all things remained the same and time continued forth, then the head of the Stone Sword Sect, without a doubt, was going to defeat the Nine-fingered Old Man.

As such, Chu Feng, who knew the circumstances were unfavourable, no longer hid anything. He used his full strength, waved the Silver Dragon Spear in his hand, and started an extremely ferocious attack. He wanted to quickly defeat the six old men in front of him, then go give the Nine-fingered Old Man a hand.

*boom—* But Chu Feng had still underestimated how annoying they were. With the Royal Armament, Chu Feng would defeat them sooner or later, but it was not easy to defeat them quickly.

“Seeing that you’ve all cultivated for many years, I had planned to leave you complete corpses, to leave you undamaged honour. But since you continue forcing this, you cannot blame me for showing no face.” Suddenly, a hint of fierceness flashed past his eyes as he spoke with sinister on his face and in his eyes.

“Haha, little brat, quite some confidence you have there!

“We admit: you do have powerful fighting strength. You are a genius we had never heard before, but you want to defeat us six brothers? That’s a foolish delusion. Today, you are dead.”

The six supreme elders had lived in seclusion for many years, so they had clearly never heard of Chu Feng before. They didn’t know how powerful he was, and now, they were shamelessly saying they were going to take Chu Feng’s life.

*hmm* Chu Feng, who had already decided to quickly finish this fight, naturally gave them no more chances. With a thought, a World Spirit Gate appeared.

*wuaooo—* After it appeared, a strange howl came from inside. At the same time, peculiar black flames surged out, instantly enveloping the six old men.


“Dammit! What the hell is this?!”

At that moment, the six old men who were even brimming with smugness earlier changed their complexions instantly. They were in complete panic.

In the instant the black flames wrapped around them, they felt fear that they had never felt before. The Stone Sword Formation they so carefully laid was instantly destroyed.

“Remember. This power is called Asura.”

Chu Feng sneered, then he swung the Silver Dragon Spear. Six spear-shaped lights explosively shot out, and after six muffled explosions, the Stone Sword Sect’s six supreme elders no longer retained any signs of life. They were completely destroyed by Chu Feng, and not even any remnants of their corpses were left behind. Before they died, Chu Feng even absorbed their Source Energy.

“Eiyayaya, you’ve finally released me, huh?”

After the six old men were killed, a beautiful person slowly walked out of the World Spirit Gate. That person was the queen, Eggy.

“Waa, what a pretty woman? There’s actually such a beauty in this world? Who is that?”

“Idiot, that’s a World Spirit Gate. Since she walked out from it, it means she’s the rumoured ruthless World Spirit, the queen from the Asura Spirit World!”

“Powerful. In the end, the six supreme elders who had cultivated for innumerable years had still died by Chu Feng’s hands. This child’s fighting strength truly defies logic. He’s an outstanding genius and he truly does live up to his name!”

After seeing Eggy, the observing people were all tongue-tied. They were deeply stunned by the power she showed. But even though it was her who reversed the situation, the one they admired was still Chu Feng.

After all, regardless of the World Spirit’s strength, they were still a part of the World Spiritist, their master. To make a powerful World Spirit serve you wasn’t something all World Spiritists could do. In the end, it was all still a representation of Chu Feng’s own abilities.

“Dammit! This brat is truly this terrifying! Even the six of them weren’t able to defeat him!”

Seeing the six elders dead, the head of the Stone Sword Sect changed his expression greatly. The ruthlessness in his eyes became even stronger after knowing the extremely dreadful situation he was in. Then, with another flip of his palm, ten powerful Forbidden medicine appeared on his hand. Without a moment’s hesitation, he consumed them all.


After ingesting the medicine, his entire demeanor became completely different. Not only was his eyes blood-red, he even let out an odd roar. It was even more horrifying than a beast.

At that very instant, he didn’t seem like a person. He seemed more like a humanoid monster. Not only were there changes in terms of appearances, the change in strength was even clearer.

“Heavens! The head of the Stone Sword Sect consumed so many Forbidden Medicine! Does he not desire his life?”

Seeing that he ingested so many powerful Forbidden Medicine, the observers were all frightened because every single one he used was invaluable. Although they were able to provide a great increase in strength, the backlash he’d receive would be very fierce as well.

The accumulation of backlash from so many Forbidden Medicine was extremely horrifying. His very actions were akin to committing suicide.

“No. He’s preparing to fight by putting his life on the line! Chu Feng is too powerful. The head of the Stone Sword Sect can no longer retreat, and if he doesn’t do this, then he will die. If it were me, I would do the same.” However, there were a few astute people who knew the intentions of the head of the Stone Sword Sect.