Chapter 808 - Killing Your Entire Family

MGA: Chapter 808 - Killing Your Entire Family

The reality was the same as their predictions. The Immortal Execution Archipelago gave huge amounts of assistance to the Zi family, causing it to rise rapidly in strength.

They were initially a small family that didn’t even have half a Martial Lord. Now, with the increasing numbers of Martial Lords, they became a large family which had many even in the younger generation. At present, the Zi family not only became large and flourishing, it even surpassed a few that possessed Inherited Bloodlines.

In the eyes of outsiders, the reason the Zi family had its current state was all because of Immortal Execution Archipelago. In comparison to the nearly unknown Divine Body that lacked many achievements, what everyone admired more was the Zi family’s ability to obtain help from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

However, no one knew what the Immortal Execution Archipelago did hiddenly to Zi family: What they had their eyes on was actually the Divine power of Zi Ling. They didn’t truly want to marry Zi Ling over; they just wanted Zi Ling to be a “gift” to Murong Xun.

However, something undeniable was that the current Zi family was rather prosperous. Not only strength wise, but most importantly, fame.

Recently, there were rumours that Zi Ling’s beauty was peerless—she was ranked as one of the three great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region. That led to quite a few guests who wanted to visit the Zi family, to take a glimpse at her.

As they faced the visits from those people, even though the Zi family would filter out some, then receive those who were a bit more famous, in reality, they didn’t allow anyone to see Zi Ling easily.

At that moment, Chu Feng was standing outside the Zi family. As he looked at the center of the Flower Valley, at the Zi family which had an unending stream of distinguished guests coming to and fro, with prosperity and gorgeousness evident everywhere, in his eyes, there was nothing but hatred.

*whoosh, whoosh, whoosh*

Although there was tight security around the Zi family, and experts were as common as clouds, it was not hard for Chu Feng to sneak in.

“Ah!” After entering, Chu Feng chose a person who had roughly the same figure as himself and struck him unconscious. Then, he took his clothes and changed his face to match that person’s.

After doing so, Chu Feng inquired the location of the Zi family’s prison. Moreover, using a series of techniques and lies, he snuck inside.


“Forgive me, forgive me! I’ve truly said everything! Ah! Stop!”

The Zi family’s prison was very large, and there were all sorts of people locked inside. Some were peacefully resting—they seemed to be imprisoned for many years—some were receiving interrogation, suffering the pain of torture.

However, Chu Feng was not concerned with those people. At that moment, he used the Heaven’s Eyes and spread out his Spirit power. He wanted to find clues regarding Zi Ling’s location.

Yet, after searching through the entire prison, Chu Feng hadn’t even seen any signs of her. But even though he didn’t find her, Chu Feng found a familiar person.

There was an aged old man locked within a well-sealed room. That old man had undamaged clothing, but his complexion was a bit thin and discoloured, seeming as if he had some rather significant worry on his mind. And, he was none other than Zi Ling’s grandfather, Zi Xuanyuan.

On his body, there were no fetters. The prison that locked him was different from others as well. It was not only completely intact, it was even quite exquisite. One could even say that the prison room was forcibly made into a luxurious room.

Within such a place, there was not only a delicate bed and all sorts of gorgeous commodities, there were even various delicious foods and cultivation resources placed inside, free to be used.

At that moment, Zi Xuanyuan was sitting on a chair and drinking tea, with his legs crossed. At that moment, his cultivation was also increasing; it had truly reached the peak of the Heaven realm.

However, behind him were several young men. They were likely people also from the Zi family, and most of them had the cultivation in the Heaven realm. However, one thirty-something man was already a Martial Lord—a rank one Martial Lord.

“Old man, don’t refuse this only to be forced later. The patriarch wants you to convince Zi Ling, then go convince her. Act less of a master in this place. You should know very well what will happen to you if you don’t listen,” said one of the young men quite unkindly. As a junior of the Zi family, not only did he lack any respect when facing Zi Xuanyuan, he spoke as if he were speaking to a criminal.

“Convince? Convince her what? Convince Zi Ling to jump into hell, so you greedy bastards can be satisfied?” Zi Xuanyuan raised his head and mockingly stared at him.

“You…” Hearing that, the young man was enraged. He raised his hand and was about to strike Zi Xuanyuan.

“Stop!” But just at that moment, the young man with the strength of a rank one Martial Lord spoke.

He seemed to be the leader of those people—after he shouted, the other men all backed away to the side, silent.

The leader walked two steps towards Zi Xuanyuan and said with a fake smile, “Senior Yuanshan, no matter what you say, Murong Xun is the number one genius of the Eastern Sea Region. Oh, how many famed, brilliant ladies wants to marry him, yet were rejected by him.

“What a rare chance this is! Why must you remain so stubborn? Go convince Zi Ling, and go convince her parents as well. Tell them to be less obstinate and ruin our entire family because of that.”

“Hmph.” Zi Xuanyuan fiercely glared at him, then ignored him and continued drinking the tea in his cup.

The man was not angered by Zi Xuanyuan’s actions. Instead, he continued saying, with a smile, “When things have progressed to what they have, it is unavoidable that Murong Xun will take away Zi Ling’s Divine power. Not to mention any of you, even if Zi Ling refuses, what can she do? Three years later, her everything will be Murong Xun’s.

“Rather than resisting and fighting back, causing the entire Zi family to fall, why not choose to go along and fulfill the desires of everyone from the Zi family?”

“Pah! How shameless.” Zi Xuanyuan opened his mouth, and a sticky lump of phlegm landed on the man’s face.

“Old thing, you are looking to die!” The other men were furious when they saw that, and as they spoke, they raised their hands, preparing to strike.

“Stop!” However, the man once again shouted and stopped them. Even so, strong rage was on his face, and dense killing intent even flickered in his eyes.

*whoosh* Suddenly, he extended his arm and grabbed Zi Xuanyuan’s clothes. He ferociously threatened, “Old thing, my grandfather is the patriarch. If I want to kill you, no one can stop me.

“However, I’ll give you a chance. Tell me the name of that trash in Zi Ling’s heart and where he is. I’ll spare your life then.”

“Hahaha…” Zi Xuanyuan roared with laughter, then looked at the young man with a gaze of ridicule. He said, “You want to know? Go ask your grandfather! Why don’t you ask him? It’s your grandfather who doesn’t dare to tell you, right?

“I’m sure he knows very well perhaps if I die, nothing will happen, but if Zi Ling dies, you will all follow her.

“And as long as anything happens to him, Zi Ling will have no desire to live. So, that’s why even your grandfather doesn’t dare to touch him! Yet you so foolishly want to? You must have gotten tired of living!”

“Hmph. Less of that nonsense. If you don’t tell me, I’ll beat you until you do.” The man went into a rage from the disgrace, and without saying anything more, he waved his big sleeve, forcing Zi Xuanyuan onto the ground. Then, pointing at him, he shouted, “Beat him. Beat him until he’s near death.”

Immediately after he finished speaking, the several young men all surrounded him. Pulling up their sleeves, they prepared to heartlessly beat Zi Xuanyuan up.

*BOOOOOM* But just at that moment, an explosion suddenly rang out. The prison gate constructed with special materials and reinforced with purple-coloured Spirit Formations was, at that moment, completely shattered.

At the same time, a foreign voice yet filled with bloodlust rang out outside the room as well.

“Whoever dares to even touch him, I’ll kill your entire family!”