Chapter 814 - Might of the Royal Armament

MGA: Chapter 814 - Might of the Royal Armament

“Arrogant brat, you dare say I’m inexperienced? The salt I’ve eaten is more than the rice you’ve eaten. The bridges I’ve walked across are more than the roads you’ve walked.”

Initially, he wanted to flaunt his Incomplete Royal Armament to Chu Feng, but what he didn’t expect to obtain from Chu Feng was disdain and humiliation. That really pulled the patriarch’s last straw. His smug face instantly turned blue from anger.

“It’s only an Incomplete Royal Armament, yet you call it the strongest weapon? Then where would you place Royal Armaments? Is this not ignorance? Is this not inexperience? Everyone, you comment on this logic.” Chu Feng face was full of disdain, and his gaze was as if he were looking at a bumpkin.

“He’s correct! Although Incomplete Royal Armaments are strong, they are only imitations. Royal Armament are the strongest weapons in this world. Before one, Incomplete Royal Armaments are indeed nothing.” Indeed, after Chu Feng spoke, there were many who agreed with him.

And when he saw the observers discuss in whispers endlessly, the patriarch’s face turned even more unsightly. Even his mouth couldn’t help twitching, and he could only defend himself in a cold tone, “What do you know? Although Royal Armaments are powerful, there are only so many in the Eastern Sea Region. Besides, the might of a Royal Armament isn’t something a brat like you can witness. To you, Incomplete Royal Armaments are the strongest weapons, enough to completely turn you into dust.”

After speaking, the patriarch didn’t waste any more of his breath and with the flick of the Incomplete Royal Armament in his hand, he started attacking Chu Feng. He prepared to immediately kill him, not giving him any chance whatsoever.

When things had progressed to the way they did, he had to admit that he underestimated the brat in front of his eyes. The boy, who came from the tiny place called the continent of the Nine Provinces, who he could have also easily disintegrated into dust, now became an extremely troublesome figure. He could not be left alive to cause more troubles in the future.

*whoosh bzbzbz*

When he waved his sword, Martial power immediately surrounded it, as if all the Martial power in the vicinity were available for him to use. It formed a destructive sword of energy, and as the jade-green sword of energy pierced through the air, layers and layers of frost that could freeze everything started materializing in the air. In the places it passed, not an inch of grass survived. Even space itself was frozen by it, and everyone could feel its unstoppable might. The Incomplete Royal Armament was indeed very powerful.

“This isn’t good.”

Feeling such terrifying power, Zi Xuanyuan and Zi Ling’s parents all couldn’t help breathing in deeply. They all broke out in a cold sweat for Chu Feng.

Even Zi Ling lightly knitted her brows. On her beautiful face, there was a grave expression. Within her tightly clenched right hand, there was already a sharp dagger. She had initially planned to threaten the patriarch with her life when Chu Feng in peril, but when she saw Chu Feng’s fearless expression, she didn’t do that because from her understanding of Chu Feng, she felt he should have a way of dealing with it.

However, the attack from the patriarch was really too terrifying. So, she also wanted to know what method Chu Feng had to defend against that. As she looked forward to it, she couldn’t help murmuring, “Chu Feng, how powerful have you become now?”

Zi Ling believed in Chu Feng, but that did not mean others believed in him. At that very instant, almost everyone on scene felt Chu Feng was undoubtedly dead. At least, there was not a single person there who could defend against the attack that the patriarch sent Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng had already made a hint of a derisive sneer. When everything had progressed to its present state, he felt that the confrontation between him and the patriarch had reached the end. It was time to finish everything. So, he shouted, “I said you were ignorant yet you didn’t accept it. That’s fine. Today, I’ll make an exception and widen your horizon. I’ll let you know what a true Royal Armament is.”

*hmm* After speaking, Chu Feng flipped his palm, and a silver-coloured spear then appeared within.

*wuuaooo* When the spear appeared, a furious roar permeated the sky. No matter in the air or on the ground, everything trembled.

It didn’t matter if they were standing on the earth, or standing in the sky. Every single person was blown left and right, and some even fell down. The patriarch of the Zi family himself even lost his footing immediately due to the unstoppable might.

“What a terrifying sound! What is it? It’s like the roar of a dragon!” Such a change made everyone on scene shocked. However, they soon understood what exactly happened.

*boom rumble rumble rumble* When the Royal Armament appeared, who could compete against it? After the Silver Dragon Spear appeared, not only did the might sweep throughout that area, even the sky changed colour.

In a mere instant, the sun nor moon emitted any light. The stars turned dim. Everything sank into darkness, and dense black cloud rolled over, into the sky. Thick snakes of lightning started slithering around in the air.

And absolutely everything surrounded Chu Feng. In the sky, there was no moon. Other than the slithering snakes of lightning, the only thing that everyone could clearly see was one person—Chu Feng, who stood in the air.

Chu Feng’s long hair and clothes fluttered. With the silver-coloured spear in hand, he stood on the spot, as if he were a king that ruled over the world, one that none could contest against.

“Heavens! This might… how is it so terrifying!” The change before their eyes stupefied many people from fear. Even though they had some experience in the world, and had seen quite a few things, they had never seen such a terrifying atmosphere. They were truly deeply stunned by that.

“This might… it can’t be mistaken. It’s a Royal Armament! The thing in Chu Feng’s hand is a Royal Armament!” However, within the crowd, there would always be one or two who had seen something like this. So, very soon, someone confirmed that the reason why Chu Feng had such might around him was all because of the silver-coloured spear in his hand. And, the only thing such a majestic weapon could be was a Royal Armament.

“What? Royal Armament? This brat has a Royal Armament? How is this possible? How is this possible?!” When he heard those words, the person who could not accept that the most was naturally the patriarch of the Zi family.

Standing in the air, he couldn’t help taking several steps back. He was already in deep shock by the might Chu Feng showed because he, who held the Incomplete Royal Armament, could clearly feel it violently trembling in his hand at that very moment.

It was akin to a mouse seeing a wild cat; it was akin to a sheep seeing a hungry wolf; it was akin to a wild boar seeing a fierce tiger. The fear and terror from deep itself had been displayed completely, affecting even its master. He, at that moment, no longer had any strength to fight.

“It’s a Royal Armament, it is definitely a Royal Armament! That unique, bewildering might of a ruler belongs to only a Royal Armament!” Within the disbelieving cries in the crowd, there were more and more people who confirmed that the thing in Chu Feng’s hand was a Royal Armament.

However, when a white-haired old man with glittering eyes—a rank five Martial Lord—spoke with a shocking tone, almost everyone in the entire Flower Valley was stunned.

“I know who this person is! I know who Chu Feng is! He is the genius who shocked the entire Eastern Sea Region, the one who captured six thousand Martial Markings in the Misty Peak, the monster who crippled the son of the Second Immortal in the Depraved Ravine, Wuqing!”