Chapter 801 - Announcing the Result of the Battle

MGA: Chapter 801 - Announcing the Result of the Battle

“Bastard, why aren’t you thanking Lord Earth King?” Old Liu’s expression turned to joy, then he quickly kicked the seventh brother.

“Thank you Lord Earth King, thank you Lord Earth King!” He hurriedly kowtowed in gratefulness, and judging by his appearance, he truly did seem to know his wrongs.

As for Xuan Xiaochao and the others, they were smart people. Even though they loathed the betrayal, when the Earth King himself spoke like so, they could naturally say nothing about it. So, they just acted as if they saw nothing.

After all, the current Crippling Night Demon Sect was in pieces. They were already akin to scattered sand, all divided, so they should join hands and work together, not continue fighting within the sect.

After dealing with the seventh brother’s business, the Earth King grinned smugly, and said, “Let’s go. It’s time to announce to the world the result of the battle of the Crippling Night Demon Sect.”

As he spoke, he took a special look back at Chu Feng as well as the Royal Armament in his hand. At that instant, his grin grew wider because he looked very forward to how everyone would react when they heard Murong Xun’s Royal Armament had landed into Chu Feng’s hand.

Afterwards, with the Earth King leading the way, Chu Feng and the others finally returned to the surface of the Depraved Ravine.

In this battle, the Crippling Night Demon Sect had lost quite a few of their members. Of the over two thousand experts, nearly five hundred died. Over a thousand were injured was well.

However, no matter if they had serious injuries, or light injuries, as long as they still had a breath of air in them, they remained upright in the air, showing the majesty and might of the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

At that moment, all of the observers were there. Shocked expressions were all over their faces, and as they looked at the experts from the Crippling Night Demon Sect, their eyes were full of respect.

It was because they had personally seen the entirety of that battle. Although they didn’t know what happened deep underground, they had seen the Eighth Immortal escaping in a hurry with Murong Xun and Murong Wan, completely ignoring everyone else from the Immortal Execution Archipelago. That was why the entire army of the Immortal Execution Archipelago they sent here—over a thousand experts—were nearly all defeated.

That battle was very intense. Not only were there confrontations to the death of Martial Lords, there was even the fight between two Martial Kings. It was truly a feast for their eyes.

They had also truly seen the power of the Crippling Night Demon Sect. Exactly how powerful? So powerful it defeated the current overlord—as recognized by the public—of the Eastern Sea Region, the “Immortal Execution Archipelago”.

No matter how everyone speculated the strength of the Crippling Night Demon Sect and the Immortal Execution Archipelago, the Crippling Night Demon Sect used facts today to tell the world who was the true ruler.

Although the current Crippling Night Demon Sect was in pieces, if they reunited, they would still be invincible!

“Look! It’s the Earth King! The Earth King and the others have come out!” Suddenly, someone shouted. He saw them fly out from underground and in the end, stand at the very front of everyone from the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

“As I thought, they’re still more experts from the Crippling Night Demon Sect that we haven’t seen! So they were underground… and there were even ten peak Martial Lords hidden! It should be them who took care of the Ninth Immortal, right?”

After seeing the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers, some people made guesses as to why the Ninth Immortal never showed up again after leaving.

“Look! Who’s the young person walking together with Xuan Xiaochao, You Tonghan, and Fu Fengming? The silver-coloured spear in his hand looks exactly the same as Murong Xun’s Royal Armament!”

However, when people saw Chu Feng, as well as the silver-coloured spear in his hand, they were devastatingly stunned.

“My gods, isn’t that Wuqing? Wuqing, who placed first in the Misty Peak, and is acclaimed as an extraordinary genius? Why is he walking together with the Crippling Night Demon Sect? Could he be a part of them?” Soon, someone recognized that he was Wuqing.

“He’s Wuqing? He’s so young! Judging by his appearance, he should just be a bit over twenty years old, right?”

“I’ve heard that this child has absurd fighting strength! Although he is only a rank two Martial Lord, he can even defeat rank five Martial Lords! Because the World Spirit who made a contract with him is from the Asura Spirit World!”

“Hmph. He not only has outstanding talent and exceptional fighting strength, he is even a person who fears nothing. Back then, I had personally seen Zhan Feng, the son of the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s Second Immortal, crippled because he was bothering his friend, Chun Wu!” After recognizing Wuqing, they were even more shocked. Some also started to spread Chu Feng’s glorious achievements.

“My gods, it is truly the exact same! Could that be Murong Xun’s Royal Armament?” However, the thing that attracted more attention was still the silver-coloured spear in Chu Feng’s hand.

“Impossible. Although their appearances are the same, the atmosphere surrounding them is different. The silver-coloured spear in Wuqing’s hand is just like a normal armament. Not to mention having the airs of a ruler descending into this world, which a Royal Armament has, it is inferior to even an Elite Armament.”

But soon, people discovered that the silver-coloured spear in Chu Feng’s hand didn’t have the might Murong Xun’s Royal Armament had.

“Right right right! It is definitely fake. How could Royal Armaments be that common? Moreover, why would Murong Xun’s Royal Armament be in his hand?” When they heard those words, most people felt that the Royal Armament in Chu Feng’s hand was fake.

“Everyone, thank you for coming the distance to watch this spectacle. Perhaps today’s battle was a bit different from what you’ve all expected, but I am certain that today’s battle was much more exciting than what you’ve all expected.” Just at that moment, the Earth King spoke. He had a smile on his face as he looked at the crowd, and he said very proudly, “I must admit that in today’s battle, the Crippling Night Demon Sect has suffered heavy losses. There is a total sacrifice of four hundred and eighty-six brothers, and there are innumerable injured. Almost on every single brother’s body, there are light or serious injuries. For defending the honor of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, they’ve shed their own blood.

“However, we have won. The brothers of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, with their blood, and even with their lives, protected the territory of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, and protected the honor of the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

“We completely defeated the overconfident and foolish Immortal Execution Archipelago, who wanted to seize our land. We killed over a thousand of their experts, and even the Ninth Immortal has died by our hands. We used strength to tell them what sort of price they will pay by making the Crippling Night Demon Sect an enemy.

“Even the arrogant young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Murong Xun, could only escape by relying on the Eighth Immortal’s sacrifice. I’m sure everyone has seen that. This… is the Crippling Night Demon Sect. No matter who it is, those who dare offend us will pay the price of blood.”

The Earth King’s words were filled with emotion, and he made it so the Crippling Night Demon Sect was the righteous one and the Immortal Execution Archipelago a greedy dog. The last few sentences especially indirectly told everyone that though the Eighth Immortal was able to escape, he was, in reality, fated to die.