Chapter 817 - The Queen Showing Her Power

MGA: Chapter 817 - The Queen Showing Her Power

“Hoh, I even thought some impressive existence would be released, but it’s only a rank two Martial Lord World Spirit! With just this bit of strength, you want to take Lady Zi Ling away from us? You must be too naive!” After seeing Eggy, Old Feng and Old Lei both roared with laughter—a very derisive one.

“Chu Feng, the old guy on the right is laughing too uglily. Hand him over to me first. You delay the one on the left, and after I take care of the right one, I’ll come take care of him. No problem, right?” Eggy said with a sweet smile.

“There’s no problem at all. With this Royal Armament, even if I cannot defeat him, at least, I won’t be defeated too soon. Quickly finish off the right one, then just come help me take care of the left one later.” Chu Feng nodded.

Although Eggy was strong, she was still only a rank two Martial Lord. Facing a rank seven Martial Lord was her limit. Even if she could reign victorious, she could not fight them both at the same time. She only remained advantageous in a one-on-one battle, so Chu Feng had to distract one of them.

Chu Feng already felt enormous pressure when facing a rank six Martial Lord with his current strength alone. As such, facing a rank seven Martial Lord would be like a fantastical story. However, with the Royal Armament, his fighting strength had increased dramatically. Therefore, Chu Feng was nearly able to defeat rank six Martial Lords with no problem, and even though he might not be able to defeat rank seven Martial Lords, with the techniques he grasped, delaying one for a while was not difficult.

“Then it’s decided.” Eggy didn’t say anything more after hearing Chu Feng’s agreement. Endless black flames burst out, and with horrifying might, they headed straight for Old Lei. It could be seen that the queen, who had a very fiery nature, was furious.

“This might… It’s rather interesting. Brother, quickly take care of that brat. Let me face this beautiful lady a bit.”

In the instant Eggy attacked, both of them did frown slightly, as they were aware that Eggy wasn’t as simple as she appeared on the surface, but they were not afraid. When Old Lei made his move, bursts of lightning surged everywhere and attacked Eggy.

“Haha, I’ve heard that Wuqing is a genius with absurd fighting strength. Let me see today if you are as powerful as the rumours say.

“No, not Wuqing… Chu Feng! Hahaha…” As for Old Feng, with a face full of a mocking smile, he started attacking Chu Feng as well.

*huu huu huu*

His robe fluttered and bursts of gales appeared. Not only were they created by Martial power, they moved as he commanded. They were completely controlled by him, and they made a circle in the air, surrounding Chu Feng.

He still didn’t think Chu Feng to be a worthy opponent. He prepared to use the Ruling Wind Technique to capture Chu Feng: he would thus be able to obtain the Royal Armament in Chu Feng’s hand, and also break his arrogant demeanor.

It would tell the world that regardless of the power of Chu Feng’s fighting strength, even if he held the peerless Royal Armament, when facing a rank seven Martial Lord, he would not even be able to put up a fight.


Yet in the end, Old Feng had still underestimated him. Chu Feng flicked the Silver Dragon Spear in his hand into the sky, and with a burst of silver light and an explosion, it destroyed Old Feng’s surrounding attack.

Following closely after, an azure light surged behind his feet, and an azure dragon appeared. With Chu Feng riding on it, it rapidly flew over. Chu Feng didn’t escape. Not only that, he even began his counterattack at Old Feng.


The Secret Skill, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, as if it were alive, was extremely lifelike. It didn’t just fly through the air, it made an ending number of deafening dragon roars, as though it were not a technique but a true dragon instead.

*boom boom boom*

And with the quick speed of the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, Chu Feng was pretty much able to dodge all of Old Feng’s attacks. Whenever he had the chance, he would take the Royal Armament and throw storm-like attacks at him.

Such a change in momentum caused the demeanor Old Feng had earlier to disappear completely. He started to feel pressure because he discovered astoundingly that Chu Feng was really too strong. So strong it surpassed his expectations: not only was a rank six Martial Lord no match for Chu Feng, even himself, a rank seven Martial Lord, found it a great difficulty to defeat him.

Most importantly, even though Chu Feng was using a delaying tactic, his attacks were still very fierce. It did not suppress Old Feng only in terms of atmosphere, it even suppressed him mentally. In an instant, it completely forced Old Feng’s carelessness away, and he did appear to be suppressed by Chu Feng.

“This is so powerful. What is that underneath Chu Feng’s feet? It couldn’t be a real dragon, could it?” When they saw the azure dragon underneath Chu Feng, there were many cries of amazement.

“Impossible. Dragons are creatures from legends! They are named as the king of all monsters, and let alone that there are no such things in the Eastern Sea Region, even if there were, they wouldn’t serve Chu Feng!”

“That’s right. This should be one of the legendary Secret Skills. I’ve heard Chu Feng possesses powerful Secret Skills, and it seems that the rumours are true indeed.” The might Chu Feng showed not only stunned Old Feng, it even stunned everyone else.

*boom rumble rumble* However, just at that moment, continual explosions came from the battle between Eggy and Old Lei. When bursts of shock waves were causing havoc, it almost destroyed all of the Zi family residences. If the people from the Zi family hadn’t moved already, it was likely most of them would have been dead or injured by now.

When they looked over, everyone was even more dumbfounded because the battle between Eggy and Old Lei could really be called the confrontation of two powerful existences. It was many times more intense than Chu Feng’s side.

*bzz lala* At that very instant, there were many lightning snakes surrounding Old Lei’s body. Spreading out from himself, they became a huge net of lightning that covered the sky. Within it, there was powerful killing strength. Nothing could survive within that range—not even a single blade of grass. Even if a Martial Lord entered such an attack, they would become ashes in an instant.

Yet, at present, not only was the beautiful queen, Eggy, inside the lightning net of Old Lei’s, she was able to even send a powerful attack towards him.


Her black-coloured flames were akin to a demon that lived by slaughtering. It not only had peerless might, it even made a ferocious roar. In a situation like that, the rank seven Martial Lord, Old Lei, was pale and he was forced back, appearing as if he would fall at any moment.

“Powerful. This is simply unbelievable. Chu Feng’s World Spirit is actually this strong! Although it’s only a rank two Martial Lord, it has suppressed a rank seven Martial Lord. This is really unthinkable.”

“Could this be what they say: ‘A powerful master breeds a powerful servant’?” Eggy’s appearance brought astonishment to the entire crowd. They were all stunned by her frightening power.

“Hmph. What do any of you know? This World Spirit is not an ordinary World Spirit. It is a legendary Asura World Spirit.” Just at that moment, the white-haired old man who had gone to the Depraved Ravine once again spoke with a disdainful tone.

“What? An Asura World Spirit? From the Asura Spirit World, acclaimed to be the strongest of the Seven Spirit Worlds?” When they heard those words, all of their expressions changed greatly and they couldn't help taking a long gasp.

*boom* However, just at that moment, another huge explosion rang out. At the same time, a painful cry rang out. “Brother, save me!”

That voice came from none other than Old Lei. Looking over towards him, almost everyone was stupefied again because at that moment, his hair was in a mess, and blood was all over his body. One could even see his bones on his left leg, proof that he was heavily injured.

The rank seven Martial Lord, when facing Eggy, a rank two Martial Lord, was actually defeated.