Chapter 802 - Mastered Royal Armament

MGA: Chapter 802 - Mastered Royal Armament

“What? The Eighth Immortal sacrificed his own life, so that’s why he looked like that?”

“No wonder. No wonder the Eighth Immortal became that powerful. So he was fighting by burning up his own life. Doesn’t this mean the ones able to safely escape were only the siblings Murong Xun and Murong Wan? The Eighth Immortal is also destined to fall because of this battle?”

“Heavens! This is unimaginable! Not only did the Immortal Execution Archipelago lose over a thousand Martial Lords due to this expedition, they even lost the Eighth and Ninth Immortal! These are truly heavy losses!”

Indeed, after hearing the Earth King’s words, everyone was even more shocked. Although a thousand-plus Martial Lords was a frightening number, to the Immortal Execution Archipelago that was akin to the sun in the sky, it actually wasn’t much.

The Eighth Immortal and the Ninth Immortal, on the other hand, were different. The Nine Immortals were titled as the strongest fighting strength of the Immortal Execution Archipelago—they were the nine true generals of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. In this battle, they had lost two of these generals. This was a true heavy loss.

“Although the Crippling Night Demon Sect and the Immortal Execution Archipelago are in conflict, I must say a single person’s death in today’s battle was not something I had wished for—the granddaughter of the head of the Nine Immortals, Ya Fei.” The Earth King feigned sympathy and spoke with a face of pity.

“Ya Fei? One of the three great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region, Ya Fei? She also died?”

“Yeah! Ya Fei and Murong Wan entered underground together, but I haven’t seen her come out. Could she have truly died?”

“That can’t be true, can it? Ya Fei is dead? That is truly quite a pity, a beauty like that to have…”

Upon hearing that Ya Fei had died already, the people on scene were astonished, and all of them felt pity. After all, even though such a great beauty like Ya Fei was unrelated to any of them, she being alive was still a beautiful scenery to behold. It was quite a pity for her to have died.

“I’m sure everyone must think that her death was due to the Crippling Night Demon Sect. However, you are wrong. The true murderer of Ya Fei isn’t anyone from the Crippling Night Demon Sect. It is Ya Fei’s fiancé, the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Murong Xun,” said the Earth King.

“What? It was Murong Xun who killed Ya Fei?”

“How is that possible? Why would Murong Xun kill Ya Fei? What exactly happened?” The crowd was like a frying pan as they instantly exploded with discussion. They felt that such news was extraordinarily unbelievable.

“Perhaps you feel disbelief, but if you had seen Murong Xun’s side of insanity, you will know how coldhearted of a person he is, the so-called number one genius of the Eastern Sea Region.

“Lady Ya Fei was indeed killed by him. He didn’t even leave a complete corpse behind. As for why, it’s because he discovered that Ya Fei was disloyal to him. So, that’s why she was killed.

“However, he had paid the price for this, because his Royal Armament was taken by Wuqing. The sixth Royal Armament of the Immortal Execution Archipelago no longer belongs to them, but to Wuqing.” As the Earth King spoke, he looked at the silver-coloured spear in Chu Feng’s hand.

“That isn’t true, is it? The silver-coloured spear in Wuqing’s hand is truly Murong Xun’s Royal Armament?”

“It was Wuqing who took it from Murong Xun? How is that possible? The difference in their cultivation levels is enormous! How was Wuqing able to take the Royal Armament from Murong Xun?” They were all dumbfounded, feeling that it wasn’t real.

“I know that perhaps you don’t believe this is real. That is understandable.

“It’s because you’ve felt the powerful might of the Royal Armament when it was in Murong Xun’s hand. Yet, as Wuqing holds it, there is no such thing.

“However, you must not know that Royal Armaments have awarenesses. Before recognizing its master, sometimes Royal Armaments will intentionally conceal its own aura. In times like those, in the perspective of normal people, they will appear to be like a normal piece of useless steel. They will appear completely worthless. Only true experts would be able to see its essence.

“However, after the Royal Armament recognizes one as its master, it will give the master its power in varying levels. Then, in accordance to the strength of the master, it becomes stronger or weaker.

“In reality, Mastered Royal Armaments typically only exist within the realm of Martial Kings or above, because those who are not Martial Kings will have great difficulty controlling the power of a Royal Armament. Or, perhaps, they are unsuited for using the Royal Armament, and thus they wouldn’t be able to receive its approval.

“However, there are also two possible circumstances in which the Royal Armament approves of a person weaker than itself. The first is by force: a Martial King uses forceful methods to assist the person that the Royal Armament does not approve of.

“Truthfully speaking, Murong Xun is that person because I can tell that he simply hasn’t truly received the approval of the Royal Armament. It was merely forced to serve him.

“The second possibility is that the person who wishes to obtain the Royal Armament has extremely exceptional talent. Despite being below a Martial King, that person would still receive the approval of the Royal Armament.

“And I feel that Wuqing is this person with exceptional talent, because he is a publicly recognized genius in the Eastern Sea Region. He not only possess powerful fighting strength, he is also the only person in the Eastern Sea Region to have made a contract with a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World.

“His talent is unprecedented, and I doubt there will be any in the future that can match his. He is, without a doubt, the strongest genius in the Eastern Sea Region. Even that Zi family’s Divine Body may not be comparable to his.

“Although Wuqing’s current cultivation is less than Murong Xun’s, this is only because his time in cultivation is short.

“I’m certain when he reaches Murong Xun’s age, his cultivation would be one that Murong Xun could only dream of, one that he could never obtain in his life.” The Earth King spoke with extreme passion.

“Yeah! Wuqing is still young right now. If he was truly at Murong Xun’s age, his strength would really defy all logic!” After hearing the Earth King’s words, the people in the crowd also nodded.

He was very pleased by the crowd’s reaction. So, he cast his gaze at Chu Feng, and said with a smile, “Wuqing, I’m sure you know how to subdue this Royal Armament. How about you do it and show it to everyone?

“It will also widen the horizons of everyone here. Let them see what the might of a Mastered Royal Armament appears like.”

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded. In the instant he held the Royal Armament, he knew how to determine whether it would be willing to serve him or not. It was very simple: just meld his aura within.

However, that was very dangerous. The Royal Armament was so powerful, and Chu Feng was currently so weak. If it approved of Chu Feng, it was equal to suppressing itself because it didn’t matter how much more powerful the Royal Armament, it would still change due to the strength of its master.

With the Royal Armament in his hands, even though it would greatly increase Chu Feng’s fighting strength, the true power of the Royal Armament could not be used.

So, if it recognized Chu Feng as its master, Chu Feng could benefit a bit from it.

However, if it didn’t approve of Chu Feng, then he would receive backlash—which might even lead to death. At least, the Royal Armament possessed the ability to take away Chu Feng’s life.

But Chu Feng was confident. Even the Demon Sealing Sword approved of him, so why would he be afraid that the Royal Armament wouldn’t approve of him?

As such, under the gazes of countless people, as Chu Feng held the silver-coloured spear with one hand high up, he willed a strand of his aura into the Royal Armament.


In an instant, the sky darkened. Violent winds arose, and black clouds swirled about. Lightning flashed, and in but a moment, chaos was everywhere.

Everyone’s figures were submerged. The only thing they could see was Chu Feng who stood in the air, holding the Royal Armament.

It was as if the world had been ruled over, and it was as if Chu Feng were the ruler of this world.