Chapter 815 - I Am Called Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 815 - I Am Called Chu Feng

“What? What did you say? You said he’s Wuqing?

“Senior, you can’t say whatever you want to say! Although this Chu Feng does have powerful fighting strength, and his techniques are outstanding as well, there seems to be some conflicts between his appearance and Wuqing’s, judging by the rumours. Do you have proof for your words?” The white-haired old man’s words shocked everywhere, but also led them into doubt.

That was for no other reason but because Wuqing’s name was famous. Currently, in the Eastern Sea Region, everyone knew that there was a genius called Wuqing who appeared in the Eastern Sea Region, coming from the Misty Peak’s Martial Marking Immortal Realm.

At that moment, there was a never-ending stream of rumours regarding Wuqing. There were all sorts of things said from those rumours, but something undeniable was that Wuqing had already been titled as an existence that would be compared to Murong Xun in the future.

Although there were many people who hadn’t seen Wuqing before, that name had been raised to a very high level. It would not even be outrageous to call him to be a legendary person.

And, when the so-called legendary person appeared before their eyes, it would always make people feel as if they were in a dream. They would feel it was not real, and they themselves wouldn’t even believe it was real.

“Hmph. I just came back from the Depraved Ravine, and witnessed the great battle between the Immortal Execution Archipelago and the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

“During the battle, the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago had taken out a Royal Armament, but later on, the Royal Armament was seized away by Wuqing.

“Moreover, I personally saw Wuqing Mastering the Royal Armament. It was initially Murong Xun’s Royal Armament, but not only did it approve Chu Feng as its master, the state of Absolute Submission, from the legends, also appeared.

“Do any of you know what Absolute Submission is?” The old man swept his proud gaze over the crowd.

At that moment, they were already frozen. They were deeply stupefied by the old man’s words, and when they saw his gaze sweep over them, they all shook their heads. With their experiences, how could they have heard of Absolute Submission?

After seeing the crowd’s unknowing reply, the white-haired old man breathed through his nose, his attitude becoming even more arrogant. He said quite smugly, “Looking at all of you, it seems that no one knows. Today, I’ll explain this to you and teach you something.

“Royal Armaments are aware, so their process of approving one as a master is different from Elite Armaments. The most typical Mastering is actually only a cooperative relationship.

“That means if a person has successfully been approved by the Royal Armament, it will lend its power to its master, and at the same time, it will fill itself with its master’s power. If, one day, the master dies, or if their connection is forcibly severed, then the Royal Armament would break that cooperative relationship and regain freedom. It would then be able to choose another master.

“However, Royal Armaments have another method of Mastering, which is Absolute Submission. This Absolute Submission is when a Royal Armament is truly, sincerely, willing to serve its master. It will live and die as its master lives and dies. For the rest of its lifespan, it can only have that one master.

“No one can take it away from its master. Even if it is, it would not serve others. If its master dies, it will disappear along with them.

“This Absolute Submission exists only in legends. There has never been a person in the Eastern Sea Region who was able to make a Royal Armament into a state of Absolute Submission. No matter if it’s the head of the Crippling Night Demon Sect which shocked the Eastern Sea Region, or the genius of the Burning Heaven Church, Huangfu Haoyue, none of them were able to make their Royal Armament into a state of Absolute Submission. Even the current head of the Immortal Execution Archipelago cannot.

“But Wuqing has done it. Back then, those who were in the Depraved Ravine all personally saw this shocking scene. I’m sure this will spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region soon, and at that time, you will all know whether what I said was true or false.

“Right now, no matter might or shape, the Royal Armament this Chu Feng brandishes is the exact same as the Royal Armament Wuqing took away from Murong Xun. So, I determine that this person must be Wuqing. Otherwise, it’s impossible for him to use this Royal Armament.”

The white-haired old man’s words were quite logical. Moreover, they were spoken very loudly, letting everyone inside and outside the Flower Valley hear them clearly.

Moreover, his words were akin to a thunder in a clear sky. No matter if it was the people from the Zi family, or outsiders, all of them were shocked.

Putting aside what happened to the battle between the Crippling Night Demon Sect and the Immortal Execution Archipelago in the Depraved Ravine, Wuqing taking away Murong Xun’s Royal Armament and making it in Absolute Submission was enough to completely shock them. Because, if it were true, then it would truly be too shocking.

Before, everyone was even taking Wuqing and comparing him with Murong Xun. They all felt that the two were rare geniuses, and that Wuqing, in the future, would possibly become Murong Xun’s greatest opponent.

However, if the old man’s words were true, didn’t that mean Wuqing had already surpassed Murong Xun? Otherwise, how would he have gotten the Royal Armament from Murong Xun’s hands?

Then again, what cultivation did Murong Xun have? Everyone knew he was a rank eight Martial Lord, but what about Wuqing? Even if the Chu Feng before their eyes was Wuqing, he was at most a rank three Martial Lord. A rank three Martial Lord defeating a rank eight Martial Lord… that was simply an impossible feat!

In an instant, all sorts of shocked expressions and questions echoed inside and outside the Flower Valley. Something certain, however, was that everyone was thoroughly shocked by the white-haired old man’s words.

“If I may dare ask, the young man who is fighting the patriarch of the Zi family, are you truly that Lord Wuqing?” Being confused, some fearless curious person actually asked Chu Feng directly. Moreover, he had a very respectful attitude, not daring to offend him in the slightest.

When he spoke, almost the entire Flower Valley went silent. Almost everyone went quiet and stopped breathing. They looked towards Chu Feng, awaiting his answer. Even the people from the Zi family were no exception, because the question of whether Chu Feng was Wuqing was really too important.

Due to everything that had occurred, Chu Feng already prepared to announce the truth. So, he didn’t bother hiding it anymore. He calmly smiled, then covered his face with his sleeve. After putting it back down, his face had greatly changed. He became a young man roughly twenty years old—that appearance was the exact same as Wuqing’s.

After changing his appearance, Chu Feng smiled and looked at the white-haired old man, then said, “Senior, do you recognize me?”

“I do, I do! You’re Wuqing, this is Wuqing true appearance! Everyone, quickly look! This is Wuqing’s appearance! This Chu Feng is indeed Wuqing!” Seeing that Chu Feng was actually talking to him, the white-haired old man was endlessly excited, as if it was some glorious event.

“What? This is Wuqing? He changed his appearance! Doesn’t this mean he is truly Wuqing?!” At that instant, bursts of yells started ringing inside and outside the Flower Valley. Putting aside his changed appearance, his conversation with the old man already represented everything.

“No.” However, just at that moment, Chu Feng calmly smiled. Then, his sleeve covered his face again, and he returned to his actual face of Chu Feng. Only then did he say, “I am Wuqing, and I am also Chu Feng. However, Chu Feng is not Wuqing. Wuqing is Chu Feng.

“I don’t mind telling everyone one thing. The Wuqing on the Misty Peak is indeed me, and the Wuqing in the Depraved Ravine is also me.

“However, Wuqing is only a fake name I made up; I didn’t think everyone would pay so much attention to me. With how things have progressed, I cannot bear tricking everyone any longer. Actually, Chu Feng is my real name, and the current me is the real me. I… I am called Chu Feng.”