Chapter 819 - Alone without Assistance

MGA: Chapter 819 - Alone without Assistance

The other World Spirit in Chu Feng’s body had overwhelming fury. It was full of ferociousness and cruelty, and its cultivation was not sealed. If it were released, an enormous disaster upon the world would definitely appear.

However, if he did that, not only would Chu Feng die, everyone else in and near the Flower Valley would die. Even many people in the Eastern Sea Region would die. Yet, there were people Chu Feng did not want to affect by doing so. Unless absolutely necessary, Chu Feng did not want to take this step.

“You’re thinking too much. With me here, there’s no need for you to go down that road. It’s a trump card your family left for you, not a trump card for you to end your life.” Eggy couldn’t help smiling when she saw what Chu Feng was thinking.

“Eggy, then what plan do you have?” Chu Feng asked.

“Heh.” Eggy first smiled, then said, “Didn’t I say before I can transfer my power to you? After obtaining my power, and in addition with your current strength, you should be able to defeat these two old men.

“However, due to the cultivation and physical body you currently possess, even though I can reduce the degree of violence of my power as much as possible, it will still lead to a serious injury on your body.

“So, you better make a good mental preparation because the backlash later will be deadly. If you cannot hold on, you will possibly die~” Even though Eggy’s tone was humorous when she spoke, there was still a few hints of worry.

“I no longer have a choice with how things are. Come. Actually, I’ve always wanted to feel how strong your power has become.” Chu Feng calmly smiled, and he had already opened the World Spirit Gate.

“Heh, it definitely surpasses your imagination.” Eggy smiled proudly, then leapt in and returned to Chu Feng’s body.

*AOOO* In the instant Eggy entered Chu Feng, a cry even more terrifying than the devil burst from his body.

Closely after, black flames starting appeared within his body. They first covered Chu Feng, then rapidly changed. Initially black flames, they became black runes and as those runes flashed, like armour, they covered Chu Feng’s body.

Even the Royal Armament in Chu Feng’s hand, the Silver Dragon Spear, was covered by the black-coloured runes, forcefully transforming it into a black-coloured spear.

When the Silver Dragon Spear was surrounded by the black flames, its power was not diminished, but was instead bursting forth with might. It was not only the Silver Dragon Spear which burst with power; most importantly, it was all of Chu Feng’s power that increased several times in strength, and it had already faintly suppressed the illusory Old Feng and Old Lei.

“What’s happening? What technique did he use? He’s actually grasped the power of that World Spirit?” The observers were no fools and just by feeling, they were able to determine that the black-coloured flames surrounding Chu Feng originated from Eggy.

“This brat is very odd. Judging by his cultivation, how can he obtain the power of a World Spirit?” In reality, it was not only the observers who were shocked, Old Feng and Old Lei too were shocked as well. No matter if it was cultivation, or body, Chu Feng shouldn’t have been able to receive the power from the World Spirit.

“You two old geezers, let this young master here experience this Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning and see how impressive it is!” At that instant, a cold glint reflected off of Chu Feng’s eyes; his confidence was multiplied.

Because, at that very moment, he was able to feel the strength of Eggy’s power. It was simply power that feared nothing, one that seemed it could defeat anything. It truly surpassed Chu Feng’s imagination.

Even though, due to certain restrictions, Eggy hadn’t truly given her power to Chu Feng, at least, right now, his strength had been raised essentially.

*boom* All of a sudden, Chu Feng moved. His movement made even the Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning tremble, and everyone could feel a burst of mighty pressure emanating from his body. Even outside the flower Valley, the mountains and earth were shaken.

“Brat, don’t think you can do whatever you want! Since you are so impatient for death, we’ll let you experience the strength of this Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning!” But Old Feng and Old Lei, who were already dead, had no reason to fear Chu Feng. They attacked at the same time, and the result of interweaved wind and lightning fought Chu Feng.

*rumble rumble rumble*

In an instant, explosions and rumbling resounded everywhere. Shock waves went in all directions. The air and the ground were taken over by the violent gales and lightnings, and the black-coloured flames that appeared they could consume everything. Three bursts of power filled the sky of the Flower Valley, and occasionally, there would be a remnant shock wave sweeping downwards—one that no one could defend against. The areas it passed killed everything; the battle between the three was indeed extremely intense.

But no matter how much powerful they were, an outcome had to be decided. After some exchange in blows, the side with an advantage soon showed. Chu Feng, who held the Royal Armament, possessing the power of Asura, was such a side. With his own strength, he suppressed Old Feng and Old Lei, respectively huge figures of wind and lightning, and pushed them continuously back.

“Dammit!” At that instant, their faces were very unsightly. Even though they no longer possessed a human form, one could still see the fury and bitterness in their expressions.

They painstakingly cultivated for many years, training in this Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning which required the price of life to activate. Yet, at present, they were still inferior to some brat? How were they willing to accept such an outcome!

“People from the Zi family, listen! Channel all of your power into this formation and assist us two in removing this child. If our formation fails, none of you should even think of living,” shouted the two old men suddenly when they could do nothing else. They were actually asking the Zi family for help.

“This isn’t true, is it? Old Feng and Old Lei are truly unable to continue on? Even the power they obtained with the price of life cannot defeat Chu Feng?”

Even though they already saw who was strong and who was weak, when Old Feng and Old Lei spoke those words, everyone still felt very shocked because such words were sufficient to represent the level of strength Chu Feng had obtained. The young man whose name spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region was indeed worthy of the title of “genius”.

“Zi family, attention! Without restraint, channel all of your power into the formation! Those who do not obey will be executed!”

Just at that moment, the patriarch of the Zi family also spoke. He knew how serious matters were, and even though, after knowing Chu Feng’s identity, he was very afraid, he had no other choice. They could only fight with their lives on the line, otherwise what awaited them was nothing but death.

*hmm hmm hmm hmm* After the patriarch of the Zi family spoke, of course the Zi family did not dare to hesitate. All of them gave it their all and started transferring their power completely into the formation.

When layers upon layers of power was unendingly sent into the formation, the wind and lightning that Old Feng’s and Old Lei’s bodies were composed of also became stronger and stronger. Their auras started to rise as well, and when they attacked again, they made even space itself collapse. The sky changed colour, and the black-coloured flames Chu Feng had were oppressed, and actually starting pressing back towards Chu Feng.

“Haha, damn brat! You are standing now alone with no help. However, we have the entire Zi family! Let’s see how you will defeat us two!” After their increase in strength, Old Feng and Old Lei laughed in madness. They could tell that, despite very strong, Chu Feng was at his limits. So, he was undoubtedly soon to be defeated.

“Heh.” But just at that time, Chu Feng made a sneer. Then, his eyes turned blood-red, and he coldly said, “Are you certain I am standing alone with no help?”

“You…” And after seeing the change that happened to Chu Feng, the extremely excited pair of old men immediately froze. Their bodies trembled, and an indescribable feeling of uneasiness started spreading from their hearts, permeating their entire body.