Chapter 831 - Arrival of a Calamity

MGA: Chapter 831 - Arrival of a Calamity

“Oh ho? This truly is an Imperial Bloodline. That’s rather unbelievable. However, it is quite a waste for you to possess such a precious thing. Let my Gao Dynasty take care of it in your place.”

Gao Peng smiled as he looked at Jiang Wushang. His gaze was not only one of disdain, it was also one of a hungry wolf staring at an extremely abundant feast with endless excitement.

“You speak quite arrogantly! You want my Imperial Bloodline? You are unworthy!”

At that moment, Jiang Wushang was incomparable furious. All of the members from famous dynasties at the eastern continents were all defeated by him, yet in the end, he was blocked on his path to power by someone who came from a dynasty he hadn’t even heard of. That already made him displeased, but now, he even dared to provoke him as such? How could he tolerate it?

He no longer wasted any of his breath, and moved, leaping into the air. The might of the Imperial Bloodline burst from himself, and smashed down from above. Even the fighting stage made by special materials was violently trembling. Jiang Wushang wanted to thoroughly defeat Gao Peng with his might alone.

“Hmph.” But even though Jiang Wushang’s pressure had reached a terrifying stage of power, Gao Peng, who stood within the vortex of might, merely raised his head slightly as a hint of a derisive sneer appeared on his face.

“You are looking to die!” That sneer completely ignited Jiang Wushang’s fury. Clenching one of his fists, he threw a punch filled with horrifying power towards Gao Peng.

“Powerful. Is this a possessor of an Imperial Bloodline? His fighting strength is so strong! Even if it was me, I wouldn’t be able to defend against this punch!” Many experts at the peak of the Heaven realm revealed shock when they felt Jiang Wushang’s powerful strike, because they felt how terrifying he was.

In reality, many experts at the Martial Lord realm made preparations—preparing to help Gao Peng if he entered a critical state. It was because there was a rule in the Assembly of a Thousand Clans: spar appropriately; murder is forbidden.


However, just as Jiang Wushang’s punch was about to land on him, another unthinkable scene occurred. Gao Peng just stood on the spot and didn’t even move. However, a hint of fierceness flashed past his eyes. Then, with a boom, an aura akin to a volcano erupting swept out from his body.


The powerful strength not only forced back all of Jiang Wushang’s might, it even forced him several meters back. Like a kite that had its string severed, he felt down and as he did, not only was his complexion pale, blood was all over his body. He had clearly suffered heavy injuries.

In that instant, Gao Peng’s aura was finally revealed completely before the crowd.

Realm of Martial Lords, a rank one Martial Lord!

“This young man is a rank one Martial Lord?”

“That’s unbelievable! He’s a Martial Lord already at such an age? Isn’t he too powerful?”

Geo Peng, who stood above the stage, stupefied everyone. Martial Lord—to the people from the eastern continents, that was an extremely powerful existence. The number of experts who were able to enter that realm was countable by one’s fingers.

And, at present, this Assembly of a Thousand Clans had gathered a large portion of the people who possessed bloodlines from the eastern continents. Other than a few proud dynasties who saw it below themselves to participate in this Assembly of a Thousand Clans, almost all of the royal clans that existed on the eastern continents had come.

But even though experts from over a hundred dynasties had gathered here, there were no more than ten who were Martial Lords. Moreover, none of those ten were not aged elders. The youngest was still over ninety years of age.

Yet now, Geo Peng, from the Gao Dynasty which he had never been heard before, was a Martial Lord at such an age. How could they not be shocked? But just at that moment, an even more shocking scene occurred.

*whoosh* Suddenly, Geo Peng leapt up and landed by Jiang Wushang’s side. And, with a thought, Martial power only Martial Lords had emanated from his body. Like a rope, it tightly tied Jiang Wushang and lifted him into the air. He said with a cold smile, “It’s too much of a waste for this Imperial Bloodline to remain on your body. It’s better to give it to me.”

“The sparring is finished! Do not attack again!” When he saw that, the old ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty was enraged. He pointed at Gao Peng and shouted. If Gao Peng wasn’t that powerful, it was likely he would have already came out to deal with the issue.

“Stop! The rules state spar until appropriate! If you break the rules, the imperial clans will join together and punish you.” Just at that moment, an aged person with cultivation in the realm of Martial Lords spoke. He was one of the founders of the Assembly of a Thousand Clans. He was revered not only by his own dynasty, but also by many of the other dynasties. He was a famous and influential person at the eastern continents.

“Quickly stop! This child possesses a rare Imperial Bloodline. You are not permitted to harm him!” At the same time, several other Martial Lords from other dynasties shouted to stop him.

Even though Jiang Wushang wasn’t from their clan, he still possessed the legendary Imperial Bloodline. So, Jiang Wushang was not only the Jiang Dynasty’s hope, he was also all of their hope. Hope for them, the group of fallen dynasties.

“Hahaha, imperial clans? You think trash like you can call yourselves ‘imperial clans’? If I want to kill him, who can stop me?” However, something unexpected was as he faced the threats of the experts, Gao Peng was still not the slightest bit afraid. Instead, he started arrogantly laughing. His eyes were filled with disdain—not towards a single person, but every single person on scene.

“What an arrogant brat. If we don’t give you a lesson today, where will our dignity be? Where will the dignity of the Assembly of a Thousand Clans be?!” After hearing Gao Peng’s words, the ancient elders were not lightly angered at all. In an instant, several people shot out from the crowd.

Emperors from various dynasties and people such as old ancestors made their move. Even the Martial Lord who shouted to stop Gao Peng made his move.

“The arrogant one is not him, but all of you.” But just at that moment, a voice even more deafening than thunder exploded faraway. Then, a person rushed up like light, and instantly stood before Gao Peng. After arriving there, without even moving, he swept his fierce eyes over the attacking experts from the various clans.

“Ahh—” Their complexions changed greatly. No matter if they were Martial Lords, or people in the Heaven realm, at that moment, their bodies trembled, then blood sprayed out of their mouths. Like sandbags, they fell straight onto the ground, having lost any ability to fight.

“This aura… It’s very powerful. A rank six Martial Lord?” At that moment, not to mention others, even the Azure Dragon Founder couldn’t help but tightly furrow his brows because he felt the old man’s power in the instant he released his aura. Even he, the Azure Dragon Founder, was far inferior.