Chapter 806 - Change in the Zi Family

MGA: Chapter 806 - Change in the Zi Family

“Brothers, you think too much of me. It’s because of your complete plan that the Immortal Execution Archipelago were defeated. I just exerted a minimal amount of strength,” Chu Feng said with a bit of embarrassment.

“The reunion of the Crippling Night Demon Sect cannot be rushed. Long discussions and planning are still required, so let’s take it slow. When the time is ripe, when our masters appear, that is when we let the world know the true strength of the Crippling Night Demon Sect.”

“Right right right, we’re just doing some preparation. The true show is for the Four Protectors.” Fu Fengming nodded his head in agreement.

“Ahh, we just don’t know where Senior Qiu Canfeng is,” You Tonghan suddenly said.

“Senior Qiu Canfeng is definitely still in the Eastern Sea Region. As long as we make some movement, he will certainly know about it. At that time, he too will naturally show himself,” said Fu Fengming with a smile.

“That’s right. Senior Qiu Canfeng is the head of the Four Protectors. He is completely loyal to the Crippling Night Demon Sect, so in critical moments of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, he will definitely show himself.” Xuan Xiaochao also spoke.

Judging by their attitudes, Chu Feng could tell at least the three of them respected Qiu Canfeng a lot, despite what their masters felt.

“Come come come! Let’s put aside reuniting the Crippling Night Demon Sect. I’ll tell all of you an interesting thing,” You Tonghan said suddenly with a mysterious smile.

“Brother Han, what interesting thing do you have now? Don’t keep us in suspense and tell us!” urged Xuan Xiaochao.

“Murong Xun has two fiancées; one is Ya Fei, and I’m sure all of you know who the other one is, right?” said You Tonghan smilingly.

Chu Feng heart was shaken when he heard that, because he subconsciously knew You Tonghan’s subsequent words were possibly related to Zi Ling.

“Of course I know! Isn’t it the Divine Body of the Flower Valley’s Zi family? I remember that this Divine Body was very mysterious. Shortly after being born, she disappeared. But recently, I’ve heard she’s reappeared in the Zi family. She was called Zi Yu’er before, and now she’s called Zi Ling.

“I also heard that this legendary Divine Body doesn’t have many accomplishments in cultivation. It could even be said she’s very weak, no different from an ordinary person.

“So, many people speculate that the Zi Ling in the Zi family right now isn’t the true Divine Body.

“Very possibly, the true Divine Body was secretly sent to the Immortal Execution Archipelago when she was born, and has always been in development. As for the current Zi Ling in the Zi family, she is no more than a substitute.” Shortly after speaking, he asked again, “Brother Han, could it be that you have new discoveries?”

“Heh, I don’t know if that Zi Ling is the true Divine Body or not, but on the road, I coincidently passed the Zi family. So, out of curiosity, I snuck in. I wanted to see what sort of appearance Murong Xun’s other fiancée had, whether she’s worthy of the title of being one of the three great beauties,” You Tonghan said as he chuckled.

“Brother Han, what did that Zi Ling Look like? How did she compare to Ya Fei?” Xuan Xiaochao and Fu Fengming had intrigued expressions on their faces.

“Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Ya Fei can’t even compare to her. To be honest, it was the first time I saw such a beautiful lady. Even women in paintings are inferior to her; she is even like the fairies from the legends!” You Tonghan’s face expressed his recollection, and as he spoke, he couldn’t even help gulping.

“She’s that beautiful? Then just learn from Brother Chu Feng here and do it to her,” Xuan Xiaochao said with a shameless smile.

“Heh, to be honest, I did have that thought back then. However, after all, that girl is different from Ya Fei. With a glimpse, you could tell she was a kindhearted lady. No matter how I dislike Murong Xun, I can’t dirty her for no reason at all,” You Tonghan said.

“Brother You Tonghan, what interesting thing did you discover in the Zi family?” Chu Feng asked impatiently. He was truly concerned what occurred in the Zi family, because Zi Ling was one of the people he was most worried about.

“Heh, getting the point right away, huh? When I went, the Zi family was still having some internal argument! The patriarch of the Zi family was in a complete mess when disputing with Zi Ling’s parents. It seemed to be because Zi Ling’s parents didn’t want to marry Zi Ling off to Murong Xun, yet the patriarch himself didn’t agree so he wasn’t willing to let them go,” said You Tonghan.

“Oh? There’s something like that? Why didn’t they?” Xuan Xiaochao and Fu Fengming were also interested when they heard that.

“The specifics I don’t know, but I just know that later on, the patriarch locked up Zi Ling’s parents and Zi Ling herself as well,” said You Tonghan.

“What next?” Chu Feng asked quickly.

“I don’t know what came next. Back then, I was in a hurry so I didn’t listen carefully.

“I just know that Zi Ling’s parents suddenly didn’t want to marry Zi Ling off to Murong Xun. This is indeed an interesting case. Perhaps we can even use this to stir up some trouble in Murong Xun’s wedding day.” You Tonghan smirked.

“Mm, if that is true, then we can indeed stir up trouble. However, there seems to still be three years until the day of marriage. I wonder if the Immortal Execution Archipelago will still exist or not then,” Fu Fengming said.

All three of them didn’t pay too much attention to that matter, because to them, Zi Ling’s survival was irrelevant to them.

Just as You Tonghan said, that was merely something interesting to them. Give it a listen, be entertained for a bit. Then, it’s done. None were too attentive.

However, Chu Feng was entirely different. Who was Zi Ling? She was Chu Feng’s fiancée! Why was he looking for Fu Liansheng? Why did he have to save Qiu Canfeng? When all’s said and done, his most fundamental goal was to save Zi Ling.

So, after knowing about that, Chu Feng’s heart was in chaos. He hurriedly asked, “Brother You Tonghan, did you truly sneak into the Zi family? Did the Immortal Execution Archipelago not arrange experts to guard the Zi family?”

“I don’t think they did. At least, when I went over, I didn’t see any people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago,” You Tonghan said.

“Although experts are as common as clouds in the Immortal Execution Archipelago, as they grow larger, more important territories appear. Those important territories also require peak experts for guarding.

“So, they simply cannot send too many experts to the Zi family. At least, Martial Kings wouldn’t be sent there to protect them.

“After all, there are only so many Martial Kings in the Immortal Execution Archipelago. They wouldn’t spend such an enormous battle force to look over a tiny Zi family. In the end, she is only a fiancée,” Fu Fengming analyzed.

“Eh? Brother Chu Feng, why are you so interested in the matters of the Zi family? You wouldn’t be thinking to also take down Murong Xun’s other fiancée, right?”

Xuan Xiaochao grinned as he spoke. At the same time, Fu Fengming and You Tonghan did the same as they looked at Chu Feng. Clearly, their memory of Chu Feng taking down Ya Fei and Murong Wan was still crisp clear.