Chapter 822 - Miracle

MGA: Chapter 822 - Miracle


Beneath the night sky, above the white clouds, there was a stream of light quickly dashing through the air. The speed was quick, so much it was dumbfounding, and even typical Martial Lords found it difficult to capture into their eyes, with their naked eyes, what exactly was that stream of light.

It was, of course, Chu Feng and the others. At that moment, Chu Feng channeled his full strength into quickly moving, and the direction of travel was very clear as well—an area suitable for hiding themselves. Chu Feng had already determined the path to this location before coming to the Zi family.

As for why? It was because, at present, Chu Feng’s eyes were becoming redder and redder. There were not only blood-red patterns on his black-coloured runic armour, there were many patterns on even Chu Feng’s bare skin. Even though Eggy gave Chu Feng such powerful strength, at the same time, that power was destroying Chu Feng’s physical body.

To save Zi Ling, Chu Feng was fighting with his life. Although he succeeded in the end, he had paid a painful price for it. He knew, for a very long time, he would be unable to protect Zi Ling. So, while he was still conscious, he had to bring Zi Ling to a relatively safe place.

“Ah!” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed. He opened his mouth, and a large amount of blood sprayed out. The blood was very strange—it was black. Not only did it emit heat, it was even surging, as if it were boiling black water.

*whoosh* At the same time, Chu Feng fell forward. The azure dragon underneath him not only disappeared, he himself also lost his ability to fly complete. He started to fall from the air.

“Chu Feng!” Zi Ling and the others were greatly alarmed when they saw that. Zi Ling, who was standing behind Chu Feng, quickly got hold of him.

After seeing the changes happening to Chu Feng, Zi Ling’s already worried face became extremely panicked. She herself even started to panic.

It was because at that moment, along with Chu Feng’s loss of consciousness, the black runes surrounding Chu Feng’s body became black flames. After leaving Chu Feng’s body, they disappeared gradually.

After the black flames disappeared, they shockingly discovered that on Chu Feng’s body, there were no more clothes. Not to mention his lack of clothes, even his physical body was charred like charcoal. On his coal-like skin, there were bloody cracks.

How did that even seem like a person’s body? It was simply more akin to a burnt corpse.

“Grandfather, father, mother, what is happening? Quickly come look!” Zi Ling completely panicked. Even though she was typically calm, after seeing Chu Feng in such a state, she found it hard to remain collected.

“Let me see.” Seeing that, Zi Ling’s parents, who had the highest cultivations, hurriedly came over and observed him. After doing so, they couldn’t help tightly furrowing their brows and remained in silent.

“How is he? What is it? Say something, quickly say something!” Zi Ling anxiously urged.

“This…. Ahh…” Zi Ling’s mother helplessly sighed, not knowing what to say.

Just at that moment, Zi Ling’s father spoke. “Ah, Ling’er. You must be prepared for this. Chu Feng was borrowing the power of his World Spirit before. But, you must know that the power of a World Spirit isn’t something a Purple-cloak World Spiritist can endure.

“The very minimum requirement is to be a Gold-cloak World Spiritist. This Chu Feng touched upon a taboo; being able to stay alive is already a miracle.

“This is truly unbelievable because if it were a normal person, they would simply be unable to maintain the power of the World Spirit. However, Chu Feng not only bore with it, he even bore with it for so long.

“Besides, even if a World Spirit can lend their power to their World Spiritist, it is always only for an increase in the World Spiritist’s physical body. It shouldn’t allow their fighting strength to rise so dramatically.

“I must say that this child is truly a rare genius. He simply did an impossible feat. But, sadly…” At that instant, the ones, who left the Zi family with Zi Ling and the others, also spoke. Their faces were filled with amazement but also pity.

“What are you saying? What are all of you saying?!” Zi Ling loudly questioned; she could tell that something was greatly wrong.

“Ling’er, Chu Feng is crippled. Not only is his physical body destroyed, even his Consciousness is wounded. I’m afraid he won’t be able to retain his cultivation. Even if he survives, he will be a cripple,” Zi Ling’s father said.

“No, I don’t believe this, I don’t believe this…” Zi Ling instantly lost control of her emotions, and started crying while hugging Chu Feng. She knew that she was the reason for Chu Feng’s current state. If it weren’t for saving her, Chu Feng wouldn’t have his current state.

“Wait, look closely! His body seemed to be recovering! Although it’s very slow, it’s recovering!” However, just at that moment, Zi Xuanyuan suddenly spoke. Moreover, on his initially nervous face, there was a hint of joy.

“Heavens! It’s true! That’s unbelievable! Is this little guy a monster?” When they looked again at Chu Feng’s body, Zi Ling’s parents and the others were also shocked.

“Let’s not talk too much and find a place to hide first.

“The reason why Chu Feng kept on using the power from the World Spirit even after leaving the Flower Valley is because he wanted to bring us to a safe place. We cannot fail his good intentions,” Zi Xuanyuan said.

“Mm.” Zi Ling’s parents also nodded, then brought Chu Feng and quickly flew into the air, at the same time searching for a place to safely reside in.

Time darted past and passed in an instant. A single month quietly elapsed.

Chu Feng had lain unconscious for a full month. He also had a very long and painful dream.

His entire body was placed within a huge furnace. He was enduring the burning of black flames, and no matter how he yelled, it was useless. The flames aimed to burn him into ashes.

But luckily, the Divine Lightning in Chu Feng’s dantian as well as the lightning in his blood guarded Chu Feng constantly. They were in a continuous battle against the attacking blaze. As much as they could, they protected Chu Feng’s body. That made the pain of his burning flesh less and less, and now, he was no longer in danger.

“Mm.” Suddenly, Chu Feng opened his eyes. He discovered he was lying within a mountain cave, and even though it was a cave, it was filled with runes—runes of concealment. Moreover, both underneath him and on him, there were thick blankets. It was very comfortable.

As for himself, even though his body was still feeling the pain of fire, he was within his range of toleration. It didn’t have too big of an effect towards Chu Feng.

Looking around, Chu Feng joyfully discovered a sleeping beauty lying by his side. Looking at her beautiful face, was that not Zi Ling? However, on the very same face, there was a thin and discoloured complexion. One could even see the traces of tears streaking past her face from the corners of her eyes.

Chu Feng was very happy because he was still able to successfully save the one he loved. However, his heart also ached because he knew what happened. He couldn’t help extending his hand to carefully stroke Zi Ling’s pitch-black hair.

“Mm.” However, Zi Ling was too sensitive. Just when Chu Feng touched her, she immediately opened her eyes. She sat up with a swish, and looked around, alert.

However, after she saw Chu Feng, she couldn’t help but be taken aback. She first rubbed her eyes, then examined Chu Feng carefully. Only then did she reveal a sweet smile she hadn’t made in a long time, and leapt into Chu Feng’s embrace immediately.

“Chu Feng, you’ve finally awakened! This is great!”

“Zi Ling, I’ve let you worry.” Hugging the beauty, Chu Feng felt very fortunate. He felt that all the pain he suffered before was worth it.


“Quickly catch it! There, there, seal off its escape!” However, just at that moment, bursts of noises suddenly came from outside.

Chu Feng abruptly stood up when he heard that, his brows furrowing. A grave expression emerged into his eyes, and he said calmly, “This voice belongs to Senior Xuanyuan and the others. What is happening outside?”