Chapter 771 - Fragmented Heart

MGA: Chapter 771 - Fragmented Heart


The black flames gave rise to chaos in the air. It not only caused the space to collapse, it even kept on making odd howls and shrieks. It was very horrifying.

Beneath such a burst of power, the twenty World Spirits from the Monster Spirit World lost their ability to resist completely. They actually yelled at Murong Xun, saying, “Master, save me!”

“All trash!” When he saw such a scene, Murong Xun’s complexion turned green from anger. However, he did not save the World Spirits who served him with their lives.

*boom* Finally, a deafening explosion rang out; Eggy used her final attack. Within the berserk black flames, all twenty rank six Martial Lord World Spirits were killed by Eggy. None were left alive.

“So this is a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World? Truly unbelievable. If she’s already like this as a rank two Martial Lord, what sort of fighting ability would she have if she were a rank six Martial Lord?”

Ya Fei and Murong Wan were completely dumbstruck by that scene. If they couldn’t defeat Eggy… then so be it. Yet, even those rank six Martial Lord World Spirits couldn’t defeat Eggy. They had to admit that she was really too terrifying.

“Brother, kill her. That World Spirit can absolutely not be left alive.” Murong Wan suddenly spoke. They and Chu Feng were enemies—that was final. Yet now, Chu Feng had assistance from such an area. If he and Eggy were not removed, they would give rise to infinite troubles in the future.

Although Murong Wan wasn’t like Zhan Feng and Ya Fei—who felt so much disgust and hate towards Chu Feng—she would not be softhearted at issues affecting the safety of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

“Lady, I must admit that you’ve truly let me witness inconceivable power. You—are very strong.

“But, as I said, you didn’t find the appropriate master. No matter how much stronger you are, you are fated to die here.

“That being said, I will give you a chance right now. How about you abandon that piece of trash, and follow me instead?” said Murong Xun smilingly. He actually wanted to get Eggy.

The reason he did this was not only because of her appearance. Even more so, it was because of Eggy’s strength. After experiencing her overwhelming and illogical power, his heart was truly moved.

“Ha… Haha… Hahahaha!” However, after hearing Murong Xun’s words, Eggy couldn’t stop laughing. She seemed like a person who heard the funniest thing ever.

“What are you laughing at?” Murong Xun’s brows slanted inwards when he saw that, his visage turning ugly.

“Foolish. Extremely foolish. Do you know why the World Spirits you made contracts with were those from the Monster Spirit World?” asked Eggy as she smiled.

“Why?” Murong Xun asked.

“It’s because from that very instant, you were destined to be unworthy of the power from the Asura Spirit World.

“Not to mention the Asura Spirit World, you are even unworthy of the World Spirits from the Buddha Spirit World, Fairy Spirit World, and Demon Spirit World! You can only command those trash-like Monster Spirit World World Spirits, because you are trash as well! Hahaha!”

As she spoke those words, Eggy’s voice was extremely clear. Moreover, every single word was akin to a loud slap that fiercely struck Murong Xun’s face.

He was truly enraged at that moment. Refusing him was one thing, yet she was now so nakedly humiliating him, saying he was inferior to Chu Feng. That was the final straw.

So, by Murong Xun’s will, two more World Spirits walked out. They were both World Spirits from the Monster Spirit World, but the atmosphere surrounding them was completely different—they were two rank seven Martial Lord World Spirits.

“Crap.” After seeing those two World Spirits, Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows. He had been observing everything. Although Eggy did indeed defeat twenty of them just now, while she faced the rank six Martial Lord World Spirits, she was already pressured. Killing them had required an enormous price from Eggy.

Thus, no matter the power of Eggy’s fighting strength, Chu Feng knew, with her cultivation of a rank two Martial Lord, she had nearly no chance of being victorious as she faced the two rank seven Martial Lord World Spirits.

Eggy too seemed to realize that. But, there was not the slightest bit of fluctuation of emotions on her face. She turned her head slightly, and with her big, glossy eyes, she squinted them to form two beautiful crescents. Then, she beautifully smiled, and sent a mental message to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, listen up. One dying is always better than two dying.

“Right now, run. I have one technique that can help delay them. Remember, you must run, otherwise I will hate you for the rest of my life.

“However, you must also remember if, after I use this technique, you are still unable to escape, then before they kill you, release that other guy in your body.

“Let everyone know the price of killing you—to have destruction arise over the entire Eastern Sea Region.

“Let these ignorant weak experience what is true strength.”

As Eggy spoke those words, Chu Feng felt a sharp pain in his mind; he obtained some information. It was information Eggy told him—the method to open the seal to the other World Spirit in his World Spirit Space.

“Kill, kill he—wait. Don’t let her die so easily. Shame her. You two take care of this girl, but you must let me feel satisfied.” After releasing the two World Spirits, Murong Xun’s despicable face returned. He commanded the two of them to disgrace Eggy.

But just at that moment, Eggy had silently turned back around. She cast her relaxed gaze at the two incoming World Spirits. A disdainful smile still hung upon her face.

It was because in her perspective, even though their strengths were currently stronger than hers, they were still unworthy to be her opponent.

If her true cultivation weren’t sealed, not to mention them, even the strongest in the Eastern Sea Region, in Eggy’s eyes, were nothing.

“Eggy!” Chu Feng realized the horrible turn of events and couldn’t help hysterically yelling.

When she saw Chu Feng hadn’t run yet, Eggy was enraged. She shouted at Chu Feng, “Scram! Don’t let me die for no reason! Don’t let her painstakingly wait, and don’t leave her there, unable to escape this sea of pain!

“Scram! You still have many things to do; you cannot die here. LEAVE!”

After leaving those words behind, the boundless black flames once again burst out of Eggy’s body and surged, spreading.

The flames soared up, entering the blue sky, through the layers of white clouds. They went down, into the earth, through the layers of black soil. Instantly, they became a wall that roiled and sealed a part of the world, separating Chu Feng from Murong Xun and the others.

“NO—” Chu Feng couldn’t help but yell when he saw that. He already knew what Eggy was going to do—she was going to use up everything she had, sacrificing herself to fight for a chance to let Chu Feng escape.

“Do not let me die for no reason, run!” However, just at that moment, Chu Feng endlessly recalled Eggy’s voice in his head—her voice that urged him to leave.

Chu Feng tightly clenched his fists, so much they creaked. He felt hatred—he hated himself for being useless, powerless to protect even his own World Spirit.

Yet, he had no other choice because, when things progressed to what they were, stubbornly staying behind would mean it was a useless sacrifice, wasting Eggy’s effort.

In the end, Chu Feng could only bring with him the feeling of wishing he were dead as well as incomparable hatred, then turn around, and leave.

*boom rumble rumble* However, before Chu Feng escaped for that great of a distance, a deafening explosion suddenly resonated behind him. The black-coloured wall Eggy made shattered.

*ta* At that moment, Chu Feng couldn’t help but stop moving and turn around to look. His pupils abruptly shrank, his body violently quivered, and in that single instant, he felt his entire heart fragment into pieces.