Chapter 847 - Fighting the Six Elders

MGA: Chapter 847 - Fighting the Six Elders

“You brat, you dare to attack the disciples of the Stone Sword Sect? We’ll skin you alive!”

The six supreme elders of the Stone Sword Sect had come up to Chu Feng in a blink. Moreover, each of them flashed out a stone sword with light swirling around it. As they spoke, with the might of rank six Martial Lords, they stabbed their respective swords towards Chu Feng.

“Hmph.” However, Chu Feng didn’t fear the slightest bit as he faced the attacks from the six elders. He sneered, then with the flip of his palm, the Royal Armament, the Silver Dragon Spear, appeared within his hand.

*boom* Immediately after it emerged, its might shocked everyone. The weather changed colour and thunder bolts roared. The power Chu Feng emanated far suppressed the head of the Stone Sword Sect and the Nine-fingered Old Man’s combined power.

“This is a Royal Armament?” After seeing the Royal Armament, almost everyone’s eyes lit up, especially the head of the Stone Sword Sect’s. Greed instantly came forth into his eyes after he saw it.

Royal Armament—to say it was a treasure of the legends would not be inappropriate. The number of people in the Eastern Sea Region who had truly seen the might of a Royal Armament was very, very few. At least, of those here today, none had seen it before.

“This child has such a weapon? We cannot be careless. Formation!”

Feeling the power of the Royal Armament, the six supreme elders who didn’t put Chu Feng in their eyes at all now furrowed their brows tightly. They no longer dared to hold a single trace of carelessness.

Changing the direction of the stone sword in their hands, layers upon layers of runes were laid out, and they became a formation which imprisoned Chu Feng inside.

As he was within the envelopment of the runes, Chu Feng’s power had been pushed down by quite a bit.

“Although these six old men are people soon to die, their fighting strength cannot be overlooked, especially the formation they laid. At the same time they suppressed me, they increased their own power. It seems that I cannot underestimate them.”

At that moment, even Chu Feng himself frowned slightly. He didn’t think the six old people from the Stone Sword Sect would be so exceptional.

One had to know that Chu Feng, who had the Royal Armament, could easily defeat typical rank six Martial Lords. He could even put up a fight against a rank seven Martial Lord.

Yet, right now, within the so-called Stone Sword Formation, the fighting strength of the six old men was truly not simple at all. Even though Chu Feng had the Royal Armament, he didn’t dare to be careless.

“Brat, die!”

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

When the formation was laid, the six supreme elders received a boost in confidence. As all of them held stone swords in their hands, they started fiercely attacking Chu Feng with the power of the formation, perfect coordination, and skillful sword techniques.

“I’m afraid you won’t have the chance to kill me in your current lifetime.”

Even though he knew they were no simple people, Chu Feng was not afraid in the slightest. With the power he possessed, the six old men at most were of some difficulty. However, it was impossible for them to defeat Chu Feng. They shouldn’t even think of killing Chu Feng

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

*bang bang bang*

Chu Feng was instantly in a fight against the six elders of the Stone Sword Sect. The Royal Armament and the six stone swords were unceasingly clashing with one another, and every time they did, a sky full of sparks would be made in addition to violent shock waves. When they saw such scene, the observers were all dumbfounded. They sighed endlessly in admiration as astonishment filled their tense complexions.

“This Chu Feng lives up to his rumours! He truly is powerful. With the cultivation of a rank three Martial Lord, he is fighting against six rank six Martial Lords! If I wasn’t personally seeing this, I wouldn’t be able to believe it!”

“Haha, I’ve heard this Chu Feng possesses overwhelming fighting strength, and not only that, he possesses the legendary Secret Skills! He even made a contract with a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World, and now, with the Royal Armament, he will soon be invincible in this world!”

“It’s said even rank seven Martial Lords are no match for him! From what I see, these six old monsters from the Stone Sword Sect are also no match for Chu Feng.”

“Ah, don’t underestimate these six elders from the Stone Sword Sect. When they entered seclusion back in the day, they were the peak experts of our Winter Plains!

“Not only did all of them have outstanding strengths, the Stone Sword Formation they laid in coordination with one another was absolutely unstoppable. It’s rumoured even rank seven Martial Lords were killed by them! So, with these six fighting against Chu Feng, who obtains victory is still uncertain!”

Seeing the battlefield with endless appearances of sword attacks, afterimages, and destructive shock waves, the observers all sighed once again at the incredible scene between Chu Feng and the Stone Sword Sect’s six elders. Discussions burst out all around, but what could not be denied was that they were stupefied by Chu Feng’s strength.

“This child’s power is indeed impressive, worthy of the title of genius. But, from what I see, he is still unable to defeat rank seven Martial Lords.

“This won’t do. I have to quickly defeat this Nine-fingered Old Man. Only after defeating him can I take care of Chu Feng. As long as I join up with the six of them, this Chu Feng will die with no doubt.

“If I can kill this Chu Feng and take the Royal Armament from him, that will be a great accomplishment. We will become people who have performed great deeds for the Immortal Execution Archipelago.”

At that instant, even though the head of the Stone Sword Sect was intensely fighting the Nine-fingered Old Man, he still had his eyes on Chu Feng’s fight.

After having all those thoughts, a cold smile arose. Then, he flipped his palm and—not one, nor two—three Forbidden Medicine appeared on his hand. Opening his mouth, he consumed all of them at the same time. Afterwards, he roared with laughter and said, “Give me your life!”

*boom* After the consumption of the Forbidden Medicine, the head of the Stone Sword Sect rose greatly in strength. Every time he waved the stone sword in his hand, there would appear power that could cut the skies and split the earth.

“Dammit! This despicable bastard is dealing with me by using the Forbidden Medicine I helped him acquire!”

The Nine-fingered Old Man’s expression changed greatly when he saw that. Initially, when fighting the head of the Stone Sword Sect, they were on a fairly equal scale. However, when the head used the three Forbidden Medicine, the equal scale started tipping. In merely an instant, he was in a disadvantage.

Most importantly, he recognized the Forbidden Medicine that the sect head had just consumed. It was taken from many powers back in the day—and he himself had helped him take them.

Moreover, because of camaraderie, the Nine-fingered Old Man didn’t take a single one of them and gave them all to the head of the Stone Sword Sect. Yet, right now, he was actually taking these very same medicine to deal with him. How could he not be furious?

“Haha, don’t overrate yourself. I didn’t use these three for you, but for that Chu Feng. Right now, all of you will die! Hahaha…”

The head of the Stone Sword Sect sinisterly laughed when he heard the Nine-fingered Old Man’s mutter—it was a very mocking laugh.

The Nine-fingered Old Man understood his intentions. He hurriedly shouted to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, run! Leave us behind! You are a rare genius, and the future hope of the Crippling Night Demon Sect! Do not sacrifice your great future for our filthy lives! Ignore us and run!”

Upon hearing their shouts, Chu Feng too noticed odd power surging within the body of the head of the Stone Sword Sect. It was the effect one obtained upon using an extremely powerful Forbidden Medicine.