Chapter 829 - Savior

MGA: Chapter 829 - Savior

“Wushang, what level of cultivation has that Chu Feng reached now?” Within shock, the old ancestor of the Jiang clan spoke. At the same time, almost everyone’s gazes were cast towards Jiang Wushang, Zhang Tianyi, Su Rou, and Su Mei.

All of them wanted to know the strength of the young genius whose name astonished the Nine Provinces, whether he was truly stronger than the three of them.

“This…” Jiang Wushang did not reply, and instead, looked at Zhang Tianyi by his side, as well as Su Rou and Su Mei. Then, he said with a smile, “I also don’t know what Big Brother Chu Feng’s cultivation is right now. It’s better that you personally ask him when he returns in the future.”

Jiang Wushang did not lie, because to be precise, he truly did not know what Chu Feng’s current cultivation was. The techniques he possessed were truly too complex. Moreover, his cultivation speed was really too fast, so he wasn’t certain if Chu Feng’s cultivation at present had remained on the same level as back then.

“Wushang, you aren’t concealing his cultivation because that Chu Feng is inferior to all of you—yet you’re afraid of speaking the truth and making him lose face—right?”

After Jiang Wushang spoke, one of the dynasty elders in the banquet spoke such a sentence. Moreover, his tone was even full of certainty, as if his guess were the truth.

“Nonsense! My brother is a genius! How could he be inferior to these three children?!” When he heard those words, the Monstrous Monkey King was enraged. He fiercely slammed the table and stood up, pointing at the dynasty elder, and loudly cursed at him. He did not feel that Chu Feng’s cultivation would be weaker than Jiang Wushang’s and the others’.

In reality, it was not only the Monstrous Monkey King who was furious. The Azure Dragon Founder’s complexion was quite unsightly, and even Su Rou, Su Mei, and Zhang Tianyi tightly furrowed their brows as strong displeasure emerged onto their faces.

If it weren’t a banquet set up by Jiang Wushang’s family, judging by their natures, it was likely they would have went into a rage because they did not allow anyone to speak ill of Chu Feng.

Not to mention the three of them, even Jiang Wushang, as a member of the Jiang clan, had a rather distorted face. There was even anger that would explode at any moment glittering in his eyes.

Chu Feng’s position in his heart was truly too high. He truly looked at him like a savior.

So, even if the person who spoke was a relative in the same clan, when there was someone who was disrespectful towards Chu Feng, the spirited young man Jiang Wushang was uncontrollably furious.

Only he himself knew where his cultivation came from and what sort of assistance Chu Feng gave him. It was a favour simply akin to saving his life. A favour not only to him, but also his successors.

“I do not permit insolent behaviors! Chu Feng is the number one genius in the continent of the Nine Provinces. His cultivation is not one you can doubt!

“Apologize to Lord Azure Dragon and Lord Monstrous Monkey King immediately!” Feeling the poorly progressing situation, the emperor of the Jiang Dynasty hurriedly shouted at that elder.

“Lords, I was mistaken. I shouldn’t have doubted Chu Feng’s cultivation. I ask for your forgiveness.”

Even though the dynasty elder was very unwilling to, since the emperor had spoken, he naturally did not dare to go against his. He rose and bowed to the Azure Dragon Founder and the Monstrous Monkey King, apologizing and admitting his wrongs.

“Hmph. Mistaken? From what I see, you’re more like an idiotic pig! You even dare to suspect my brother’s strength? Have you forgotten who saved your Jiang Dynasty back then? If it weren’t for my brother, your Jiang Dynasty would have already been flattened! God damn, do you feel no gratitude?” However, the Monstrous Monkey King wasn’t willing to accept the apology from the elder and even cursed at him with greater annoyance.

And when they heard that, even though some of the people from the Jiang Dynasty felt displeased, most of them couldn’t help lowering their heads as shame emerged onto their faces. As the Monstrous Monkey King said, if it weren’t for Chu Feng, their Jiang Dynasty would have indeed been destroyed.

No matter if Chu Feng helped Jiang Wushang obtain the Imperial Bloodline or not, something undeniable was the fact that Chu Feng was a person who had helped the Jiang Dynasty greatly—he was a person who had saved the Jiang Dynasty.

“Begone! From now on, you are not allowed to appear in all subsequent banquets! Those who do not respect a savior of the Jiang Dynasty are not worthy to show up in these banquets! Begone, now!” shouted the old ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty suddenly. His face was full of anger; he was appeasing everyone.

Even though the continent of the Nine Provinces might still be controlled by the Jiang Dynasty, in reality, the strongest force at that moment was still the Azure Dragon School. The Azure Dragon Founder was the strongest person in the Nine Provinces right now.

Actually, the reason why the Assembly of a Thousand Clans was arranged at the continent of the Nine Provinces wasn’t because the Jiang Dynasty had the qualifications to set up the banquet. The only reason all the other dynasties gave the Jiang Dynasty that chance was because of the Azure Dragon Founder.

So, the old ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty knew very well who was the true boss of the continent of the Nine Provinces. It was the Azure Dragon Founder, who even he himself didn’t dare to offend.

After the outrage of the old ancestor, even though the elder who spoke rudely didn’t want to accept it, he didn’t dare to say anything. Gloomily, he left the banquet.

“Haha, you’ve spoken too seriously! After all, Chu Feng hasn’t returned yet. It’s impossible to avoid doubt regarding his cultivation. There’s nothing unrespectable about that, it’s just human nature!”

Only after that person left did the Azure Dragon Founder start laughing. Although he said it wasn’t all that serious, everyone knew that great character’s thoughts didn’t match his words. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have spoken after the old ancestor drove the elder away.

“Seniors of the Jiang Dynasty, seniors of the continent of the Nine Provinces, I have a few words I want to say.” Just at that moment, Jiang Wushang suddenly stood up. He first politely clasped his hands at the people in the banquet, then said very gravely, “I am indeed unable to confirm the level of Big Brother Chu Feng’s present cultivation. However, what I can confirm is that his strength is superior to mine, by many times, since a long time ago.

“So, I ask all of you to not doubt his strength, because that is not only disrespect to him, it is disrespect to a person who has helped me greatly. And for those who are rude to him, no matter if they are my relatives, or seniors, I, Jiang Wushang, will not show any restraint in my actions. Without Big Brother Chu Feng, it would be impossible for me to acquire my present attainments.”

“Huaa—” After Jiang Wushang spoke, a commotion instantly arose.

Their faces were filled with shock, especially those of the people from the Jiang Dynasty. They knew Jiang Wushang’s character very well. Strictly speaking, Jiang Wushang was a proud, uncontrollable person. Not to mention outsiders, he didn’t even put many people within the dynasty in his eyes.

However, right now, Jiang Wushang had actually said such words in public. It clearly represented his standpoint: no matter who it was, as long as they dared to speak of Chu Feng with disrespect, he would not treat them kindly, even if they were from his own family.

Such a change in character was truly too big, but it wasn’t hard to guess what caused such a change. There was only one thing—as Jiang Wushang said, Chu Feng had truly given him assistance the size of heaven. He had showed him a favour he would never be able to return.