Chapter 816 - You Think You Can Stop Me

MGA: Chapter 816 - You Think You Can Stop Me


When those words were spoken, it naturally stunned everyone because they had now clearly confirmed his identity. Moreover, it also announced to the crowd a surprising truth.

Wuqing was originally Chu Feng, and the actual age of this exceptional genius was even younger than the fake identity! That also meant this genius was even more powerful than they had all expected. His cultivation aptitude was simply incomparable.

“He’s actually that Wuqing! This…”

At that instant, when the outsiders heard that truth, they were shocked. When they looked at Chu Feng, their eyes contained a bit more admiration and respect.

However, when the people from the Zi family heard that truth, they were terrified. After all, their Zi family was a family that had some fame in the Eastern Sea Region. Moreover, there were many people who visited them, and as such, they had very up-to-date news about the world. So naturally, the matters of the Eastern Sea Region were known as well as their own fingers.

Thus, the Zi family had already heard of Wuqing and the rumours surrounding him. Although they didn’t feel that he was equal to Murong Xun, they couldn’t deny that Wuqing was indeed a genius.

There were even a few young people in the Zi family who viewed Wuqing as an idol. Some young women, who hadn’t even seen Wuqing, felt adoration towards him, taking him as a lover in their dreams.

Even the seniors of the Zi family were forced to consider Wuqing’s existence with importance, and even the patriarch of the Zi family personally made an order, telling the people from the Zi family that, regardless of the relationship between Wuqing and the Immortal Execution Archipelago, they themselves could not offend Wuqing.

But now, but right before their eyes, but at this very instant…

Chu Feng, who was an eternal enemy to their Zi family, was actually Wuqing, whose name was known throughout the Eastern Sea Region, an existence which the Zi family feared. How could they bear such significant news? How could they accept such significant news? How should they even face such significant news…

Fear—an indescribable fear spread throughout the Zi family. No matter who it was, they could not fight back the fear. Even though their Zi family had the protection of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, at that moment, they still felt infinite uneasiness.

The reason for that was because everyone knew the reason why Wuqing’s name could spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region was not only due to his personal aptitude, it was also due to his mysterious background.

Even Lady Qiushui, the Martial King, and Lady Piaomiao, such an influential person, announced they were protecting Wuqing, and regarding his mysterious master… who knew what sort of person he was.

However, what they did know was Wuqing’s background represented something extremely horrifying.

So, the Zi family knew very well they could not afford to offend Wuqing, but no matter what, they didn’t think that, from the very start, they had already offended this monster-like existence. Today, it seemed a disaster was heading their way.

“What’s this now? Patriarch of the Zi family, since you’re holding the strongest weapon, why are you trembling?” Chu Feng smiled and looked at the patriarch.

When they heard those words, the crowd once again looked at the patriarch. Only then did they discover that the patriarch’s body was indeed endlessly trembling at that moment.

The grand leader of the Zi family… where did his domineering aura which looked down on everything run off to? He was simply like a frightened rabbit; his arrogant demeanor was no more.

But, his situation was understandable. After all, who wouldn’t be afraid if they angered a person such as Wuqing? No, to be precise, a person such as Chu Feng.

“Why are you silent now? Wasn’t your face full of arrogance before? Come! Widen my horizons! Let me have new experiences! Let me see the power of your ‘strongest weapon’!” As Chu Feng held the Royal Armament and walked in the air, he pressed towards the patriarch of the Zi family with his powerful might.

The world shook for each step Chu Feng took. The incomparably powerful might of a ruler swept out layer by layer. Even the patriarch of the Zi family, a rank six Martial Lord, felt enormous pressure, and he was forced continuously back.

He knew very well that Chu Feng currently was not someone he even had hopes of defeating.

“Old Feng, Old Lei[1], when are you going to stop watching?!” In a terrified state, the patriarch shouted and was actually asking for help.

“Hahahaha…” And when the patriarch finished speaking, an odd laughter rang out in the sky.

Within such laughter, two boundless auras crashed down from above. It caused the black clouds covering the air to disappear completely, and the lightning surging around to disperse. They suppressed Chu Feng’s Royal Armament.

“This might… there are more experts in the Zi family!” When they heard the laughter filled with suppressing power, everyone felt much more shocked.

“The ones I’ve been expecting have finally come.

“Two rank seven Martial Lords… It’s a bit better than what I had thought.” However, Chu Feng was already prepared for that situation. So, he did not express any surprise. He suddenly put the Silver Dragon Spear onto his shoulder, and jabbed it towards the patriarch of the Zi family. A silver-coloured ray of light then shot out from it.

“Dammit! Quickly save me!” The patriarch was alarmed when he saw that, and his expression changed so quick it made a swish sound. Even though he already knew he was no match for Chu Feng, he didn’t expect this strike to be that frightening—so much he didn’t even have a chance to defend himself.

“You useless thing! The Immortal Execution Archipelago has wasted so many resources on you.” At the same time the patriarch asked for help, a mocking voice also rang out. Simultaneously, from the Zi family, two streams of light shot out, and immediately arrived before the patriarch.

It was two old men; they had the exact same appearance. With a glance, one could tell they were twin brothers, but each of those twin brothers lost a single eye. One lost his left, one lost his right.

But even though both of them only had a single eye, they did not possess weak auras. As Chu Feng said before, they were rank seven Martial Lords.

*whoosh* After both of them appeared, one of them casually waved his hand and boundless Martial power swept out, easily dispersing the attack from Chu Feng’s Royal Armament. A rank seven Martial Lord was indeed many times more powerful than a rank six Martial Lord.

“Brat, there’s a road to heaven you don’t take, yet there’s a road to hell you take. Not only did you take my young master’s Royal Armament, you dare to come and take his fiancée! You are truly looking to die,” said both Old Feng and Old Lei.

Even though they revealed killing intent on the surface, their hearts were incomparably excited. They didn’t know what happened in the Depraved Ravine, but they recognized that Royal Armament—it was indeed Murong Xun’s.

In addition, Chu Feng had already made the Immortal Execution Archipelago lose face before in the Misty peak. Today, if they were able to defeat him, it was a great achievement in and of itself. If they were able to take back the Royal Armament, then they would not only have accomplished an enormous deed, they would even receive great rewards. How could they not be elated?

Chu Feng was rather smart so he immediately saw what their little plan was. But, he didn’t mind things like those. In this moment, he only wanted to save Zi Ling, and clearly, as long as he could defeat the two old men, he would finish today with that accomplishment.

So, Chu Feng subconsciously tightened his grasp on the Silver Dragon Spear, and an even more powerful might spread out from his body. At the same time, the Spirit Formation Gate opened, and Eggy, the Asura World Spirit, was also released by him. With her bewitching and beautiful appearance, she appeared within the crowd’s line of sight.

“You two old things, you’re correct. I, Chu Feng, have come here to take Zi Ling away. But, you think you can stop me, just with the two of you?”