Chapter 812 - Battle Through Levels

MGA: Chapter 812 - Battle Through Levels

Chu Feng’s stamp appeared to be brutal, but in reality, the angle his foot pushed down at was just right. He destroyed half of Zi Kun’s brain, but it was not enough to kill him. At least, his physical body could still be recovered. Chu Feng wanted to use Zi Kun’s current horrid state to agitate the emotions of the Zi family.

“Lord Father, let them go! Otherwise, this animal will definitely kill Kun’er!” Seeing half of their son’s brain flattened, the hearts of Zi Kun’s parents ached so much tears streamed down their faces. They hurriedly asked the patriarch for help.

“Shut up! Although Kun’er’s life is important, it is not as important as my Zi family.

“Kun’er, don’t worry. You’ve made a sacrifice for the entire Zi family. I will definitely avenge you.” The patriarch bit down on his teeth, then, ignoring Zi Kun’s life, waved his sleeve. Layers of Martial power surged, and once again, he started initiating a horrifying attack towards Chu Feng.

“Heh, Zi Kun, it’s not that I’m giving you no chance, but it’s just that your grandfather really wants your life. Go, fulfill his wish.”

As he looked at the attack several times more powerful than before, Chu Feng appeared as if he expected it. He made a strange grin, then, raising his leg, he kicked Zi Kun high up into the air, straight towards the swirling attack of Martial power sent by the patriarch.

“Father, don’t!” Zi Kun’s parents quickly shouted to stop him.

“Dammit!” The patriarch never expected Chu Feng would use his own grandson as a shield. Although he already prepared to let Zi Kun be a sacrifice, he wasn’t prepared to personally murder his own grandson.

So, seeing as things were progressing poorly, the patriarch quickly attempted to retract his attack. However, Chu Feng’s kick had quite sufficient strength. Before he was able to successfully retract his attack, Zi Kun had already entered his vortex of Martial power.


Finally, under the gazes of the crowd, the grandson of the patriarch of the Zi family, Zi Kun, was torn into pieces by the Martial power of the patriarch himself. Not to mention flesh, there lacked even the slightest sign of Consciousness and Source Energy. Even all of his blood evaporated.

“I will have you wish you were dead!”

When his grandson was killed by his own hands, the patriarch was successfully enraged because of Chu Feng. He stopped retracting his strength, and instead, increased the power of his attack. An initial normal attack of Martial power suddenly transformed in the air, becoming a fierce, enormous mouth of flames. It widened and aimed to engulf Chu Feng.

The level of that martial skill was not high, but with the channeling of power by a Martial Lord, it was extremely terrifying. When the flames appeared, the walls of the underground palace immediately turned fiery-red, as if it too could burn anything. Even the air emitted layers of heat, and even though it wasn’t even close to them, Zi Ling and the others all felt the unblockable heat wave as they endlessly backed away.

*whoosh* Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly waved his big sleeve, laying two barriers in front of Zi Ling and the others. One was an indestructible Spirit Formation, the other was the power of a rank three Martial Lord. Using them, he protected the safety of Zi Ling and the others.

After doing all that, Chu Feng gestured a spell with his left hand, and punched with his right. With the surging of Martial power, it became a huge wave that could touch the skies. As it rolled forward in the air, it was akin to a boundless ocean. Its might was not only frightening, the power it contained was very fierce as well.

It was a rank eight martial skill. When Chu Feng was robbing the resources of others, he obtained it. The reason he cultivated it was for a moment like this.

*boom rumble rumble* A huge explosion rang out. The flames and the wave collided into one another, and the power of two different essential types started stirring up chaos in the air. Finally, the power of the attacks from both the patriarch and Chu Feng were actually even as they both canceled each other out.

That scene had really shocked the people from the Zi family. Not only them, even Zi Xuanyuan and Zi Ling’s parents were shocked as well.

They truly did not expect Chu Feng to be able to hold up his own against the patriarch of the Zi family. After all, he had said it before: Chu Feng was only a rank three Martial Lord. A rank three Martial Lord fighting on a par with a rank six Martial Lord… that was a nearly impossible thing.

“How is this brat so strong? He was actually able to cancel the patriarch’s martial skill attack?!” In comparison to Zi Xuanyuan and the others, the people from the Zi family on the other side felt even greater disbelief. They were deeply astonished by Chu Feng’s frightening fighting strength.

At that instant, only Zi Ling was the calmest one. There was not even a hint of surprise on her beautiful face—there was only joy. It was because she never had doubted Chu Feng’s power, nor did she ever doubt Chu Feng’s fighting strength. She knew Chu Feng was a genius; everything was within expectations. So, she only felt happy for Chu Feng’s current achievements, because the stronger he was, the happier she was.

“No matter what method you used to raise your fighting strength, I will use my power to prove the difference between you and I. Even if you have daunting aptitude, it will not be able to compensate for the span of three ranks.”

When Chu Feng cancelled his attacks again and again, the already furious patriarch was a bit mad. As he spoke, he threw one fierce martial skill after the other endlessly at Chu Feng. Judging by the strength of the skills, he no longer seemed to aim to capture Chu Feng alive, but more to completely destroy him.

In a situation like that, even Chu Feng couldn’t help but frown a bit. He didn’t dare to have any traces of carelessness. No matter what, the patriarch was still a rank six Martial Lord. That had already surpassed Chu Feng’s typical range of fighting, but at that moment, he still wanted to challenge his limit.

“Hehe, Chu Feng, since you’re not planning to use the Royal Armament, do you want me to help you?” said Eggy gigglingly, who was always in Chu Feng’s body. Seeing such shameless people from the Zi family, even the queen started being impatient, and her hands started getting itchy from intolerance.

“No need. Although he’s a rank six Martial Lord, his cultivation was obtained by relying on large amounts of cultivation resources entirely. In comparison to Martial Lords of the same level, his fighting strength belongs to the weakest type. I can take this chance to test myself to see if my current fighting abilities is enough for a rank six Martial Lord.”

So, even though he did feel a certain amount of pressure, Chu Feng was not afraid. Instead, he leapt forward and starting attacking the patriarch.

*boom boom boom*

In an instant, the two were in a chaotic mess. Bursts of shock waves reverberated in the air, and even though the underground palace was made with special materials and reinforced by special Spirit Formations, it was unable to resist the remnants of the two’s attacks. In a blink, the underground palace was broken into pieces. From deep underground, they fought onto the surface, then into the air.

Although there weren’t really many people in the Zi family, there were still several thousand. As for the experts that served the Zi family, there were several tens of thousands. As for the guests who were in the Zi family, there were countless. There were even some people who admired the fame of the Zi family and stayed outside the Flower Valley since they were unable to become guests in the Zi family.

At that moment, when it was silent and deep into the night, bursts of explosions suddenly rang out. The pitch-black sky suddenly turned into the blinding day. That naturally attracted everyone’s attention. In an instant, everyone inside and outside the Flower Valley raised their heads and looked at the frightening battle in the sky.

The battle of Martial Lords was quite huge, especially when it was the level of Chu Feng and the patriarch of the Zi family. As they exchanged blows, the battle became fiercer and fiercer. Even people several thousand miles away were shocked by their battle, and peak experts from all sorts of areas were heading over with quick speed to determine what exactly was happening.