Chapter 844 - Winter Plains

MGA: Chapter 844 - Winter Plains

“Don’t worry, everything’s good. Su Rou and Su Mei have come to the Misty Peak, and even Brother Wushang and Senior Zhang have come. They are being escorted to their residences right now,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“Really? Bring me to see them!” Zi Ling was elated when she heard Chu Feng’s words. She dragged Chu Feng and ran down the peak, impatient to see Su Rou and Su Mei.

Being led by the guide, Chu Feng and Zi Ling soon arrived at the residence of Su Rou and Su Mei. Because Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi’s residence hadn’t been arranged yet, the two of them were there as well.

Since Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi both knew Zi Ling already and their relationship was quite good, after seeing her, they were chatting quite naturally. That was something one would expect.

On the other hand, Su Rou and Su Mei had been in a coma before. They had only heard Chu Feng talk about Zi Ling but they had never truly seen her.

One would expect that after seeing Zi Ling, they should feel a bit distant. However, there was not even a tiny bit of unfamiliarity. Not only was there none from them, there was none from Zi Ling.

The three beauties were like sisters who had known each other for a long time. They chatted merrily, and even laughed joyfully. They completely cast Chu Feng, Jiang Wushang, and Zhang Tianyi onto the side, ignoring them.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, to be honest, I truly feel a bit of admiration towards you.” Seeing the three beauties talking to each other in harmony, Jiang Wushang spoke with a smile. His words were also full of teasing.

“Not only do you feel admiration, I also feel admiration! Thinking back then in the Azure Dragon School, I was still quite a character. Oh, how many beauties expressed their love towards me! Although I said I wasn’t finding a partner, I still clearly remember that of the women I knew, only Junior Su Rou’s heart wasn’t moved by me.

“At that time, I even thought she was the same as me: devoting herself in the pursuit for cultivation, so much she didn’t even want to bother with men.

“But now, I know I was wrong. It wasn’t that Junior Su Rou wholeheartedly devoted herself to cultivation, it was just that I didn’t have enough charm! After Junior Chu Feng entered the Azure Dragon School, Junior Su Rou was quickly attracted by him.

“Not only was she conquered by you, even her sister, Little Su Mei, was conquered by you!

“Ah, even the legendary Divine Body Lady Zi Ling was conquered by you. And these three beauties even love you so much! Sigh, in this world, probably any man would admire you, Junior Chu Feng,” Zhang Tianyi said strangely as he smirked.

As he faced the teasing from his two good brothers, there was only a happy smile on Chu Feng’s face. He knew to have three loving beauties who would even sacrifice their lives for him was his great fortune. He had to treasure them well.

After the short meetup, Chu Feng had no choice but to leave. Even though he was extremely unwilling to in his heart, Zi Ling, Su Mei, and Su Rou, who were all considerate, didn’t hold him back.

On the other hand, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang wanted to head out with Chu Feng, but this journey required him to break through a slaughtering formation. Chu Feng didn’t know what it looked like, so he didn’t know if he could protect the two or not.

And so long as they imagined they wouldn’t be of any help and instead possibly a burden, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang also chose to remain on the Misty Peak.

As for Chu Feng, he had no choice but to step on the journey filled with unknown, alone.

“I truly hope there will be one day I can give him a hand, so he won’t need to do everything on his own,” Zhang Tianyi said in a low voice as he looked in the direction of Chu Feng’s departure.

“I have the same thoughts of course, but even with the Imperial Bloodline, it seems that it’ll be very difficult to catch up to him.” Jiang Wushang on the side also had a face full of helplessness.

“Actually, that may not be so. Junior Chu Feng told me his real cultivation right now is only the ninth level of the Heaven realm. He’s only a rank three Martial Lord because of his special power.

“Now, I have a slight feeling that I will make a breakthrough soon. As long as I am successful, my cultivation will be the exact same as Junior Chu Feng! Moreover, with the strength I currently possess, as long as I can step into the ninth level of the Heaven realm, I can even put up a fight against a rank one Martial Lord.

“If I become a Martial Lord, I will be able to comprehend even stronger power from my Forbidden Mysterious Technique. At that time, perhaps I won’t be as heavy as a burden as I am right now.” As Zhang Tianyi spoke, a hint of yearning emerged onto the face.

“Big Brother Tianyi, I didn’t expect this to be such a coincidence! Recently, I’ve also felt I’ll make a breakthrough soon! How about… we have a race and see who makes the breakthrough first?” Jiang Wushang said with a smile.

“Any time!” Zhang Tianyi also laughed. He was elated when he imagined he would catch up to Chu Feng. This was not really a serious contest; they just hoped they could fight together with their brother and not always hide behind Chu Feng’s protection.

Chu Feng of course knew nothing of their plans. Going through the Teleportation Array at the Misty Peak, it sent him straight to the Winter Plains, and since that Teleportation Array wasn’t controlled by the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Chu Feng didn’t need to worry about meeting any enemies.

But, just in case, Chu Feng still used the Transformational Mask to change his appearance. After all, wanted posters of himself had been interspersed about the Eastern Sea Region. He also didn’t know whether the people at the Winter Plains knew his appearance, nor did he know whether they were enemies or allies. So, it was still better to disguise himself.

After a long journey within the Teleportation Array, the exit finally appeared in front of Chu Feng. After stepping out, a blinding white light shone into his eyes.

The Winter Plains was indeed as its name suggested. Ice and snow were endless and everywhere, covering the soil deep underneath themselves. Moreover, the sky was gloomy and it was snowing heavily.

Although the cold air could not harm Chu Feng’s body, after seeing such a freezing scene, there was a mental effect on Chu Feng’s heart; he couldn’t help but feel a bit chilly.

“Quick! Quickly go! If we’re late, we’ll miss a great fight!”

“Who’s come out?”

“They’ve all come out! The head of the Stone Sword Sect, many of their elders, and even their core disciples have all come out! This will definitely be a huge battle, and a great show that cannot be missed!”

Suddenly, there were rowdy noises coming ahead. At the same time, several people flew over. There seemed to be something lively there to watch.

The world of martial cultivation had never been peaceful. Battles between sects were the most common, and since Chu Feng had business in hand, he didn’t want to nose into anything.

Especially so since he was not far from the entrance of the Burning Heaven Church, Chu Feng didn’t care what was happening. Instead, he went the opposite direction of the liveliness, impatient in wanting to enter the Burning Heaven Church and see if Qiushui Fuyan was there or not.

If she wasn’t, then Chu Feng would personally search for the so-called Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix at the old address of the Burning Heaven Church. When she drew the entrance of the Burning Heaven Church, Lady Piaomiao also drew the image of the Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix.

Clearly, Lady Piaomiao also hoped if Chu Feng were unable to find Qiushui Fuyan, he would directly bring back the Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix to the Misty Peak.

*swish swish swish* But shortly after Chu Feng flew, there were several more people who flew in front of him. After hearing their discussions, Chu Feng’s heart trembled and his expression changed slightly. He couldn’t help stopping his forwarding steps and stood in the air, carefully listening to their words.