Chapter 813 - Inexperienced

MGA: Chapter 813 - Inexperienced

“Heavens! Isn’t that the patriarch of the Zi family? To have created such an intense scene… Who is he fighting against?”

“That can’t be, can it? It’s such a young man? Judging by his appearance, he should still be a teenager, right? Even if he’s not, he’s definitely under twenty years old.”

“Where did a monster like him come from? At such an age, he’s already a rank three Martial Lord, and he’s even able to fight evenly against the patriarch of the Zi family, a rank six Martial Lord! That doesn’t make any sense at all, right?”

When they saw who was fighting who, and noticed Chu Feng’s appearance and age, not a single one of them wasn’t shocked. All of they were stupefied by Chu Feng’s fighting abilities, and some even called him a “monster” immediately.

Although Chu Feng felt immense pressure when facing the patriarch of the Zi family, which made him not dare to be careless, Chu Feng used sharp detection power, the observation strength of the Heaven’s Eyes, and his absolute control over all sorts of martial skills to compensate for his deficiency in cultivation. The battle between the two was immense, and if that continued, the outcome would truly be difficult to determine.

“Dammit! What is with this brat? Putting aside his sudden burst in cultivation, even his fighting strength is this odd! Am I actually unable to defeat him? Could he truly be a monster?” Although Chu Feng felt pressured, the pressure the patriarch felt was clearly even greater.

It was not only pressure in terms of strength, it was also mental pressure. At that moment, the battle between the two had already attracted the attention of many. If it were only the people from the Zi family, then it wouldn’t be such a big deal; however, within the Zi family, there were also guests from all sorts of areas.

Before so many distinguished guests, he actually had to spend so much time fighting a brat—a rank three Martial Lord—yet he was still unable to obtain victory. That truly made him lose face… it made him lose all face.

After all, the difference between the ranks of Martial Lords was not insignificant. To be able to defeat a person whose cultivation was one level above meant he was already a rare genius. To be able to defeat a person whose cultivation was three levels was something unprecedented, and something that people in the future would unlikely be able to achieve.

In a situation like this, they would not only praise Chu Feng’s overwhelming fighting strength and that he was a genius, they would even say that his, the patriarch’s, own fighting strength was too weak, unworthy of being a rank six Martial Lord.

Not only would it help Chu Feng, it would harm himself.

“This young man is too powerful. Where did he come from? Why haven’t I heard of this name before?”

“Recently, in the Eastern Sea Region, there has been a genius whose fighting strength is also overwhelming. His cultivation is rather close to this young man as well.”

“You’re talking about Wuqing, who captured several thousand Martial Markings on the Misty Peak?”

“Yeah! Other than him, who else could it be?”

“He wouldn’t be him, right? I heard that even though Wuqing’s aptitude is exceptional, he’s already over twenty years old. This young man is clearly younger than that Wuqing!”

“That’s right! No matter how much that Wuqing is said to be strong, they are no more than rumours. This young man, however, has shown his strength right before our eyes. From what I see, he is possibly even more powerful than Wuqing!”

“This is so unbelievable. There’s actually such a powerful person in this world! From what I know, even the number one genius in the Eastern Sea Region, Murong Xun, doesn’t have the strength to fight someone three ranks above him.”

As they were looking at the rare frightening battle, what everyone was concerned with more was Chu Feng’s identity. After all, the fighting strength he showed was truly outrageous. Everyone wanted to know where the master of such an outstanding young man came from and what their name was. Because, they seemed to have a premonition that the young man before their eyes would become a peak character in the future within the Eastern Sea Region.

“I’ve got it! His name is Chu Feng, and the reason he is stirring up trouble here is for Murong Xun’s fiancée! He wants to take away Zi Ling!” Suddenly, a Martial Lord excitedly shouted. He found Chu Feng’s name from the higher-echelons of the Zi family.

“What? He’s here to take Zi Ling away? Isn’t he too daring? There’s someone who dares to touch Murong Xun’s fiancée? Isn’t he clearly making the Immortal Execution Archipelago an enemy?” After knowing Chu Feng’s goal here, they were even more shocked.

The battle continued, and both Chu Feng and the patriarch of the Zi family took out their Elite Armaments. Their fighting strength thus gradually rose, and their might spread throughout the sky and the earth. If it weren’t for the shielding from the experts of the Zi family, the remnants of their attacks alone were enough to flatten the Zi family. It would even be able to make holes everywhere in the Flower Valley and put it into a horrid state.

“People from the Zi family, listen up! I, Chu Feng, have come here to take away Zi Ling. No matter who it is, those who block me will die!” Chu Feng knew after today, his name would spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region. So, he no longer concealed his own name and just let everyone know what his name was and what his goal here was.

When things progressed to what they have, Chu Feng carried the intention to die if he failed. He swore to bring Zi Ling away because he knew if he failed this time, then it would be immensely difficult in the future to try again. Perhaps with Murong Xun’s fierce and selfish nature, after knowing the relationship between Chu Feng and Zi Ling, he would even harm Zi Ling—that was not an impossibility.

So, as he fought the patriarch of the Zi family, he kept on sending out attacks towards the Zi family itself. With Chu Feng’s fighting strength, if he wanted to harm someone, other than the patriarch himself, there was simply no one who could defend themselves in the Zi family.

*boom boom boom boom* In an instant, the carefully constructed vast palaces of the Zi family started collapsing one after the other. There were even some people from the Zi family affected by it and died within.

“What ruthless methods. It seems that this young man called Chu Feng truly possess malicious intentions coming here. He wouldn’t truly want to take Zi Ling away and eradicate the Zi family as well, right?”

Seeing that Chu Feng started to attack the people from the Zi family, and that the patriarch could do nothing about it, some people started to feel that perhaps the patriarch could do nothing to Chu Feng either. Likely, today, the Zi family was in grave danger.

“You little scoundrel! Seeing that you’re young and ignorant, I chose to tolerate your actions and avoid killing you. Yet, now you so spitefully kill my family. Today, I will personally kill you.”

The patriarch had exchanged blows with Chu Feng for quite a while yet was unable to occupy the advantage. He felt he had no more face, so he could only find an excuse. And, since he declared to the crowd he would personally kill Chu Feng, he would have to immediately take out a weapon—a trump card—to kill Chu Feng in front of the crowd. Otherwise, he would not be able to convince the crowd and he would have thoroughly disgraced himself.

So, with the flashing of light from the patriarch’s wrist, a jade-green longsword appeared.

When it did, the patriarch’s entire demeanor became completely different. His strength actually rose by several times, and it was all because of the jade-green longsword in his hand, which seemed as if it were made by a thousand years of bone-biting cold and rare jade.

“This aura… It’s an Incomplete Royal Armament! There’s no mistake, it’s definitely an Incomplete Royal Armament!”

“Heavens! How precious is an Incomplete Royal Armament! How many peak Martial Lords are unable to obtain an Incomplete Royal Armament with their life’s savings? Yet, this patriarch of the Zi family, with the cultivation of only a rank six Martial Lord, now possesses an Incomplete Royal Armament?”

“The Immortal Execution Archipelago! It must have been given to him by the Immortal Execution Archipelago! However, why does the Incomplete Royal Armament in the patriarch’s hand seem more for a female?”

When he took out his Incomplete Royal Armament, it immediately made a commotion because Incomplete Royal Armaments were truly too precious. Unless it were a peak genius of a peak power, it would be impossible for someone to possess an Incomplete Royal Armament being at a realm such as rank six Martial Lord. That was truly a rare scene to see in the entire Eastern Sea Region.

“Damned old bastard. This Incomplete Royal Armament was clearly a gift the Immortal Execution Archipelago sent to Ling’er, yet he took it as his own!” Zi Ling’s mother cursed furiously when she saw the exquisite jade-green longsword.

“Hahaha, you poor brat from the mountains, do you know what this is? You must have never seen something like this before, right?

“Today, I’ll let you die at an appropriate place. Before death, I’ll widen your horizons. In this world, the strongest weapon is called Incomplete Royal Armaments! In comparison to my Incomplete Royal Armament, your Elite Armament is like a piece of garbage!”

Holding the sword, and hearing the words of praise from the crowd, the patriarch instantly felt all face return to him. At the same time, he also started having confidence and boasted at Chu Feng.

“Hohoh…” However, Chu Feng indifferently smiled at the patriarch’s flaunting.

“What are you laughing at?” The patriarch was enraged when he saw that. He originally thought Chu Feng would tremble in fright from his Incomplete Royal Armament, but he didn’t expect him to remain so calm, and even return such a disdainful smile. How could he tolerate that? Even his organs were about to explode from anger.

“Yeah! What is he laughing at? He wouldn’t fail to recognize this Incomplete Royal Armament, and don’t know how powerful it is, right?” In reality, it was not only the patriarch who was confused. Every observer was puzzled as well.

As he faced the crowd’s dazed gazes, Chu Feng calmly spoke. He said, “I’m laughing at you, who’s like a frog at the bottom of a well, inexperienced at the matters of the world.”