Chapter 772 - I Will Eat You

MGA: Chapter 772 - I Will Eat You

In the sky, Eggy’s unique black-coloured flames were still squirming, but they were akin to defeated soldiers who lost their general, to a physical body that lacked a soul. The horrifying aura from before was no more, and what remained was only dispiritedness and helplessness that faded away in the air.

However, even after the black flames vanished completely, Chu Feng was unable to see Eggy. It was as if she had completely disappeared.

Standing in the air were only Murong Xun, Ya Fei, Murong Wan, and the two rank seven Martial Lord World Spirits.

At that instant, Chu Feng felt his mind go blank; his heart too felt as if it had stopped. In his entire life, it was the first time he felt all hope disintegrating into dust.

He, who had made a contract with Eggy, was currently unable to feel her existence; there was not even a trace of connection. He realized something from such a result.

Pain, Indescribable pain in his heart. So painful it was unbearable. Even his body was trembling, and he had no force that propelled him to continue escaping, as if, at that instant, he too had died.

“Tsktsktsk, what an admirable move of the servant saving the master. Sadly, however, the servant’s powerful, but the master’s a bit too trash.”

Murong Xun had a very wide smile on his face. It was a very happy smile, because at that moment, his depression and fury were all relieved. But, even so, it was insufficient to satisfy him.

“Fei’er, Wan’er, go cripple him to avenge Zhan Feng,” Murong Xun ordered.

“Mm.” Murong Wan didn’t have a trace of hesitation as she walked over in the air towards Chu Feng. Without the powerful World Spirit, Eggy, she didn’t fear Chu Feng in the slightest.

Especially so when Chu Feng, at present, seemed to have lost all his will to fight. Like a rotten fish, he stood there, allowing himself to be cut by anyone.

“Do you not feel disgust? I’ve told you many times already, don’t call me Fei’er.” However, surprisingly, Ya Fei expressed annoyance at Murong Xun’s intimate addressing.

“Fei’er, you are mine, sooner or later. Why must you be like this?” Murong Xun furrowed his brows slightly, but he was not angry. Instead, a bit of grievance was within his eyes.

“The future is not certain yet. Even if I will marry you, that is in the future. At least, right now, I am not yours,” said Ya Fei, annoyed. Then, she looked at Chu Feng. Only then did a smirk rise, and she said, “But torturing this Wuqing… I am quite willing to do that.”

After speaking, Ya Fei leaped forward, arriving before Chu Feng. As she stood there, she mocked Murong Wan, who held a sharp dagger, saying, “What? You can’t bear doing it?”

“No matter who, I will not show mercy to those who dare to become an enemy to the Immortal Execution Archipelago.” Murong Wan coldly snorted, and as she spoke, the dagger in her hand abruptly dropped down. With a puchi, it entered Chu Feng’s chest. Large amounts of blood then gushed out.

“You…” However, at that instant, Murong Wan, who stabbed Chu Feng, paled, as if scared. She couldn’t help backing away.

When she stabbed down with her dagger, not to mention crying out loud, Chu Feng didn’t even react to it. Nothing on his body showed any change due to pain, and he was only using his dull, lifeless eyes to look in the direction that Eggy had been in.

“Gogogo, step aside. You call this torturing?” Ya Fei looked at Murong Xun with her disdainful gaze, then made a wicked smile, and said, “Wuqing, I’m sure you didn’t think you would land into my hands again, right? Do you remember how I tortured you last time?”

As if he didn’t hear them, Chu Feng didn’t show the slightest bit of reaction to Ya Fei’s words.

Seeing that, Ya Fei’s brows immediately slanted inwards. She was enraged as she coldly shouted, “You wouldn’t think I’m afraid of that illusion, and don’t dare to do anything to you, right? I don’t mind telling you this: I fear absolutely nothing. No matter who, so long as that person offends me, I will have them dead.”

After speaking, Ya Fei’s wrist twisted slightly, then an Incomplete Royal Armament appeared in her hand. Afterwards, she waved it abruptly, and with a kacha, Chu Feng’s left arm was forcibly sliced off by Ya Fei.

However, even so, Chu Feng did not even twitch his brows, as if he weren’t able to feel pain anymore.

“You are quite able to endure, but let me see how long you can do so.” Ya Fei was infuriated by Chu Feng’s lack of expression. Holding the Incomplete Royal Armament, she started jabbing it into Chu Feng’s body, bit by bit.

Every single thrust broke his skin, through his muscles, and even cut off tendons and bones. In the end, they even pierced completely through Chu Feng’s body.

After more of those, Chu Feng’s clothes were drenched wet—in blood. At that moment, he was a bloody person; his body looked like a sieve as it had holes pierced through it. However, his emotions were unchanged. His gaze remained cast towards the location Eggy was last seen; he didn’t even blink.

“Impressive, you truly didn’t even make any sound. However, let me see if you can still remain this calm when you die.”

Ya Fei gnashed her teeth due to anger. She really hated Chu Feng, because he was the first person who made her pay such a huge price. The grudge she felt towards Chu Feng had accumulated for a long time, and only today by torturing Chu Feng would her fury be dispelled.

However, when Chu Feng lacked any reaction despite being subjected to such cruel torture, she was clearly unable to fully vent her anger. In a time like this, taking Chu Feng’s life was the thing she wanted to do the most.

“Wait.” But just as Ya Fei raised the sword in her hand, preparing to chop Chu Feng into two, Murong Xun suddenly yelled, then arrived before Chu Feng, and said to Ya Fei, “Killing him now is doing him too great of a favour.”

Although Ya Fei felt a bit unwilling, she still backed away to the side. She knew, in terms of tormenting people, Murong Xun was superior to her.

“Wuqing, your heart must hurt a lot, right? A beauty such as her died because of you.

“From what I see, you liked her a lot. But, that’s very normal. After all, who wouldn’t like such a beauty? I’m sure you too liked her only because of her appearance and strength, right?”

Murong Xun smugly grinned. As he spoke, he intentionally lowered his voice, put his mouth by Chu Feng’s ear, and said, “You know, actually, when I first laid my eyes upon her, I had already wanted to conquer her, to make her into a pet underneath my crotch, free to abuse and humiliate.

“Ahh~, that girl’s figure was truly quite nice. There were really no words to describe her pretty face, and to be honest, she moved my heart more than my fiancée, Ya Fei.

“If I had taken such a beauty into my embrace, then toyed with her however I wished to, that would most definitely be a fortuitous event in life. But sadly, she is already gone.

“That’s right. Have you ever even touched such a beautiful girl? I’m guessing you must haven’t yet. She looked down on even me, so how could trash like you be worthy for her? Hahaha…”

As he spoke, there unceasingly hung a smile on Murong Xun’s face. Moreover, it was a very shameless smile. He wanted to agitate Chu Feng in that manner exactly—to agitate the deepest agony in his heart, so he’d wish he were dead.

“I will eat you!” Just at that time, Chu Feng, who had remained silent, abruptly shouted. At the same time, he suddenly opened his mouth, revealing his two perfect rows of teeth, and bit down at Murong Xun.

“Ahh—” Being caught off guard, Murong Xun let out a painful cry as, from his face, Chu Feng’s bite chomped away a large chunk of flesh.