Chapter 845 - Stone Sword Sect

MGA: Chapter 845 - Stone Sword Sect

“Doesn’t this mean the Stone Sword Sect truly went over to the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s side, and is making the Crippling Night Demon Sect an enemy?”

“Right now, the Stone Sword Sect is fighting people from the Crippling Night Demon Sect! That is absolutely true!”

“Hurry, quickly! If we’re late, we’ll miss out on a good show!”

The people were rushing over. They flew over as they chatted, and simply didn’t even give Chu Feng a glance. They flew past him, clearly in a great hurry.

However, after Chu Feng heard their conversation, he could not remain a bystander.

“People from the Crippling Night Demon Sect?” Chu Feng had never heard of the Stone Sword Sect, but from what they said, this Stone Sword Sect seemed to be truly fighting members from the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

If the Stone Sword Sect were fighting with others, then Chu Feng wouldn’t even bother interfering. However, they were fighting against the sect he himself belonged to. As such, Chu Feng could not ignore it.

So, he turned around and tailed those people. He flew towards the battle to see what exactly was happening.

Indeed, a few thousand miles away from the Teleportation Array, a villa was filled with corpses. Blood formed rivers, and outside the villa, there was a frightening battle in progress.

There were two groups. One group had a rather large number of people—they wore robes, held stone swords, and were laying a formation, surrounding ten or so people within.

Of the surrounded people, there were males, females, old, and young. There was also a varying level of cultivation strength—it was quite incongruous. There were Martial Lords, and also experts in the Heaven realm. There were even children who hadn’t started cultivation.

However, of the surrounding people, there were not only over a hundred people holding stone swords, they were also all Martial Lords.

Both sides were exchanging blows, and of the smaller group, there were only three Martial Lords who were suitable for fighting out of the entire group. Even though their strengths were quite outstanding, they were in a great disadvantage since they had to protect their companions and consider attacks from all directions. They were constantly taking steps back.

And other than that ongoing battle, there was another at the distant sky. There were two old men, and their cultivations were both of a rank seven Martial Lord. Moreover, their fighting strength could truly shock the heavens and the earth—it was quite intense.

“That is truly the head of the Stone Sword Sect! However, isn’t that the Nine-fingered Old Man fighting him? Weren’t the people killed by the Stone Sword Sect from the Nine-fingered Villa?”

“The Nine-fingered Old Man and the head of the Stone Sword Sect have always been close friends! Why are they now fighting to the death? So many people died from the Nine-fingered Villa… They weren’t all slaughtered by the Stone Sword Sect, right?”

“What’s happening? Wasn’t it said that the Stone Sword Sect is fighting against the experts from the Crippling Night Demon Sect? Why has it become an internal battle between the Stone Sword Sect and the Nine-fingered Villa?” Many locals frowned slightly after seeing such a scene, revealing confused expressions.

“None of you know this, huh? The Nine-fingered Old Man and the others are all members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect! However, since they hid it so well before, no one had ever known,” said a person smugly who knew what exactly was happening.

“What? So the Nine-fingered Old Man and his family were actually members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect! However, the head of the Stone Sword Sect is clearly good friends with the Nine-fingered Old Man! The old man had even brought experts from the Nine-fingered Villa and fought against enemies many times alongside the head of the Stone Sword Sect, yet he still has the heart to attack the Nine-fingered Old Man and the others?” The observers were stunned.

“The head of the Stone Sword Sect has wanted to join the Immortal Execution Archipelago for quite a while already, but they had never viewed such a small sect like the Stone Sword Sect with any importance. However, if the Stone Sword Sect kills the Nine-fingered Old Man and his family, then they would have accomplished something great! Not only would they receive an enormous power to rely on, they would even receive a splendid reward!

“As they say, ‘If you don’t think for your interests first, you won’t be able to survive.’ The head of the Stone Sword Sect chose to point his blade at his brother in the face of power and wealth. This is not something that can be blamed on him completely,” some said.

“However, the Nine-fingered Old Man treated the head of the Stone Sword Sect like family! Yet now, he is actually doing this?! It is too unloyal and unrighteous,” said another. There were many others who felt furious.

“Shh, quiet! If the Stone Sword Sect hears you, a disaster will fall upon your head!” Seeing that person’s displeasure, there was a good friend of his who kindly advised him to be quieter; otherwise, he would possibly be killed.

At that instant, Chu Feng had also went near and coincidentally heard their discussions. At that moment, since the Nine-fingered Old Man and his family were all wearing casual clothing, Chu Feng could not determine whether they were members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

So, Chu Feng was left no choice but to use the Heaven’s Eyes to examine them.

Before the Heaven’s Eyes, all things were shown bare. In spite of the clothes, Chu Feng was still able to see their backs. As expected, the Nine-fingered Old Man’s family who were currently surrounded and attacked by the Stone Sword Sect—with the exception of children—all had a black incomplete moon on their backs. They were indeed members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

“Shi Jingtian, I viewed you as a brother and told you my secret of being from the Crippling Night Demon Sect. Yet now, you aim to kill me, and want to slaughter my entire family! Today, I will tear your corpse into a million pieces, otherwise the hatred in my heart will eternally remain!”

At that moment, the Nine-fingered Old Man held an Elite Armament blade. He was enraged; every single strike and attack he made were aimed to kill.

“Haha, Jiu Zhi[1], I’m afraid you won’t have the chance to do that.”

However, the head of the Stone Sword Sect did not show any weakness either. Although the Elite Armament in his hand was odd—it was a stone sword—as it swirled with light, its aura was extraordinary. While fighting against the Nine-fingered Old Man, radiance shone in all directions and shock waves swept out uncontrollably. It shocked everyone watching, and neither one of them was superior to the other.

Although the two of them were unable to determine who would win, the family of the Nine-fingered Old Man were an entire case completely. They were not in a good situation at all. Even though the strongest experts in the Nine-fingered Villa—other than the Nine-fingered Old Man—were within the remaining group, when they faced the surrounding attack of so many elders and disciples from the Stone Sword Sect, they were forced to exert an enormous amount of strength. Slowly, they were being defeated.

“Jiu Zhi, if you don’t defeat me soon, your family will be completely killed! Even if you can escape, I’m sure there’s no point in surviving all alone, right?

“Ahh, look! Your grandson’s aptitude in cultivation is quite excellent, and in the future, he will definitely become a cultivation genius. However, quite sadly, no matter how much better his foundations are, he is still too young. Before he even has a chance to cultivate, he will die! That is truly a shame. Haha…” As the head of the Stone Sword Sect fiercely attacked, he mocked the Nine-fingered Old Man.

“I will kill you!”

When he heard those words and saw the corpses of his relatives which were strewn across the ground below, and then saw his weeping grandson who hid behind his surviving family as well as his children who were drenched with blood, fighting ferociously, the Nine-fingered Old Man gnashed his teeth in fury. His entire body trembled, and after an enraged roar, he once again attacked with everything he had.

“Haha, it seems that you’re truly desperate now! However, you won’t have the chance to save them.” The head of the Stone Sword Sect laughed more and more madly. Then, he howled, “You trash, what are you still hesitating for? A hundred people can’t defeat a dozen?

“Quickly end their little lives. No matter gender or age, kill them all! I will reward those who can take down their heads!”

“KILL—” After hearing those words, the people from the Stone Sword Sect acted as if they had chicken blood injected into them, as they started sending their most powerful attacks. With such a fierce bearing, they surrounded and attacked. They fought to behead the heads of the Nine-fingered Old Man’s family. Even children barely several years old were not spared of their strikes.

As they faced such an attack, the family of the Nine-fingered Old Man all had deadpan faces. They knew, in a situation like this, they no longer had a chance at surviving. They couldn’t help but give up on resisting.

“All of you truly deserve to die!”

However, in that absolutely crucial moment, a shout filled with bloodlust exploded in the air. At the same time, an extremely boundless aura surged forth. An immense horrifying bloodlust also descended from the sky, surrounding the battlefield, oppressing everyone from the Stone Sword Sect.