Chapter 846 - It's Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 846 - It's Chu Feng

“Who?” The sudden change of events drew out surprise to those from the Stone Sword Sect. Only after raising their heads did they discover a young man. He was weaponless, but had the might of a rank three Martial Lord. Moreover, an aura full of bloodlust was engulfing them.

“Swords up, attack!”

Seeing the unfavourable change in circumstances, the people from the Stone Sword Sect quickly changed their positioning. They gave up on attacking the Nine-fingered Old Man’s family, and instead, with raised stone swords, started to attack Chu Feng.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

A hundred swords faced the sky, its might endless. The atmosphere surrounding their attack was even fiercer than before when they were attacking the Nine-fingered Old Man’s family.

*boom* However, Chu Feng opened his palm, and struck downward. The swords of light shot from the stone swords were all shattered by that single palm attack, and they all dissipated in the air.

Not only did it completely shatter their attack, even the stone swords in their hands shattered.

Of all the experts from the Stone Sword Sect, the ones with relatively powerful strength spat out blood and fell onto the ground. The ones with relatively weak strength exploded immediately, thus dying.

“Heavens! Who is that person? With only one strike, he completely defeated the Runic Stone Sword Formation laid by the peak experts of the Stone Sword Sect?”

When they saw that, the observers were all shocked. They, who were initially watching the battle between Nine-fingered Old Man and the head of the Stone Sword Sect, now all cast their gazes towards Chu Feng and the others.

In fact, even the two of them who were in an intense battle, fighting to the death, cast their gazes over. After they saw the killed and wounded elders and disciples of the Stone Sword Sect, both of their complexions changed greatly.

“Who are you? There is no enmity between you and my Stone Sword Sect. Why have you attacked us?” shouted the head of the Stone Sword Sect in a rage.

Those who fell by Chu Feng’s attack, no matter elder or disciple, were the elites of his Stone Sword Sect. Yet now, they were all heavily injured—and even killed—by him. He, the head of the Stone Sword Sect, had truly received quite severe losses by such an attack, so naturally, he was enraged.

However, seeing Chu Feng’s age and strength, he felt that he had a special origin. As such, he didn’t attack immediately and first asked him instead.

He wasn’t the only one who had such a question. Nearly everyone closely looked at Chu Feng, desiring to learn of his origin and thus the origin of his strength.

“Hmph.” Chu Feng snorted at that question, then raised his arm, covering his face with his sleeve, and when he dropped his arm, his countenance had transformed to its original appearance. Then, he said with a light smile, “Do you know who I am?”

“Heavens! It’s him?” After seeing Chu Feng’s face, almost everyone’s expression changed greatly. They couldn’t help but deeply gasp from the heavy shock they felt.

At present, in the Eastern Sea Region, there were drawings of Chu Feng posted almost everywhere. And since his name had already spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region, after his wanted poster appeared, everyone went to look at it immediately. They wanted to know the appearance of such an outstanding genius.

As a result, in this very time and day, virtually everyone in the Eastern Sea Region knew Chu Feng’s appearance. And now, since Chu Feng revealed it, the crowd naturally recognized him in an instant.

“You… You’re Chu Feng?” The head of the Stone Sword Sect tightly furrowed his brows as a hint of uneasiness emerged into his eyes.

The rumours regarding Chu Feng were quite impressive in the Eastern Sea Region, especially when regarding the battle of the Zi family at the Flower Valley. That was something the entire Eastern Sea Region knew.

Chu Feng not only killed the patriarch of the Zi family, he even killed two rank seven Martial Lords from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

If that rumour were true, then the head of the Stone Sword Sect, as a rank seven Martial Lord, naturally had a disaster heading his way. Even if he didn’t want to be afraid, he couldn’t.

“Since you know who I am, why ask?” Chu Feng sneered, then loudly said, “Your tiny Stone Sword Sect truly has quite the nerve! You dare to attack members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect? Do you not know you’ve committed an enormity, worthy of the destruction of your entire sect?”

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the brows of the head of the Stone Sword Sect were furrowed even tighter. The uneasiness in his eyes became even stronger, but after a short moment of blankness, he suddenly started laughing abnormally.

“In the instant I started attacking the Nine-fingered Old Man, I knew very well I would be an enemy to the Crippling Night Demon Sect in the future. So, I have already expected this to happen.

“However, if the one who came here today was an expert of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, then I would not be able to do anything. But you… a hairless brat like you… I feel no fear.

“Right now, the world speaks of you like some sort of divine being. But I don’t believe you can defeat experts with far superior strength while you possess only the strength of a rank three Martial Lord.

“Elders, come out. I’ll hand this child over to you. Let the world know that this so-called genius is no more than a weakling.

“As for my Stone Sword Sect, it will be the one to destroy this legend.”

*whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh*

After the head of the Stone Sword Sect spoke, the sky in the distant started to tremble. At the same time, six boundless auras surged over amidst six aged figures.

Every single one had white and grey hair, and they were so thin that bone was directly beneath their skin. They were unsightly due to their age—old men who had lived for some unknown number of years. However, despite their age, they all possessed extraordinary strength—they were rank six Martial Lords, and their auras were all far stronger than the Zi family patriarch’s.

“They are the six supreme elders of the Stone Sword Sect! Isn’t it said for prolonging their life, they decided to train in seclusion? Why have they also come out today?” The crowd endlessly cried out in surprise after seeing these six old men.

“They are indeed the supreme elders of the Stone Sword Sect. In terms of seniority, they are above the head of the Stone Sword Sect, but their cultivations are a bit inferior. It’s said that Chu Feng doesn’t even put rank seven Martial Lords in his eyes! Will these six old monsters be able to defeat Chu Feng?”

However, even though those six experts appeared, there were some who doubted whether they were able to defeat Chu Feng.

In reality, not only did the observers doubt, even the head of the Stone Sword Sect lacked confidence. Although his tone was forceful just now, when Chu Feng had attacked, he was able to feel his extremely powerful fighting strength. It was indeed not something typical of a rank three Martial Lord.

But, since things had turned out the way they did, he could not give up so easily. If he successfully killed the Nine-fingered Old Man and the others, then he could go to the Immortal Execution Archipelago and take credit. Not only would he obtain a bountiful of rewards, he could even relocate to the headquarters of the Immortal Execution Archipelago and receive their protection and resources. It would not be wrong to say he would reach the heavens with just a single step.

But, if he failed, then judging by today’s situation, Chu Feng would not let him go easily. What awaited his Stone Sword Sect would be the eradication of his entire sect.

Since he would die if he gave up or tried, then why not give it a try? He was being held in place by the Nine-fingered Old Man and was unable to attack Chu Feng himself. So, he could only call out the six elders to test Chu Feng’s strength.