Chapter 803 - Absolute Submission

MGA: Chapter 803 - Absolute Submission

The lightning in the air surged about, and black clouds permeated the air. Other than the light due to the lightning in Chu Feng’s position, the entire sky was dark. The might of the Royal Armament was shown without restraint.

“This is so powerful. It is simply many times more powerful than when Murong Xun revealed the Royal Armament before. Is it because this is the true power of the Royal Armament, or, like the Earth King said, because it truly approved of Chu Feng?” Such a change made the crowd sign in admiration.

*hmm* However, just at that moment, the might that flooded the sky abruptly shrank. With Chu Feng as the center, it started entering Chu Feng’s body like a vortex.

As it entered Chu Feng’s body, Chu Feng’s long hair fluttered about. Lightnings emerged into his eyes, and the might of a ruler descending from above emanated from his body.

Most importantly, the symbols on the silver-coloured spear started endlessly flashing layer by layer. Everyone could feel that the silver-coloured spear was connecting with Chu Feng, and channeling powerful energy into Chu Feng’s body.

“This feeling…” Even Chu Feng’s eyes lit up when he felt the power of the Royal Armament surging into his body.

With the channeling of such energy, Chu Feng’s aura actually started to rapidly rise. With the three lightnings, Chu Feng was now a rank two Martial Lord.

Soon, he made a breakthrough. Everyone could feel that Chu Feng’s aura was one of a rank three Martial Lord.

After Chu Feng became a rank three Martial Lord, the energy also started diminishing. In the end, the clouds dispersed, the lightning faded away, and the sky and earth also returned to their former state. However, what changed were the expressions of the people, as they were dumbfounded with widened mouths.

They could all feel that the Royal Armament in Chu Feng’s hand was completely different from before. The unique might of a Royal Armament once again appeared.

Since Chu Feng’s cultivation wasn’t at the peak, the current might of the Royal Armament was not as powerful as Murong Xun’s. However, it exuded an odd feeling: when the Royal Armament was in Chu Feng’s hand, it seemed to be more obedient. It seemed to be absolutely submissive towards Chu Feng.

In reality, there was even shock in the Earth King’s eyes. Although he already knew the Royal Armament would approve of Chu Feng, he didn’t expect this situation to occur.

He said with a disbelieving tone, “From the legends… It’s Absolute Submission!”

“Is it truly Absolute Submission?” Old Liu also couldn’t help crying out when he heard that. His aged face as well was filled with shock.

“Big Brother, what does Absolute Submission mean?” asked the Gold-cloak Brothers at the same time.

“Yeah! Senior Liu, what happened? Wuqing’s cultivation increased because of the Royal Armament?” Xuan Xiaochao and the others also spoke.

In actuality, no one knew what Absolute Submission meant. Even Chu Feng himself didn’t. So, everyone’s gazes unavoidably landed on the Earth King and Old Liu.

“Royal Armaments possess awareness. Even though it gives its approval, it is only a cooperative relationship. It is no more than lending its power to its master, then filling itself with its master’s power. That is the most typical method of Mastering.

“However, there is another method that is rather special. It is not a cooperative relationship, but rather the Royal Armament is willing to give its everything to this master and this master alone. It can approve of no other master, and it will die when the master dies.

“If the master unluckily passes away, the Royal Armament will be instantly destroyed as well. This method of Mastering is extremely rare, and it is named as Absolute Submission, because from that very instant, the Royal Armament is no longer the ruler of the world, but a subordinate serving its master.

“However, there are already barely any people who can obtain the approval of the Royal Armament. They must have extremely powerful strength, and extremely excellent aptitude.

“As for ones that can make a Royal Armament perform Absolute Submission, in all the records of the Eastern Sea Region, ever since ancient times, there has not been a single person who has been able to do that,” said the Earth King gravely.

“What? There’s something like this? Ever since ancient times, no one has been able to make a Royal Armament absolutely submit?

“Doesn’t this mean that the Royal Armament in Wuqing’s hand is in Absolute Submission? If that’s true, isn’t he the only person who could cause a Royal Armament to absolutely submit in the Eastern Sea Region?”

When they heard those words, another commotion arose in the crowd. Not only from the observing crowd, but also from the Crippling Night Demon Sect. At that moment, they all cast their gazes closely on the Earth King, awaiting his answer.

“A clear indication of Absolute Submission is that the Royal Armament will give a portion of its power to the master, representing its decision in submission. Wuqing’s cultivation instantly rising has proven everything already,” said the Earth King.

“Heavens! Doesn’t this mean that the Royal Armament is truly in submission towards Wuqing?”

“Impressive, too impressive. As expected of an exceptional genius such as him. How enormous is this Wuqing’s potential? How powerful is his aptitude?”

After receiving the confirmation, the crowd boiled with excitement. Everyone subconsciously cast their gazes at Chu Feng. Moreover, sincere respect and admiration filled their eyes which glinted with a fiery glint.

With everything that had happened, they had to reassess the young man Wuqing, because he seemed to be much more powerful than the rumours said. Not only had he made a contract with a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World, a Royal Armament was in Absolute Submission because of him.

He did so many things from the legends!

They had to admit that Chu Feng’s talent truly reached an inestimable stage. If this young man were able to develop, he would most definitely become a great character in the Eastern Sea Region who would be immensely powerful.

“Submissive to me, huh? Silver Dragon Spear, you’ve given me quite the surprise.

“But don’t worry. I will absolutely not disappoint you. I will let you know you’ve followed the correct master.” Holding the Silver Dragon Spear in his hands, Chu Feng joyfully smiled.

Silver Dragon Spear was the name of the armament. In the instant he successfully received the approval of the Royal Armament, Chu Feng learnt of its name.

Moreover, what Chu Feng learnt of was not only its name, but also the power of the Silver Dragon Spear.

Despite being a typical Royal Armament, it was still very powerful. That being said, Chu Feng was simply unable to use the true power of the Royal Armament. With it, in addition to his current cultivation of a rank three Martial Lord, even if his opponent were a rank six Martial Lord, Chu Feng would still be able to put up a fight. Even if he couldn’t defeat that person, he would still be able to escape uninjured.

It was because the Royal Armament was the same as Elite Armaments and Incomplete Royal Armaments. The wielder’s strength would increase due to the armament. In the instant one held the Royal Armament, their entire fighting strength would receive a huge increase.