Chapter 821 - Fated to Become Famous

MGA: Chapter 821 - Fated to Become Famous

“This…” The crowd first sank into silence when they heard those words. In this world, the strongest were the rulers. Who knew who was right and who was wrong? If your fist was harder, then your words were reason, and your actions were right.

If Chu Feng’s words were all true, that he and Zi Ling were truly in love, and rather, it was the Zi family that split up the couple, then after a brief moment of thinking, everyone understood everything.

Back then, the reason the Zi family was able to forcefully take Zi Ling away from Chu Feng was definitely because Chu Feng was no match for the Zi family back then. So, he could do nothing.

Now, since Chu Feng had the strength, he had come to take revenge. That was rather forgivable, and rather reasonable because many, if they were in Chu Feng’s place, would do the same.

If I’m bullied when weak, I will have my vengeance when strong.

“Kill them! They should be killed! These people, who ignore honour in the face of benefit, who think nothing but selfish gains, who even sell off their own family for profit have no heart! They are inferior to pigs and dogs! They cannot be left alive! Kill them all!” Then, there was someone who suddenly shouted, greatly agreeing with Chu Feng to kill the people from the Zi family.

“That’s right! Kill them! I support Lord Chu Feng! I support him killing these despicable and shameless people of the Zi family!” Moreover, shouts like that became louder and louder, clearer and clearer. They resounded like thunder, and nearly half of the observers agreed with Chu Feng’s point of view.

And as they saw the purple-coloured Spirit Formations which sealed their escape, and the cries of “kill” echoing, everyone from the Zi family had deadpan faces. Some even knelt powerlessly onto the ground, preparing to die.

“Chu Feng, do not kill them! No matter how wrong they were, they are still family. Please give them a chance.” Just at that moment, Zi Xuanyuan also rose into the air, and as he spoke, he too knelt before Chu Feng, begging for the Zi family.

“Senior Xuanyuan, what are you doing?” Chu Feng could ignore others, but when facing Zi Xuanyuan, he could not. Before he even knelt down, Chu Feng had stopped him.

“Chu Feng! They say that blood is thicker than water—Zi Ling and I are from the Zi family. No matter what they did wrong, I cannot just watch as they die. Please, spare them once,” Zi Xuanyuan begged again.

That truly put Chu Feng in a difficult position. Originally, he hated the people from the Zi family with every fibre of his being. If he did not kill them all, he could not ease the hatred in his heart. After all, it was they who forced Zi Ling to marry Murong Xun. If he didn’t have the ability to save Zi Ling now, then it was likely Zi Ling would truly marry Murong Xun. At that time, it would become an unrecoverable tragedy.

As for the leader of such a potential tragedy, it was the Zi family. If they hadn’t found Zi Ling in the continent of the Nine Provinces and forced her back, Chu Feng wouldn’t have been separated from Zi Ling for over a year.

Chu Feng could perhaps kindheartedly forgive the Zi family, but if they were him, would they kindheartedly forgive him? No, absolutely not. If Zi Ling didn’t threaten them with her life, then the patriarch of the Zi family would have killed Chu Feng in the moment he saw him in the Eastern Sea Region.

“Zi Ling, help us convince Chu Feng!” Seeing that Chu Feng was still unwilling to forgive the Zi family, Zi Ling’s parents, and Zi Xuanyuan, could only cast their begging gazes at Zi Ling.

Due to their gazes, Zi Ling’s heart couldn’t help but soften. Then, she said, “Chu Feng, please give them a chance.”

“Whatever. Because of Zi Ling, I’ll give all of you a chance to start anew. If you do not correct your wrongs, I will return with a massacre.”

After Zi Ling spoke, Chu Feng had to dispel the thought of eradicating the Zi family. He could choose to give others no face, but he had to respect Zi Ling’s words.

When they heard Chu Feng speak, the people from the Zi family felt as if they were in a dream. They, who had already prepared to die, didn’t expect Chu Feng to forgive them no matter what.

“Thank you for sparing our lives, thank you for sparing our lives!” Being elated, the people from the Zi family kowtowed at Chu Feng.

“The lives of all can be spared, but one must be taken.” However, just at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly extended his arm. A powerful current of air surged past, causing an aged body to roll and appear before Chu Feng. He was then held by the throat.

As for who that was, it was the patriarch of the Zi family.

“Mm! Spare me! Mm— Chu Feng, give me a chance! I’m… still… a… part… of… Ah—” The patriarch of the Zi family had a face filled with panic. He cast honour aside and begged for his life as he spluttered.

However, Chu Feng had already seen his true nature. How could he give him a chance to live? Chu Feng didn’t even bother saying a word to him, and with his hand clenching tight, and blood splattering everywhere, he squashed the neck of the patriarch, separating it from his body.

When the head and the body fell onto the ground, everyone could tell that the patriarch of the Zi family died. He died completely: Chu Feng not only cut off his head, he killed his Consciousness, and absorbed his Source Energy. He thoroughly killed the patriarch of the Zi family.

*hmm* After the execution, Chu Feng waved his big sleeve, and pulled Zi Ling, Zi Xuanyuan, her parents, and some people from the Zi family who supported Zi Ling to his side, and onto the azure dragon.

*aoooooo* After doing all that, Chu Feng cast a thought and closed the Spirit Formation which had sealed the Zi family, and amidst a deafening roar of a dragon, Chu Feng left the Zi family, disappearing within the night with Zi Ling and the others.

As they looked in the direction of Chu Feng and the others’ departure, the crowd was baffled for quite a while. When they slowly came to their senses, without saying anything, they used their most powerful bodily martial skills and speedily fled to the distance. In an instant, a large number of people were quickly escaping. They wanted to leave that zone of disaster.

After the great battle, they had to rid themselves of the relationship between them and such an event. Otherwise, when the experts of the Immortal Execution Archipelago arrived, then they too would possibly be affected. With how the Immortal Execution Archipelago operated, killing them was not an impossibility.

But regardless, many people today had witnessed a spectacle. They had truly seen the power of Chu Feng.

He not only had exceptional talent, he had a Royal Armament and even made a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World view him as master. He could be said to be the coalescence of all impossible things; he was truly, and deservedly, an exceptional genius.

After today, Chu Feng’s name was fated to spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region again—not as Wuqing, but as Chu Feng. Not only because he had unparalleled talent and potential, but also because of the frightening actions he did today.

The genius Chu Feng not only defeated two rank seven Martial Lords from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, he nearly destroyed the entire Zi family. He also took away Murong Xun’s fiancée, Zi Ling—though, to be more precise, it was not “take away”, because Zi Ling herself was willing to leave with Chu Feng. The two of them loved each other.

However, since Murong Xun had an arranged marriage with Zi Ling first, in the eyes of the world, it was “take away”.

Killing experts from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, stealing Murong Xun’s Royal Armament, taking away the young master’s fiancée… It had to be said that Chu Feng brought things to the extreme. He not only made it clear he was an enemy to the Immortal Execution Archipelago, he didn’t put them in his eyes at all.