Chapter 820 - Should I Kill Him

MGA: Chapter 820 - Should I Kill Him

At that instant, Chu Feng’s eyes were blood-red, akin to scorching-red steel. They emitted an odd glint, yet resembled lava from deep underground, containing destructive power.

Soon, rows of fiery-red cracks appeared on the armour Chu Feng made by the black-coloured flames. The cracks were like rivers of magma flowing on black dirt in varying paths.

Most importantly, when such changes were occurring, Chu Feng’s aura once again increased. Hurricanes made by the black-coloured flames swept out of his body, and as they brought about chaos, the Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning which sealed that land appeared as though it were about to collapse.

“You said I’m alone with no help, but I can tell you very clearly that I, Chu Feng, have never been alone and never with no help because in my body, I’ve always had a queen who fought by my shoulder, and lived with me always.”

*boom* Suddenly, Chu Feng jabbed the spear abruptly at Old Lei. A black-coloured pillar of light then shot out of the tip of the spear, and, amidst such horrifying might, Old Lei’s body exploded with a bang.

When the lightning snakes filling the air scattered about in the air, Old Lei’s aura also became smaller and smaller. When the final lightning snake disappeared, along with it was the complete disappearance of Old Lei’s aura.

*hmm* Simultaneously, the power of the Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning was instantly cut by half. It lost its former feeling of indestructibility.

*boom* When he saw that, Chu Feng flicked the spear in his hand into the air, and another black-coloured pillar of light shot out. It shot out towards the horizon like an inverted meteor.

After another frightening explosion, it burrowed a huge hole in the Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning, and quickly after, the radiance emitting from the formation turned dimmer and dimmer before it collapsed completely. The formation that could only be activated by the price of life—Old Feng’s and Old Lei’s—was destroyed by Chu Feng.

“Dammit!” Old Feng couldn’t help cursing. Since Chu Feng killed Old Lei just now, only one person was supporting the formation. Its power was halved, so naturally it could not take Chu Feng’s strike.

“Old thing, your Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning is barely adequate. You want to drag me down with you and finish me off? In your next life!

“Hahaha…” At that instant, as Chu Feng held the spear, he laughed powerfully. There was ridicule within his deafening laughter.

Ridicule—extreme ridicule! Two rank seven Martial Lords who had cultivated for dozens of years were not only unable to defeat a young man—a rank three Martial Lord—they were even forced to commit suicide in order to activate the Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning which they had cultivated for dozens of years.

However, in the end, they remained inferior and their formation was destroyed right before the eyes of the crowd. At the same time such a scene shocked the crowd, the two old men lost all face as well.

“You arrogant brat, I’ll kill you!” Old Feng’s body was trembling from anger. His face was distorted, and like an outraged tiger, he pounced towards Chu Feng with powerful might. He wanted to commence the last fight.

“Hoh.” However, Chu Feng merely smiled disdainfully at his final pounce. The spear in his hand flicked once again, and with the explosive shot of a black light, Old Feng’s body was pierced through, and he thus disappeared completely from this world.

At that moment, the Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning had been completely destroyed. Not to mention the Zi family residences, even the entire Flower Valley was in a mess. On the ground, there were deep pits of varying sizes everywhere. There were even cracks that continued for dozens of miles. That battle had created quite a bit of destruction.

However, under the night sky, it was abnormally silent because everyone was deeply shocked by Chu Feng’s powerful techniques. Some were even doubting whether it was reality. After all, the fighting strength Chu Feng showed was really too inconceivable.

“Run!” Suddenly, a shout full of panic rang out. Soon after, the remaining people in the Zi family fled into the distance without even turning their heads around, akin to ants on a hot pan.

After seeing Chu Feng’s power, they all knew it was impossible for them to fight Chu Feng. The only thing they could do was to flee.

“Today, none of the people from the Zi family should even think of safely escaping.”

But how could Chu Feng give them that chance? He coldly snorted, and a boundless purple-coloured Spirit Formation burst out from his body. It was even quicker than the Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning. In a blink, it sealed an area outside the Flower Valley with a circumference of a hundred miles. It locked in everyone.

*boom rumble rumble* After doing all that, Chu Feng suddenly flicked the spear in his hand again, and after an explosion, almost a hundred people from the Zi family were shattered. They didn’t even have the chance to make a single sound before becoming ashes.

“Die! Those who dared to stop me must all die!” Soon after, he swept horizontally with his spear. The sky was in chaos, and the earth collapsed. In a blink, several hundreds of people were consumed by that power, becoming ashes in the wind.

“What ruthlessness. It seems that today, Chu Feng is eradicating the entire Zi family!” The surrounding observers finally came to their senses when they saw that happening. They discovered that Chu Feng not only attacked fiercely, he attacked accurately. He did not harm innocents as he focused completely on the people from the Zi family.

“Why is he doing this? What sort of enmity exists between Chu Feng and the Zi family for him to be so cruel?”

Seeing that Chu Feng aimed to kill everyone from the Zi family, some people started guessing in their hearts. Of course, they only dared to yell out those questions inside, not to say them out loud. After witnessing Chu Feng’s strength, they feared him deeply. They were very afraid.

“Chu Feng, don’t! Don’t kill them anymore! Spare their lives, and give them a chance! After all, they are still people of my Zi family! They are still Zi Ling’s relatives!” However, at that moment, Zi Ling’s parents actually rose into the air and half-knelt in front of Chu Feng, begging for the Zi family.

“Chu Feng, please, for Ling’er sake, give us a chance!” At the same time, there were several more people who flew up and knelt by Chu Feng’s side.

Chu Feng did not recognize those people, but from the very start, they had stood by Zi Ling’s side. She also didn’t dislike them, so they were likely the very few people who supported Zi Ling within the Zi family.

“Hmph.” Facing that scene, perhaps normal people would be moved, but Chu Feng coldly snorted instead. Then, he swept his gaze over the crowd and said, “My love for Zi Ling is real and true, but the Zi family heartlessly pulled her away from me, and even imprisoned Zi Ling’s parents, forcing Zi Ling to marry Murong Xun by threatening her with my life.

“Furthermore, they were doing all that for their personal gains only. These people are selfish. They use the happiness of others as the price for benefits of their own.

“Everyone, you tell me. Should they be killed?”