Chapter 809 - Beating up the Dog of the Zi Family

MGA: Chapter 809 - Beating up the Dog of the Zi Family

Such a sudden shift in events stunned everyone from the Zi family. However, when they saw the young person who slowly walked into the prison, confidence surged back into them.

It was because the stranger before their eyes was truly too young. He didn’t even seem to be close to twenty; he should have just passed puberty.

“Who are you? You dare to break into my Zi family’s prison? Do you not want to live anymore?” questioned the grandson of the patriarch of the Zi family as he pointed at Chu Feng furiously. As he spoke, he even emanated his aura of a rank one Martial Lord, intentionally letting Chu Feng see how powerful he was.

“This…” However, after Zi Xuanyuan saw the person before his eyes, his expression changed greatly because he instantly recognized that the newcomer was Chu Feng.

Zi Xuanyuan panicked immediately because he knew many people from the Zi family wanted to get rid of Chu Feng. Yet, he actually came to this place. Wasn’t this like a lamp jumping into a tiger’s mouth?

That being said, he didn’t dare to directly call out Chu Feng’s name. He didn’t even dare to show that he knew Chu Feng. So, he could only send a mental message in secret, “Chu Feng, why have you come here? Quickly leave! If the patriarch of the Zi family knows that you’ve come here, he will not let you safely leave! He will even use you to threaten Zi Ling!”

However, what made Zi Xuanyuan feel enormous helplessness was that Chu Feng acted as if he didn’t hear what he just said. He simply ignored him, and instead, cast his gaze filled with bloodlust at the young men from the Zi family. Then, he suddenly extended his hand forward, and an intense suction power surged out.


A frightened shriek rang out—one of the young men at the peak of the Heaven realm was forced over by Chu Feng.

Then, after grabbing him, Chu Feng put strength into his arm and with a snapping sound, half of that person’s shoulder was ripped away forcibly.

Afterwards, Chu Feng slammed down with his palm, and with a bang, he turned that person into a mist of blood.

“You! You are looking to die!” Seeing their companion killed, the people from the Zi family were outraged. Two of the young men burst out their power of the peak of the Heaven realm, and as they held an Elite Armament, they mercilessly slashed towards Chu Feng.

*bang* However, Chu Feng simply looked with disdain at their attacks. He stood unmoving.

When the Elite Armaments struck him, they actually shattered immediately. The people who attacked Chu Feng also spat out blood, their internal organs injured from the shock.

The people from the Zi family finally started reacting to that scene. How was the young man in front of him, who wasn’t even twenty, a weak, fun-to-bully person? He was simply more like a terrifying monster!


When bursts of screams rang out, the people from the Zi family personally saw Chu Feng, with his pair of hands akin to steel clamps, first cut the two young men who attacked him into pieces. Then, they saw him pull out their Consciousnesses and forcefully refined them. After seeing all that, their legs went limp, and their bodies were trembling.


“Who are you? Why have you attacked us for no reason at all? Do you not know that my Zi family is protected by the Immortal Execution Archipelago?”

At that instant, the grandson of the Zi family’s patriarch quivered from fear. He could only use the shield—the Immortal Execution Archipelago—to try and scare Chu Feng.

Even though he was a rank one Martial Lord, he could feel that Chu Feng’s aura was one of a rank three Martial Lord. To have such cultivation at such age… he himself was most definitely unable to defeat Chu Feng.

Chu Feng approached the people from the Zi family bit by bit, forcing the grandson as well as the remaining young men back continuously. In the end, they were all like turtles as they were forced into a corner of the prison room, and only then did Chu Feng say, “Didn’t you want to find me? Why are you scared now that I’ve come?”

“F-find you? Brother, are you possibly mistaken? We never wanted to find you!” The grandson of the Zi family's patriarch clearly hadn’t recognized who he was.

“Yes! It’s definitely a misunderstanding! Brother, there’s no enmity between us! Don’t completely kill us off!” At the same time, the others also hurriedly attempted to explain.

“Senior Xuanyuan, I think you should tell them who I am.” Chu Feng cast his lightly squinted gaze at Zi Xuanyuan.

But in reality, he too was standing on the spot, completely frozen. He was deeply stupefied by Chu Feng’s strength.

Barely a year had passed since they left the Eastern Sea Region, and at that moment, Chu Feng was still in the weak Profound realm. Yet, at present, even someone at the peak of the Heaven realm could not take a single strike from Chu Feng. They were so, so weak.

Even the grandson of the Zi family’s patriarch—a rank one Martial Lord—trembled from fear. What did that mean? That meant Chu Feng’s cultivation very possibly surpassed the Heaven realm, and entered the realm of Martial Lords. He had to admit that Chu Feng’s speed of improvement was really too quick. So quick it surpassed his imagination.

At that instant, Zi Xuanyuan finally understood why Chu Feng so fearlessly dared to break into this place, and why he didn’t leave regardless of his warnings.

It was because Chu Feng already had a certain amount of confidence with him. At least, he was able to easily take care of the people within the prison. So, he no longer worried, and listening to Chu Feng’s instructions, he said to several people from the Zi family, “Didn’t all of you want to know who the person in Zi Ling’s heart is? I’ll tell you right now that person is called Chu Feng, and Chu Feng is standing in front of you right now.”

“What? You’re the person Zi Ling loves?!”

When they heard those words, the people from the Zi family were dumbfounded. Their faces were akin to ashes as they finally understood why Chu Feng immediately starting killing them on sight. It was because he had sufficient reason.

But, what they were most shocked at was that the person they looked down at and thought they could kill at any moment was actually so powerful. He not only came to the Zi family on his own accord, he even started killing them.

At that instant, they seemed to know why Zi Ling was so attached to that person. It was because the man called Chu Feng was indeed not simple at all. One could even say he was extremely horrifying.

“Spare me, spare me! We actually didn’t have any malicious intents, we just wanted to see what Zi Ling’s lover looked like!”

“That’s right! Zi Ling is, after all, our sister. You are, in the end, our future brother-in-law! As elder brothers, naturally we want to see our future brother-in-law!

“As they say, rather than conjecturing based on rumours, why not see for yourself? So, as seen today, Brother-in-law is truly outstanding! Sister Zi Ling truly has great judgement on people; that Murong Xun simply cannot compare to you!”

Even though they already knew who Chu Feng was, they were unwilling to die just like that. So, they quickly knelt down, and not only did they kowtow, begging for their lives, they even started fawning over Chu Feng. The grandson of the Zi family’s patriarch was no exception.

But, Chu Feng had already seen their true sides. Why would he give them any chances? He extended his hand, and after several muffled explosions, the people before his eyes became mists of blood. Only the grandson alone was left alive.

“Thank you for sparing my life, thank you for sparing my life!” Seeing that Chu Feng didn’t kill him, the grandson even thought Chu Feng was letting him off.

“Shut up!” But who would have expected Chu Feng to shout before sending a kick his way. After an “Ah!” of pain, not only did he completely fracture his jaw, Chu Feng kicked the grandson unconscious, into the pool of blood on the ground.