Chapter 807 - Saving Zi Ling

MGA: Chapter 807 - Saving Zi Ling

“Brothers, you truly know how to make a joke. I don’t feel any resentment towards that Lady Zi Ling, so why would I harm her? I am only curious.” Chu Feng shook his head embarrassedly, but his heart was very shocked.

Before, he always felt that Zi Ling could have possibly been taken into the Immortal Execution Archipelago. Even if she wasn’t, then the Zi family should definitely have large numbers of guards.

But, according to You Tonghan, Zi Ling was not only in the Zi family right now, there weren’t experts too powerful guarding. At least, there wasn’t anyone stronger than You Tonghan, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so free in entering and exiting.

So, Chu Feng now had a plan. Since the Immortal Execution Archipelago didn’t send peak experts at the Zi family, then Chu Feng had to head over to the Zi family. He prepared to save Zi Ling.

If he could truly save her, then the heaviest stone in Chu Feng’s heart would be shattered.

That night, they stayed on the mountain range for resting. After chatting for a long time, since they all had their own matters to deal with, in the morning the next day, they prepared to go their own ways.

“Wuqing, since you’ve agreed to join the Crippling Night Demon Sect, I have to leave a mark on your back. It is not only convenient, in the future, it would be easier to identify other members. I would also be able to find you through the mark,” said the Earth King before splitting up.

“Mm.” Chu Feng had already expected that. So, without saying anything more, he stripped away his clothes, revealing his well-built back to the Earth King.

He knew he was preparing to imprint the special mark into his body. Since he already joined the Crippling Night Demon Sect, naturally he would not refuse.

Without delay, the Earth King started. His palm waved around and he started laying a formation. It was an enormous Spirit Formation procedure that had extremely powerful golden Spirit Formations.

As the Earth King drew it, it formed the symbol of a broken moon. Chu Feng also discovered a small detail: the Earth King even put down Chu Feng’s name within the formation. That was a completely unique indication.


Finally, the Earth King shouted. The formation rose into the air, and the blinding light started gradually merging together. Not only did its shape shrink by several times, it even turned black. By the Earth King’s lead, it started being guided into Chu Feng’s back.

*hmm* However, just as the mark of the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s broken moon merged into Chu Feng’s back, preparing to connect with his dantian, a ripple came from it.

That made the Earth King’s expression change slightly. He furrowed his brows, seeming to have felt something. But, he did not stop and continued merging it into Chu Feng’s body.

*boom* But just as the mark was about to meld with his dantian, a huge explosion suddenly burst from inside his body. And, as it did, the mark of the broken moon the Earth King spent so much effort creating immediately exploded, destroying it completely.

Even the Earth King—a Martial King—was forced several steps back. His complexion immediately turned pale, and even his body started trembling.

“Lord Earth King, are you fine?” Seeing that, the expressions of Old Liu and the others changed greatly as they hurriedly went up and supported the Earth King.

But, he just waved his hand, indicating to the crowd he was fine. Shortly after though, he looked at Chu Feng, and said, “Wuqing, there seems to be a special power within your dantian that resisted me from merging the mark. What is it?”

“Senior, I am not certain either.” Chu Feng shook his head, his face a bit blank.

The Earth King seemed to know that it was possibly one of Chu Feng’s secrets when he saw that reaction. Since Chu Feng was unwilling to say much, he too didn’t ask much. Instead, he said, “Since it’s like so, then take this. Remember to always bring it on you. Don’t put it in your Cosmos Sack. With that, if there’s anything, we can always contact you.” As the Earth King spoke, he took out a badge. On the badge, he imprinted a special mark before giving it to Chu Feng.

That badge was black. Not only did it have the symbol of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, there was also a unique mark. As long as Chu Feng had it on him, no matter where he went, the Earth King would be able to find him.

“Thank you, Senior Earth King.” Receiving the badge, as instructed, Chu Feng didn’t put it in his Cosmos Sack but in his pocket. He knew the Earth King wouldn’t harm him; it was a crucial item used to contact the Crippling Night Demon Sect in the future.

“Then, let us go our ways. If there’s something that pops up later, I will think of methods to contact all of you,” said the Earth King.

“We’ll take our leave.” Xuan Xiaochao was in a rush to report to his master, so he left first.

Soon after, You Tonghan and Fu Fengming did the same.

“Seniors, I too will take my leave.” And since Chu Feng’s heart was full of Zi Ling, he didn’t stay there for long either. He clasped his fists at the Earth King and the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers, then leaped forward and left quickly.

“Lord Earth King, what’s different with Wuqing’s body? Even the mark of the Crippling Night Demon Sect was unable to merge into his body,” Old Liu said curiously after Chu Feng left.

“It is indeed different. In his dantian, there’s some power that resist the mark I made. It was destroyed in only an instant,” the Earth King replied.

“What sort of thing is it? It’s that powerful?” Old Liu asked again.

“I don’t know, but it was indeed very powerful.” At that instant, an odd glint flashed in the Earth King’s aged eyes. When he recalled the power sweeping out of Chu Feng’s body, strong fear added onto the glint.

Chu Feng was naturally unable to hear the conversation between the Earth King and Old Liu. After knowing that Zi Ling was imprisoned by the patriarch of the Zi family, and that there seemed to be no experts from the Immortal Execution Archipelago guarding her, Chu Feng hurried towards Zi Ling without stopping.

After a while of unending journeying, Chu Feng finally arrived at the Zi family of the Flower Valley.

The so-called Zi family of the Flower Valley was not without origin. The Flower Valley was in reality a valley; it was not a large area, but within the valley there were flowers of all sorts of colours. Its name was made as such.

However, there were so many similar flower valleys in the Eastern Sea Region. So, the thing that truly made the Flower Valley famous was the Zi family, and the true thing that made the Zi family famous was the birth of Zi Ling over ten years ago.

When a Divine Body came into being, it would create a unique scene. Back then, many people had seen that scene. After the Immortal Execution Archipelago confirmed that there was truly a Divine Body, she became the fiancée of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Although the Immortal Execution Archipelago of that time hadn’t ruled over the Eastern Sea Region, it had already revealed its powerful side. So, everyone felt that the Zi family would rise rapidly in power.

After all, putting aside the legendary quality of a Divine Body, the protection of the Immortal Execution Archipelago alone meant that the Zi family was fated to become powerful.