Chapter 843 - Good News

MGA: Chapter 843 - Good News

“Senior, what urgent matter does Lady Piaomiao need me for?” Chu Feng asked.

“I don’t know. Lady Piaomiao only told us guards to immediately bring you to the Peak of Myriad Illusions after you’ve returned.”

“The Four Seasons aren’t here?” When he heard the Peak of Myriad Illusions, Chu Feng’s expression changed slightly. He knew that peak was one of the most important peaks and normally only they and Lady Piaomiao could enter. Others were forbidden from nearing it.

Typically speaking, Chun Wu would bring him to a forbidden land like this, yet right now, Lady Piaomiao had such a normal guard bring him over. He had a feeling that something was wrong and subconsciously felt that Chun Wu and the others were possibly not here.

“Lady Chun Wu, Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, and Dong Xue are not here.” The guide shook his head. Indeed, it was the same as Chu Feng’s guess.

“Senior, do you know what they are doing?” Chu Feng quickly asked.

“Lord Chu Feng, I truly don’t know this. Please forgive me.” The guide had a very awkward face. It didn’t seem like he was not telling Chu Feng and really did look like he knew nothing.

Chu Feng didn’t continue asking, but there were some thoughts in his mind. Since Lady Piaomiao needed to see him with such urgency, something definitely happened. Otherwise, judging by her nature, she wouldn’t have done that.

After arriving at the Peak of Myriad Illusions, Chu Feng discovered the scenery there was quite beautiful. However, on the entire peak, there was only a single tower. Its shape was normal, but there were several colours. The colours interweaved with one another and endless changed. It was very mystical and also extremely beautiful.

“Lord Chu Feng, Lady Piaomiao is waiting for you inside.” The guide didn’t dare to enter. He stopped three meters away from the tower.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded, then came up to the tower. He could see that it was a rather impressive tower. Not only was it constructed with special materials, it was even reinforced by a powerful Spirit Formation. If it were sealed, even he could not open it. However, since it was not sealed, Chu Feng gave a light push and the doors opened.

When he entered the tower, Chu Feng saw Lady Piaomiao. At that moment, her eyes were shut tight and she was sitting cross-legged. She was channeling power into a formation.

It was a Refining Formation. Within the formation, there were all sorts of odd ingredients being refined and merged together. Lady Piaomiao was concocting a pellet, and at that moment, judging by the quality of the materials within the formation, Chu Feng knew it was an extremely impressive pellet.

“You’ve come back. Have things been handled sufficiently well?” Lady Piaomiao didn’t open her eyes but knew Chu Feng had come.

“Senior Piaomiao, thank you for your concern. Things have been handled well,” Chu Feng replied truthfully.

“Mm. Don’t need to be anxious. I called you over so hurriedly is actually because I have good news. I’ve already found the method to destroy the effects of the Heaven Gripping Pellet. The thing I’m concocting right now is the cure,” Lady Piaomiao said.

When he heard those words, Chu Feng was elated. He quickly expressed his gratitude. “Thank you Senior!”

“However, don’t be happy too soon. Whether this method will work or not I am uncertain, but there will always be risks. Although Zi Ling herself is willing to take the risk and receive this medicine, as the closest person to her, you must be prepared mentally,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Instead of letting Zi Ling become a cripple, it’s better to look for some opportunities. I respect Zi Ling’s choice.” Chu Feng didn’t mind risks because he knew since Zi Ling agreed, it meant she didn’t want to become a useless person. She wanted to retrieve the power that belonged to her, and Chu Feng had the same thoughts.

“Mm.” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Lady Piaomiao nodded. Then, she said, “However, there are truly too many required ingredients for this cure. Some of them cannot even be found in the Misty Peak, so I’ve already instructed Chun Wu, Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, Dong Xue, and Yan Ruyu to go down the peak and search for them. The harvests are quite good.

“But, the core medicine I entrusted Lady Qiushui to search for has not been brought back yet. With her strength and abilities, to procure this medicine should be of no trouble and she should have come back already, but she has yet to return. I don’t know if there’s been a change in circumstances so I’m a bit worried.

“However, right now, I need to focus on concocting this medicine and I cannot leave. So, I want you to help me see why Lady Qiushui hasn’t come back yet.”

“Then… what is Lady Qiushui looking for, and where can it be found?” Chu Feng quickly asked. He was also a bit worried when he heard Lady Piaomiao’s words.

“What Lady Qiushui is looking for is the Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix. It is found in the old location of the Burning Heaven Church; however, at the entrance, there are profound slaughtering formations. Normal people cannot enter, so I want you to go take a look. After all, with the Spirit Formation techniques you possess, I do feel relatively at ease. Even if you cannot pass through the formations, at least you can retreat with everything intact,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“I am willing to investigate what happened.” Chu Feng nodded his head and decisively agreed.

Putting aside the fact that this was related to Zi Ling, Qiushui Fuyan was doing this to help him and Zi Ling. And, with her cultivation and status, she should have returned quickly if she went to the old address of the Burning Heaven Church to procure something. Yet, right now, she still hadn’t returned. Not to mention that Lady Piaomiao was worried, Chu Feng was worried as well.

“Mm. The entrance to the Burning Heaven Church is at the Winter Plains. Go find Zi Ling and let her know that you’ve returned. Cast away your worries, and go to the Winter Plains. However, remember, if you cannot pass the slaughtering formation, do not force it. Know your own strength.”

As Lady Piaomiao spoke, she opened her eyes. With one palm, she drew a map in the air. It was a map of the Winter Plains, and on it was the entrance of the Burning Heaven Church.

However, she only recorded the location of the entrance but not the method of deactivating the slaughtering formation.

“Then, I’ll take my leave.” After memorizing the map, Chu Feng left the tower. After he left, he discovered that the guide was still standing on the spot, waiting for him.

“Senior, do you know where Zi Ling is?” Chu Feng asked.

“Lady Piaomiao had instructed me already. Lord Chu Feng, follow me.” The guide moved and started leading Chu Feng to another peak.

That peak was very beautiful; it was even superior to the Peak of Myriad Illusions. It could be said to be one of the most beautiful peaks on the Misty Peak, and on that peak, there was an extremely beautiful palace. The palace didn’t have any aura of ancientness—it was completely new. Evidently, Lady Piaomiao had that specially built for Zi Ling.

Outside the palace, there was beautiful person raising her head and looking. After seeing Chu Feng, she quickly flew over. That person was Zi Ling.

“Lord Chu Feng, I’ll take my leave.” After leading the way, the guide left on his own accord.

“Chu Feng, you’ve finally returned! Why have you left for so long? I was so worried for you! Are Sister Su Rou and Su Mei well? Why don’t I see them with you?” Joy filled Zi Ling’s face when she saw Chu Feng. It could be seen that in the past days, she was always worried about Chu Feng.