Chapter 830 - Assembly of a Thousand Clans

MGA: Chapter 830 - Assembly of a Thousand Clans

“Haha, Wushang, you’ve really made me curious by saying Chu Feng is several times more powerful than you. What cultivation does he have now… How about this. Roughly say the possible realm Chu Feng is in. Has he reached the peak of the Heaven realm?” After hearing Jiang Wushang’s words, the Azure Dragon Founder’s mood became much better, and actually asked for Chu Feng’s cultivation as the crowd wanted to themselves.

At that instant, everyone’s gazes were once again cast onto Jiang Wushang because they too were very intrigued at what level of strength Chu Feng had now possessed.

When he heard the Azure Dragon Founder’s words, Jiang Wushang lightly smiled, then said, “Senior, to be honest, I’m afraid even you are far below my Big Brother Chu Feng’s cultivation. Right now, the true strongest person in the continent of the Nine Provinces is no longer you, but my Big Brother Chu Feng.”

After Jiang Wushang spoke, it was akin to a thunder in a clear sky. Everyone was silent, and what existed was only the sound of gasp after gasp.

Not to mention others on scene, even the Azure Dragon Founder’s expression frozen. Quickly after, surprise and shock emerged onto his aged face.

It was because Jiang Wushang indeed gave them an answer that surpassed all expectations.

At that instant, they seemed to realize why the always proud and uncontrollable Jiang Wushang respected Chu Feng, the person in the same generation as him.

After that, the banquet continued, but no one mentioned Chu Feng anymore, as if invisibly, they felt fear towards him.

Not many days after the banquet, there were many people alien to the continent of the Nine Provinces entering their borders, and arriving at the Jiang Dynasty.

The long-awaited Assembly of a Thousand Clans was finally about to start.

The Assembly of a Thousand Clans was an assembly arranged by all dynasties at the eastern continents. It would be held nearly every year, and the location would usually be set at the continents with the most powerful dynasties.

This year, it was an exception. The reason it was held at the continent of the Nine Provinces, which the Jiang Dynasty was located at, was not because it was powerful, but because an exceptional person appeared in this continent—the Azure Dragon Founder.

Although it was titled as the Assembly of a Thousand Clans, in reality, there were only a few hundred imperial clans that participated every year. Moreover, the most important goal of the Assembly of a Thousand Clans was to increase the relationships between one another. As they did that, they also picked the most excellent people from their clan and used them to determine the degree of respect each clan deserved.

So, the events of the Assembly of a Thousand Clans were rather simple: other than exchanges by words, it was sparring. And, usually, the most eye-grabbing sparring was one between the younger generations, because that represented the future strength of a dynasty.

This year’s Assembly of a Thousand Clans was held on time, and as the Jiang Dynasty expected, Jiang Wushang, who represented them in participating, became a dark horse everyone focused on. He dumbfounded the people who came from various places, various continents, and various clans.

A young man not only possessed the cultivation at the eighth level of the Heaven realm, he even had an Imperial Bloodline. What did that mean? That meant his cultivation potential was unlimited, and that he would have great achievements in the future.

With that child leading the way, the Jiang Dynasty was also fated to rise greatly in power. Not to mention them, fallen dynasties that escaped to the eastern continents, even the dynasties in the Eastern Sea Region would sooner or later be stamped underneath their feet. They would even have a position of their own in the entire Eastern Sea Region, and it was not an impossibility for them to enter the legendary Holy Land of Martialism.

It was because the Imperial Bloodline was a power completely above the power from Royal Bloodlines. It was power from the legends. It was a power destined to exceed everyone else.

However, things were not as successful as they had imagined. Just as Jiang Wushang, with the power of the Imperial Bloodline, was about to exert his dominance over all the younger generations of this Assembly of a Thousand Clans, he met a great enemy whom he had never even heard before.

This was also a possessor of a bloodline. Moreover, he was just over twenty years of age, not that much older than Jiang Wushang. However, Jiang Wushang could not see through his cultivation. No matter what techniques Jiang Wushang deployed, he was unable to suppress that person.

As for who he was, his name was Gao Peng.

*boom boom boom boom*

At that very instant, on the fighting stage, the battle between Jiang Wushang and Gao Peng remained ongoing. Moreover, as Jiang Wushang’s attacks increased in strength, the circle of battle between the two became fiercer and fiercer. There were even some older generations at the peak of the Heaven realm who felt immense pressure. They couldn’t help but consider if even they were able to defeat those two given they were on the stage.

“Dammit! I don’t believe I cannot defeat you today!” When Jiang Wushang, despite using his entire arsenal of techniques, was still unable to defeat his opponent, he was furious because ever since they starting fighting, he had a feeling that Gao Peng was toying with him, that he never once considered him to be a worthy opponent.

“HAA—” Suddenly, Jiang Wushang shouted. On his forehead, a golden “Imperial” word appeared, and at the same time, his aura rapidly soared. A might unique to an emperor burst out from his body, shocking all that felt it.

“The Imperial Bloodline! I’ve finally seen it again. This aura is indeed far above Royal Bloodlines’.”

“This is too impressive. The Jiang Dynasty has been silent and unknown for so many years, but they have now truly shocked everyone with a single appearance! A possessor of an Imperial Bloodline has actually showed up! They will definitely rise greatly in the future, and no matter who, they won’t be able to stop them.”

Seeing Jiang Wushang exuding the power of the Imperial Bloodline, many of the higher echelons of the dynasties sighed endlessly. On their faces, there was admiration, but also envy because as long as Jiang Wushang was there, they had no choice but to consider the Jiang Dynasty carefully. They even hiddenly decided to better relationships with them.

“That child from the Jiang Dynasty has indeed surprised us all so suddenly. However, that Gao Peng from the Gao Dynasty is not to be underestimated. He has yet to show his true cultivation, and even I cannot determine his strength. I wonder what realm he has reached,” said an expert at the ninth level of the Heaven realm seriously.

“Yeah! The Gao Dynasty… I have never heard of this dynasty before! And that Gao Peng, ever since he went on stage, he has concealed his strength. Never once has he used too powerful of a cultivation, but he has no problem defeating his opponents. In all the matches, he has yet to lose.

“Even though Jiang Wushang is currently using the power of the Imperial Bloodline, this child is unperturbed. With courage and intelligence such as his, he will definitely because an outstanding person in the future.”

Up until now, they were not only dumbstruck by Jiang Wushang’s performance, almost everyone was intrigued with Gao Peng as well. Even though his appearance wasn’t as dazzling as Jiang Wushang’s, he still surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Most importantly, the clan Gao Peng belonged to was even less known than the Jiang Dynasty. It was everyone’s first time hearing there was a dynasty called the Gao Dynasty at the eastern continents.