Chapter 851 - Rubbing Salt into a Wound

MGA: Chapter 851 - Rubbing Salt into a Wound

At that moment, Chu Feng had already discovered the secrets to the Arctic Killing Formation. If he wanted to continue wasting time here, then he had only one choice—to run straight towards the entrance of the Burning Heaven Church. Otherwise, if he ran into a dead end, then that would be quite tragic.


However, when Chu Feng approached the entrance, the head of the Stone Sword Sect finally couldn’t continue. He first howled with pain, then opened his mouth and spat out putrid black blood.

At the same time, he lost the ability to fly. Like a sandbag, he fell onto the floor. After fiercely crashing down, he started painfully shrieking.


At first, the head of the Stone Sword Sect planned to commit suicide when the pain of the backlash came. He knew how horrid he would end up after consuming so many Forbidden Medicine. Rather than bearing through such pain, why not just quickly finish it?

But, the power of the backlash didn’t give him that chance. When the pain slammed into him, when the power he obtained from the Forbidden Medicine disappeared, he no longer had any chance to choose.

At that very moment, he had lost his control over his own body. He could only allow the agonizing backlash to engulf his flesh.

Right now, what he could do, other than bearing the price of the Forbidden Medicine, was only to let out the heart-wrenching screech akin to the howling of wolves and the crying of ghosts.

“Heh, has it finally started? Oh oh oh, he truly looks pitiful.”

When he saw the sect head finally falling to the backlash, Chu Feng stopped running away. Instead, he turned around, and walked back. With crossed legs, he sat on a protruding piece of ice and squinted his eyes slightly. With an appearance of schadenfreude, he looked at the head of the Stone Sword Sect.

Even though it was merely a glance, it was truly pleasant. The head of the Stone Sword Sect who had used sixteen super-powerful Forbidden Medicine was now feeling pain even Chu Feng hadn’t felt before.

His skin had turned blood-red, the bones throughout his body were all cracked, and his internal organs were all full of injuries. How did he even look like a person lying on ice? He appeared more like a live pig being cooked in a pot—a scene near unbearable to watch.

In order to let Eggy personally see the head of the Stone Sword Sect’s pitiful appearance, Chu Feng specially opened the World Spirit Gate and released her.

“Haha, well deserved. This is truly well deserved. You old bastard, who told you to consume so many Forbidden Medicine, huh?”

The depressed feelings Eggy had earlier were all swept away when she saw that. She felt even greater schadenfreude than Chu Feng. She was skipping, jumping, clapping, cheering, and even walked up to the head of the Stone Sword Sect.

“Sa-sa-save me…

“I-I’m begging you! Grant me death, grant me death!”

The head of the Stone Sword Sect really could not bear such pain. Tears had already flowed down his face, and after seeing Eggy, he actually acted as if he saw a savior and very shamelessly begged Eggy to kill him.

Of course, the usual benevolent and generous queen naturally couldn’t just leave a dying person alone. Her lips curled upward, and on her beautiful face, there was a pitying smile. She said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you die so quickly! Don’t be afraid, I will make you live a bit longer.”

As Eggy spoke, she willed the head of the Stone Sword Sect to rise into the air. Then, she released her black flames. After they appeared, being controlled by Eggy, they lay flat underneath the head of the Stone Sword Sect. As though roasting a pig, she started smoking him.

At the same time, Eggy raised her pure-white hand slight, then used her black flames to create a little dagger.

It was a very sharp dagger, and very odd as well. On its edges, there were countless minuscule hooks.

*puchi* Suddenly, Eggy stabbed downward with her dagger. It pierced deeply into his already messy body.


Afterwards, Eggy pulled it out quickly. Not only did it bring black, fetid blood, there were large amounts of muscles and flesh on the hooks of the dagger. That made him once again shriek as if his heart were being torn out.

How was Eggy helping him? She was simply throwing a stone down a well, rubbing salt into a wound.

“Dammit! You monster, you demon!”

The head of the Stone Sword Sect even thought Eggy would help him escape such agony. Quite oppositely though, Eggy started to torture him even more ruthlessly. However, when Eggy spoke the following words, he could truly cry.

“You are correct! I am a monster, I am a demon.” Eggy was extremely beautiful, and her smile was extremely moving. It was quite disharmonious to her cruel move.

“Chu Feng, do you have pellets to temporarily prolong the life of a dying person?” Eggy asked Chu Feng with a smile.

“Oh, interestingly, I do have those pellets! What do you need them for?” Chu Feng also had a smirk on his face. He clearly knew what Eggy was thinking, but he still intentionally asked, feigning confusion.

“It’s not much, I just want to let this old bastard live for a bit longer, so he can enjoy a bit of this pain before dying. At least his life won’t be so despicably and shamelessly wasted away,” Eggy said with a smirk as well.

“Haha, good! Good idea! Here, take ‘em.” Chu Feng roared with laughter, and as he spoke, he threw several pellets to Eggy.

When the head of the Stone Sword Sect saw that, his face already fiery red like a monster turned green immediately. He had seen some vicious people, but he had never seen people as vicious as them. So, he quickly closed his mouth, afraid Eggy would truly feed him those pellets that would prolong his life.


However, Eggy didn’t even bother saying anything. With a cold glint, the dagger in her hand swept past and actually cut off his lower jaw. Then, threw the several pellets into his mouth. Afterwards, she used her power to help push them into his stomach, then helped him refine them.


At that instant, the head of the Stone Sword Sect who lacked a lower jaw could not speak. He could only make endless howls as tears streamed down his face.

At that moment, he truly regretted. He regretted angering Chu Feng and Eggy. If he knew a scene like the one now would appear, then he shouldn’t have put everything on the line to fight Chu Feng. He should have just used a single Forbidden Medicine then escaped.

But, there was nothing he could do. There was no medicine for regret in this world, and similarly, there was no way to walk back the path he had already taken. Right now, the only choice he had was to endure the price due to his very action.

“You are truly two ruthless brats. But, you should stop when appropriate. How about you give me face today, and release him?”

But just at that moment, an extremely powerful voice rang out from afar. In the instant that voice rang out, even the Arctic Killing Formation—the Spirit Formation filled with runes—swayed violently. There were even countless small cracks on the surrounding ice.

At the same time, a boundless pressure swept over. It enveloped everything. That pressure belonged to a Martial King.