Chapter 832 - Return of a Powerful Force

MGA: Chapter 832 - Return of a Powerful Force

*swish swish swish swish…*

Just at that moment, nine more people arrived from above. All of them stood orderly behind the old man. Every single one of them was similarly a Martial Lord, and there were even rank two Martial Lords, rank three Martial Lords, and rank four Martial Lords amongst them. Any one of them could instantly kill everyone if they wished to.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…* But that was not the end. After all of the Martial Lords appeared, sounds of people descending from the sky rained down from above endlessly.

When they looked over, the people falling through the sky were akin to a meteor shower. All of them landed behind the old man—there were several thousand of them. All of them were in the Heaven realm, and five hundred of them were at the peak of the Heaven realm. If they took just a single step forward in cultivation, they would become Martial Lords.

“You aren’t from the eastern continents. Where are you from? Why have you come here to stir up trouble?” shouted the Azure Dragon Founder. His expression changed greatly as he stood up.

Due to the present circumstances, he had no choice but to stand out. All of the Martial Lords before, with the exception of him, were wounded by the old man.

The old man had already terrified the crowd, but who would have expected him to bring out such a powerful formation of people? That truly frightened the crowd completely, and at that moment, there wasn’t even someone who dared to question those people out of all the dynasties.

Instead, the Azure Dragon Founder, the outsider, became their backbone.

“Haha, there’s an interesting one here!

“You are correct. My Gao Dynasty’s bloodline is pure, so naturally we cannot poorly live our lives in these eastern continents and shame our name.

“My Gao Dynasty comes from the Eastern Sea Region! We’ve come here to take over all you filthy beings!” shouted the old ancestor of the Gao Dynasty coldly. His tone was akin to an emperor looking over peasants. The atmosphere made him seem like a lord descending into the world.

“Eastern Sea Region?” Those three words horrified everyone. All of their faces were pale as paper, and instantly their foreheads were drenched with sweat. Where did they even have their former noble appearances of royalty? They were simply like little terrified chicks as they stood on the spot, blank-faced.

They had a very deep impression of the Eastern Sea Region. Many, many years ago, their clans were on that land. However, due to continuous declines, they gradually lost the ability to survive on that land. As such, by their ancestors’ lead, they moved to the eastern continents.

That made the Eastern Sea Region an eternal pain of theirs. To be able to lead their clan back was their dream.

However, they also knew very well the level of danger in the Eastern Sea Region. It was a world experts appeared in. It was not easy to return to that land, because any sort of influential force could eradicate them.

Most importantly, none of the dynasties able to live in the Eastern Sea Region were simple existences. One could say they were all unimaginable enormous entities.

And today, there was a Gao Dynasty that came from the Eastern Sea Region straight up to their doorsteps. They knew they were finished. At least, no matter what the Gao Dynasty wanted to do, none of them had any strength to resist.

The reality was indeed the same as their thoughts. Even though peak experts from many dynasties had gathered here, when facing the Gao Dynasty, none of them could even put up a scratch. They were currently akin to a fish on a cutting board, awaiting to be slaughtered.

Fear… Helplessness… Those words were clearly written on their faces.

“What are you planning to do?” the Azure Dragon Founder asked gravely.

“I’ve said it already. We are going to rule over all of you. To be clearer, we will make you into animals. We will make you into slaves to be used in the future,” said the old ancestor of the Gao Dynasty with a sneer.

From the Jiang Dynasty, an elder said, stubbornly, “Don’t even think about it! You want us to serve you? You aren’t even—”

*boom* However, before he even finished speaking, a Martial Lord from the Gao Dynasty raised his palm and made the elder into a pool of blood.

At the same time, the old ancestor from the Gao Dynasty coldly smiled, then said, “You useless Jiang Dynasty, you fail to recognize your present state. You dare to refuse the recruitment of my Gao Dynasty? You truly don’t put us in your eyes!

“Men, destroy this Jiang Dynasty. Destroy the Nine Provinces as well. I don’t want to see anything alive on this continent that has trash running around.”

“What? This…” After hearing those words, they, who were already trembling from fear, now fell onto the ground from terror. Just because of a single retort their entire clan was going to be destroyed. Even the continent they were on was going to be affected. That was truly quite ruthless.

“You want to destroy the continent of the Nine Provinces? You truly possess an arrogant tone!”

However, just as everyone felt a disaster was imminent, a voice filled with fury exploded in the sky.

That voice was really too horrifying. When it rang out, not only did the earth tremble, the sky itself trembled slightly as well. There were even cracks that appeared on many of the Jiang Dynasty’s buildings, all caused by the voice alone.

“Oh? I didn’t think there would be experts hidden in this place.” After hearing that voice, the old ancestor of the Gao Dynasty furrowed his brows slightly, but he did not panic too much. He swept his gaze over his surroundings and said indifferently, “If you want to interfere, then don’t keep hiding. Come out. Let me deal with you together with all of them.”

*boom rumble rumble*

Immediately after he spoke, a bolt of lightning suddenly appeared in the serene sky. When it struck down, it went straight for the old ancestor of the Gao Dynasty, as if his arrogance had elicited the anger of the heavens and he was receiving divine punishment.

Seeing that, he frowned lightly. He waved his big sleeve, wanting to block it. He felt that the power of the lightning was absolutely not to be underestimated. But, who would have thought, just as he was about to come into contact, the thick lightning suddenly disappeared.

*boom rumble rumble rumble*

However, after the bolt of lightning disappeared, black clouds appeared everywhere and there were countless thick lightning bolts that filled the sky. It was as if the end of days had arrived, displaying an extremely horrifying scene.

“Heavens! What is going on?” At that instant, everyone could feel an extremely powerful burst of pressure permeating the air, covering the world.

There were even some younger people who, upon looking at the surging black clouds and the fierce bolts of lightning as thick as dragons, couldn’t help wailing as they were really quite terrified.

In reality, not to mention the people from the eastern continents, even the Gao Dynasty, who were all arrogant and looked down on everyone, were stupefied by the scene before their eyes.

At that very instant, they furrowed their brows tightly as uneasiness filled their faces. There was even terror that glittered in some people’s eyes, because the pressure that enveloped everything was truly quite powerful.

“Look, what’s that!”

Suddenly, someone cried out. Looking over in the direction of that person’s finger, the expressions of everyone changed greatly as they felt stunned.

At that very instant, within the surging black clouds with snakes of lightning, there were ten incomparably enormous black warships. Those warships were truly too big—they were simply akin to drifting castles. Moreover, the destructive might they possessed pressed down from the skies as they gradually approached.

“Heavens! What is that thing! It’s so terrifying!” The people from the continent of the Nine Provinces had, of course, never seen such a formation of people! All of them lay on the ground, their bodies trembling, and they didn’t even have the power to climb up and escape—they were completely dumbfounded and petrified.

Along with the gradual descent of the warships, all of them were also able to see faintly several huge flags on the warships. If one looked more carefully, they would be able to see the symbol of a black, incomplete moon. Moreover, there were four big words written on the symbols.

Crippling Night Demon Sect!