Chapter 800 - Failure?

MGA: Chapter 800 - Failure?

Chu Feng took one step after the other. Every movement he made affected the nerves of everyone on scene. Every single person from the Crippling Night Demon Sect had taut faces as they gazed at Chu Feng’s very actions with their eyes full of complex emotions.

*ta* Finally, Chu Feng came up to the Demon Sealing Sword. At such a distance, he was able to clearly feel how impressive of a weapon it truly was.

Although the Demon Sealing Sword was not inserted in any place, as it was just floating in the air, everyone knew it wasn’t simple to pull it out. There were even risks to one’s life.

It was because that armament was aware. For those who were unable to obtain its approval, let alone use it, they would not even be able to approach it.

Chu Feng turned his head around, and looked at the crowd. He once again noticed the changes in their expressions, especially the Earth King’s and Old Liu’s.

Only after doing so did Chu Feng extend his arm, open his hand, and grabbed onto the pitch-black hilt of the Demon Sealing Sword.

*hmm* When he grasped it, an invisible shock wave immediately swept out from the Demon Sealing Sword, shaking the entire palace.

However, the Earth King and the others tightly furrowed their brows when they saw that as uneasiness filled their faces.


Suddenly, Chu Feng shouted. Then, using his full strength, he aimed to pull out the Demon Sealing Sword. However, it did nothing as after a whole instant, Chu Feng’s face was pale, and perspiration drenched his forehead. In despite of all that, he was unable to move the Demon Sealing Sword in the slightest.

“Huu—” Finally, Chu Feng took a long breath and released the hand he used to grip the Demon Sealing Sword. He turned around, wiped away some sweat, and said with a face of disappointment, “The Demon Sealing Sword is indeed powerful. I am unable to pull it out.”

“Hahaha, Wuqing, don’t be dispirited. Being able to near the Demon Sealing Sword is impressive already. After all, it’s the weapon our sect head possessed when he was alive. It is quite normal to be unable to pull it out.” At that moment, the Earth King also laughed. He appeared abnormally happy.

At the same time, on the tight faces of Xuan Xiaochao and the others, calm smiles appeared. Although it was very subtle, Chu Feng could see that in their hearts, they had taken a deep relieved breath.

“Lord Earth King, the brothers of the Crippling Night Demon Sect are still waiting outside. Let’s head out first,” said Old Liu.

“Mm. We should head out.” The Earth King nodded. Then, he said to Chu Feng in a joking tone, “Wuqing, let us head out together. Otherwise, when we reactivate the Spirit Formation, you will be locked in here!”

Chu Feng lightly smiled, then walked out. He didn’t put away the Royal Armament, and instead, kept it in his hand.

He felt if the Earth King and the others wanted his Royal Armament, no matter where he put it away, it would be useless. Any one of the people here could easily kill him.

“Haha, Brother Wuqing, I’m finally able to come into contact with you! Right now, you are truly my idol. Don’t worry. I will help you spread your glorious actions.”

After Chu Feng walked out of the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation’s circle of protection, You Tonghan quickly came up to him and hugged his shoulders. He appeared rather close, as if they were friends who’ve known each over for many years.

As he faced You Tonghan, Chu Feng could only chuckle. From what he saw, You Tonghan was most definitely a gossiper. He was very willing to embarrass Murong Xun, so it was absolutely impossible for him to conceal what happened today.

But, Chu Feng wasn’t afraid of that. He was already an enemy to the Immortal Execution Archipelago, so even if nothing happened today, the Immortal Execution Archipelago would not have let him go anyway.

Since they were already enemies, would Chu Feng still be afraid? In reality, he currently was very willing to see the Immortal Execution Archipelago in a difficult situation as well.

Although Chu Feng still held the Royal Armament in his hand, the people from the Crippling Night Demon Sect, including the Earth King, the Nine Gold-cloak Brothers, as well as Xuan Xiaochao and the others, didn’t come over and take it away from him.

As if afraid Chu Feng would think too much, they didn’t even look at the Royal Armament in Chu Feng’s hand, as if it lacked the faintest of attraction to them.

“Chu Feng, you could have clearly pulled that Demon Sealing Sword out. Why didn’t you?” Just at that moment, Eggy’s voice suddenly rang out.

“This Demon Sealing Sword is very significant to the Crippling Night Demon Sect. You should have seen the Earth King’s and the others’ expression. Although they possess no malicious intents, if I had truly pulled out the Demon Sealing Sword, I cannot be certain if they would allow me to safely leave this place.

“Since this Demon Sealing Sword recognizes me as its master, I am in no rush to obtain it. Besides, I can feel that the sword is very powerful. It is not something I can currently control.

“Rather than pulling it out when I risk my life, attract endless enmity, and am unable to fully use its power, why not just leave it here for now, and come back in the future when I am able to control it?” Chu Feng replied.

“Heh, you are quite smart. However, I keep feeling that this Demon Sealing Sword is not simple. Perhaps…”

“Perhaps what?”

“Hehe, I’m not telling you.” Eggy smirked—it was an extremely beautiful one, and one of great happiness.

“You…” And since Eggy didn’t say it, Chu Feng did not ask. Just like that, he followed the Earth King and the others forward.

However, what he did not know was that the reason for Eggy’s happiness wasn’t because Chu Feng obtained the Royal Armament, but because of his words before: “If I feel heartbroken, then I will have let down my Eggy…”

Perhaps in the perspectives of others, those words were not significant, but in Eggy’s heart, they were very moving because they represented her position in Chu Feng’s heart.

After coming back up, Chu Feng discovered that the seventh brother was actually still here. However, at that moment, his face was swollen and blood was all over his body. It was clear that he was beaten up. He was kneeling on the ground with a face of regret.

“Lord Earth King, he betrayed the Crippling Night Demon Sect by leaking secrets to the Immortal Execution Archipelago. That’s why they sent so many experts.

“Although he has expressed regret, this crime cannot be easily forgiven. I ask Lord Earth King to decide how he should be punished,” Old Liu said to the Earth King.

The Earth King was, of course, no fool, so he could tell from Old Liu’s words that he didn’t hope he would kill the seventh brother. Otherwise, he would have done it himself, so why would he ask the Earth King instead?

However, when he considered the fact that the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers could have completely concealed the matter of the seventh brother’s betrayal yet didn’t, he was a bit relieved. So, he said, “There is nothing better to know your wrongs and to correct them. Besides, with the assistance of Wuqing, the Crippling Night Demon Sect has still won today. It was even a beautiful victory.

“If he didn’t reveal the our plans, it would be impossible for the Immortal Execution Archipelago to send the Eighth Immortal and Ninth Immortal as well as the young master and so many experts, and as such, the Immortal Execution Archipelago wouldn’t have suffered so many losses.

“That being said, a wrong is a wrong. Punishment is unavoidable. As for how, I cannot say. After all, you are the direct subordinates of Lord Qiu Canfeng. As such, let him decide in the future.”