Chapter 811 - Surrounded

MGA: Chapter 811 - Surrounded

Within the underground palace, Chu Feng and Zi Ling were hugging each other, both of them silent. They just continued like that, as if doing so forever wouldn’t be enough. They didn’t even let each other go after a full hour.

At that instant, Zi Xuanyuan, who initially wanted to let them have their sweet time, couldn’t take it any longer and finally said, “Chu Feng, let’s quickly leave since we haven’t been discovered yet.”

“Yeah, let’s quickly leave this place first!”

Zi Ling’s parents also urged them. When Zi Ling and Chu Feng were embracing each other, Zi Xuanyuan sent mental messages to them and had already narrated the course of events that had happened regarding how he and Chu Feng arrived here. Zi Ling’s parents already knew that Chu Feng had come to save them.

Even though Zi Ling’s parents didn’t dare to believe that Chu Feng’s cultivation had increased by such an enormous amount in such a short period of time, when it was so openly displayed before them, they didn’t have a choice to disbelieve.

“Senior Xuanyuan, we’ve actually already been discovered,” Chu Feng said with an indifferent smile as he released Zi Ling.

“What? We’ve already been discovered?” Not to mention Zi Xuanyuan and Zi Ling’s parents, even Zi Ling herself was shocked.

“Starting from the very first Spirit Formation in the underground palace, as long as it is deactivated, the person who laid the formation would know. So, when we entered, we were already surrounded.” As Chu Feng spoke, he cast his gaze behind and shouted, “Come out. Don’t remain sneaky.”

“Hahaha, you’re a bit skillful. You’ve already discovered us, huh?”

At that moment, within the vast underground palace’s passages, an aged laughter suddenly rang out. At the same time, the air squirmed and a Concealment Spirit Formation gradually deactivated. Within it were several hundred people.

There were males, females, old, and young. Of those people, there were almost a hundred Martial Lords, and the rest were all in the Heaven realm. They were all a part of the Zi family, and the leader of them all was none other than the patriarch of the Zi family, Zi Dingkong.

“I’ve forgotten to introduce him to everyone. This brat here is her friend from the continent of the Nine Provinces, the fool who wants to take Zi Ling away from young master Murong Xun,” the patriarch explained to the crowd behind him with a light smile.

“So he’s that damn brat. Such arrogance of him to want to marry her. You think you’re qualified to fight over our Zi Ling against young master Murong Xun?”

After hearing the patriarch’s words, the crowd of the Zi family, regardless of gender or age, started mocking him. From their cold faces, one could tell that they were not only the dogs of the Zi family’s patriarch, they were also Murong Xun’s dogs.

“All of you, shut up! I only belong to Chu Feng. Murong Xun should not even think of getting his hands on me.” Zi Ling was enraged when she heard the crowd ridicule Chu Feng. She shouted and pointed at them.

“Zi Ling, don’t be stubborn, remain on the wrong path, and be tricked by this brat. What virtue or abilities does he have? He’s simply unworthy to be together with you.”

“Yeah! Ling’er, you must widen your eyes and not be fooled by his false act! The perfect match for you is only with young master Murong Xun!” urged the people from the Zi family. They did treat Zi Ling rather politely.

“Shut up! Don’t put me together with that Murong Xun. I will absolutely not be with him,” Zi Ling shouted again. Fury filled her beautiful face.

“Ahh, Zi Ling, you haven’t seen young master Murong Xun yet. If you have, you will know that this brat here is no more than an ordinary person who could not be more ordinary. There are simply innumerable people like him in the Eastern Sea Region. Only the young master is a peerless genius, and only he is worthy for you.

“Zi Ling, don’t worry. The young master has already notified us. In a few days, after he finishes the business he has, he will come here and visit you. At that time, you will know how excellent your fiancé is.” As if the people from the Zi family couldn’t understand Zi Ling’s words, they unceasingly praised Murong Xun.

“All of you…” Zi Ling’s brows furrowed even more from anger. Her face was flushed, and if she had sufficient strength, she would have killed all of the disgusting family members with a single strike.

“Zi Ling, don’t argue with this group of animals. Hand this over to me.” Finally, Chu Feng spoke. And after hearing Chu Feng’s words, Zi Ling obediently nodded, and backed away. She stood together with her parents and grandfather.

*bang* Suddenly, Chu Feng stamped down, instantly snapping one of the legs of the patriarch’s grandson.

“AHH—” He was initially unconscious, but the pain of his snapped leg immediately woke him up. First, he wailed, but after he saw the people from the Zi family, his complexion turned to joy and he loudly shouted, “Father, mother, grandfather, help me!”

“Kun’er!” At that moment, a middle-aged husband and wife changed their expressions greatly. As they cried out, they rushed towards Chu Feng and wanted to save the grandson of the patriarch, Zi Kun. Judging by their heartbroken expressions, they were most likely Zi Kun’s parents.

“If you dare to come any closer, I’ll stomp his head flat.” But Chu Feng did not give them that chance. Before they neared, a foot was placed on his face.

“Don’t!” Zi Kun’s parents immediately stopped moving, not daring to do anything hasty. Instead, they cast their begging gazes at the patriarch.

“Hoh, you want to threaten me with my grandson, then bring Zi Ling away?” In comparison to Zi Kun’s parents, however, the patriarch of the Zi family wasn’t too worried about his own grandson. Rather, in his eyes, there was a hint of disdain—it was disdain that looked down on Chu Feng completely. Even though Chu Feng’s change in cultivation made him feel greatly shocked, in his eyes, Chu Feng wasn’t even a threat.

“You’ve guessed correctly. If you want to keep your grandson’s life, you better leave right now. Otherwise, I’ll stamp his head open,” Chu Feng said with a sneer. Even though he was currently surrounded by the experts of the Zi family, Chu Feng’s expression was very calm.

The people from the Zi family had never put Chu Feng in their eyes, but when had Chu Feng ever put them in his eyes?

“Haha, what a joke. With your cultivation of a rank three Martial Lord, you want to threaten me?” Suddenly, the patriarch of the Zi family coldly smiled. As he spoke, his brows slanted even more inwards, and an invisible shock wave burst out from his body.

He attacked. With no more than thought, he emanated his unique pressure of a rank six Martial Lord. Like an invisible wave, it pressed itself towards Chu Feng with an unbelievable speed. He wanted to suppress Chu Feng by surprise, and thus save his grandson.

But, he had still underestimated Chu Feng. Chu Feng coldly snorted, raised his hand slightly, and with a casual wave, he shattered the patriarch’s attack entirely with a boom.

“Since you want your grandson to die, I’ll grant you that wish.”

Immediately after, Chu Feng shifted his foot slightly on Zi Kun’s head, then pushed down. Blood gushed out in large amounts—half of Zi Kun’s head was pressed flat.

“AHH—” At that instant, akin to a pig being butchered, the scream coming from Zi Kun’s mouth reverberated within the entire underground palace.