Chapter 828 - Current Achievements

MGA: Chapter 828 - Current Achievements

“Using violence to suppress violence?” Chu Feng already understood what the Earth King meant as he saw the fleet before his eyes.

These ten warships were very impressive. The value of each one could even be compared to an Incomplete Royal Armament. This was a real treasure built up by large investments.

No matter if it was the over ten thousand Heaven realm experts on the warship, or the thirty-eight kneeling Martial Lords in front of him, they were all of the younger generation. There were no elders there, not even a single middle-aged man.

It was clear that those ten warships and these people were specially prepared—prepared for Chu Feng. The Earth King wanted Chu Feng to lead the young experts of the Crippling Night Demon Sect straight into the continent of the Nine Provinces, so he could kill and display his might to all of the people who held unkind intentions towards the people close to him and the people in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

“Chu Feng, I know quite a bit about the dynasty that is heading towards the continent of the Nine Provinces.

“They are called the Gao Dynasty. Their strongest is the current head—a rank six Martial Lord.

“This time, including the head himself, there are eleven Martial Lords who are heading towards the continent of the Nine Provinces, and over five hundred cultivators at the peak of the Heaven realm, as well as six thousand two hundred fifty-one Heaven realm cultivators.

“To destroy the continent of the Nine Provinces, this formation of people is more than enough. Actually, in all of the vast eastern continents, there are none who can defend against them. However, the formation of people I’ve prepared for you is definitely also more than enough to eradicate the Gao Dynasty.

“Lead these young ones to the continent of the Nine Provinces. Afterwards, you don’t need to look over them. Just dismiss them and tell them to return to the Eastern Sea Region on their own,” the Earth King said.

“Senior Earth King, thank you.” Chu Feng clasped his hands at the Earth King because the information he provided was really too important, and all of these experts were very important as well.

“Chu Feng, words of thanks are too much. You are already a part of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, and those who dare to attack our members will have the choice to walk only one path—the path to death.

“Go. The Gao Dynasty has already moved. If you leave right now, with the speed of these ten warships, you should have no problem catching up. However, if you delay this any further, you may not make it in time,” the Earth King said.

“Mm.” Chu Feng didn’t hesitate anymore. With an army of over ten thousand people from the Crippling Night Demon Sect, Chu Feng led them back to the continent of the Nine Provinces, his homeland. He swore to kill all those who dared to invade his soil.

Of course, in the continent of the Nine Provinces, no knew about Chu Feng nor of him leading an army back. In fact, they didn’t even know that an unprecedented danger had been gradually approaching.

So, at the Jiang Dynasty, it was full of decoration and extremely lively. On every single person’s face, there was a smile that could not be wiped away.

It was for no other reason but because the prince whose aptitude was the greatest, Jiang Wushang, had returned.

Roughly a year had passed since Jiang Wushang left the continent of the Nine Provinces, and when he did, Jiang Wushang was already strong—he was at the third level of the Heaven realm. Moreover, Jiang Wushang was the person who possessed the strongest bloodline power in the Jiang Dynasty.

However, Jiang Wushang was now at the eighth level of the Heaven realm. Moreover, what flowed within his body was no longer a Royal Bloodline, but a legendary Imperial Bloodline! How could the Jiang Dynasty not be excited?

The Imperial Bloodline—that was a dream they didn’t even dare to think of. In many people’s hearts, it was even a legend that came from ancient times.

Yet now, at present, there was a possessor of an Imperial Bloodline within the dynasty. It was something they could not even dream of; it would be difficult if they didn’t want to be happy.

And especially since this year’s Assembly of a Thousand Clans was held at their Jiang Dynasty, when the dynasties from many areas came, Jiang Wushang could boast the glory of their Jiang Dynasty. And from then on, in all of the eastern continents, there would no longer be a single dynasty that would dare to look down on the Jiang Dynasty.

One could even say on a certain day in the future, the Jiang Dynasty could slaughter a path back into the Eastern Sea Region under Jiang Wushang’s lead, and hold a land in the place with many powerful clans.

That was why the entire Jiang Dynasty was enveloped by a joyous atmosphere. They even sent invitations to powers such as the Azure Dragon School and the World Spirit Guild and welcomed them to the Jiang Dynasty to share together such an elating news.

At that moment, within the Jiang Dynasty, there were banquet tables set up. Some of the most famous people in the entire continent of the Nine Provinces were all there as they entered the banquet.

“I truly would never have thought after a short year or so, the geniuses sent out would have such enormous improvements. All of them have already reached the peak levels of the Heaven realm!

“If another year passes, wouldn’t they all become Martial Lords?” Within the banquet, the most famous and powerful person in the continent of the Nine Provinces, the Azure Dragon Founder, spoke with a smile.

As the strongest person in the continent of the Nine Provinces, he too felt happy for the accomplishments Jiang Wushang and the others achieved. And especially since three of the four geniuses were from his Azure Dragon School, that made him, the founder, feel proud.

“Senior, you praise us too much. The reason we were able to attain our current cultivation levels is all because of Big Brother Chu Feng’s help. To be honest, even my Imperial Bloodline was obtained only because of him.” As Jiang Wushang mentioned Chu Feng, his face was full of gratitude.

“Chu Feng? It’s actually because of that Chu Feng?” When they heard those words, everyone on scene was stunned, especially the people from the Jiang Dynasty. All of their expressions changed greatly, because they never would have thought Jiang Wushang’s current power of the Imperial Bloodline was acquired because of Chu Feng.

If that were true, then Chu Feng had truly helped the Jiang Dynasty greatly. That favour, not to mention them, even their future generations would not dare to forget it!

However, since that matter was an enormous one, it was simply inconceivable.

It was especially so for them, who possessed Inherited Bloodlines. They could not understand how Chu Feng helped Jiang Wushang obtain that Imperial Bloodline. After all, bloodlines were very complicated things. Outsiders shouldn’t be able to help them at all, so that was why many of the dynasty’s people doubted whether Jiang Wushang’s words were true.

“Brother Wushang’s words are very correct. The reason we have our present achievements is indeed because of Junior Chu Feng,” Zhang Tianyi said, as if afraid they would not believe it.

“We sisters can attest to this as well.” Su Rou and Su Mei also spoke.

And after all of their words, the people on scene looked at each other, their faces full of complicated emotions. If it was said they more or less doubted the validity of Jiang Wushang’s statement since he spoke alone, then they had no choice but to believe it after all four of those geniuses spoke.

They initially thought Jiang Wushang’s rate of improvement was already astounding and could be titled as an unprecedented genius, but now, it didn’t look like it.

Chu Feng, who had walked out of the Azure Province then stunned the entire continent, seemed to have even more outstanding achievements, ones far above Jiang Wushang and the others.