Chapter 770 - Legend

MGA: Chapter 770 - Legend

In reality, after a clear view of Eggy, Murong Xun, Murong Wan, and Ya Fei were all completely dumbfounded.

From their experiences, they were able to instantly tell that Eggy’s origin was not a simple one. Their first thought was that she came from the Demon Spirit World. After all, her dark aura was very similar to those found in that world.

But soon, they scratched out that thought. Eggy’s aura was only of a rank two Martial Lord’s. Yet, just now, even Ya Fei and Murong Wan were both unable to fight back. A World Spirit from the Demon Spirit World could not possibly be that powerful.

So, they ended up with the conclusion that Eggy was likely a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World.

However, they never would have thought there’d be such a beautiful World Spirit in this world. Not to mention Murong Wan, even Ya Fei appeared slightly outshined. She couldn’t help feeling envy in her heart towards Eggy’s appearance.

As for Murong Xun, his complexion slightly changed. Even though he concealed it very deeply, Chu Feng could still tell that his eyes started restlessly looking left and right underneath Eggy’s feather skirt, at her snow-white and slender legs. Then, they returned to Eggy’s beautiful face and her exquisite, alluring, and proud chest.

Even a fool could tell what Murong Xun had planned. That person, as Chu Feng said, was an ardent great sex fiend that loved beauty.

However, if his lecherous gaze were removed, Chu Feng also detected two things: envy and fury, from deep within his heart. That envy and fury was not directed towards Eggy, but him.

Obviously, Murong Xun felt displeased because of Chu Feng’s ability to have a World Spirit like her.

“No wonder you were so arrogant, to dare to publicly oppose my Immortal Execution Archipelago. So you made a contract with a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World.”

Murong Xun words were full of envy. As he spoke, he turned to Eggy, and said, “But sadly, lady, you chose the wrong person. This Wuqing is not worthy to be your master.”

“Choosing who to be my master is my own business. I don’t need you to judge it. Do you think he’s unqualified, and you are? Not that I’m looking down on you, but you are not even worthy to raise my shoe, let alone being my master,” said Eggy extremely disdainfully.

“You…” Murong Xun’s expression changed greatly upon those words.

“What you? Don’t think you’re so impressive with your marginally stronger cultivation. You’re almost thirty-something now, yet you’re only a Martial Lord. You think that’s worthy of pride?

“You are but the frog at the bottom of a well.[1] You can only find some feeling of superiority in this place. I, however, can tell you this is precisely ‘there are skies beyond this sky’. Don’t think you are truly powerful because you are powerful here. In a certain place in this world, there are countless people who are younger than you that can drown you to death with spit.”

Eggy curled her lips, her words extremely sharp. They didn’t just express the contempt she had towards Murong Xun, it humiliated him deeply as well.

And, as the future master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, titled as the number one genius in the Eastern Sea Region, Murong Xun was mocked so unremorsefully before his fiancée and his sister. No matter how great his tolerance, his current emotions were unavoidably a bit uncontrollable.

“Hahaha…” Reaching the extremes of anger, Murong Xun instead laughed. Then, he said, very displeasedly, “The servant truly follows the master. The conceited master brings about an even more conceited servant.

“According to what you’ve said, I, Murong Xun, am a piece of garbage? Hmph, not being boastful, but I can tell you that even in the Holy Land of Martialism, with my aptitude, I can definitely still become a prominent character.”

“Holy Land of Martialism? You at most know what the name of that land is.

“I already said you’re a frog at the bottom of a well, yet you don’t believe me.

“Little frog, the size of this world surpasses your imagination, you know? But, I won’t tell you too much, otherwise I fear you will cry from fright.” Eggy smiled with mockery, and in her beautiful eyes, what glittered was nothing but contempt towards Murong Xun. Indeed, in Eggy’s eyes, a person like Murong Xun was not even worth mentioning.

“Quite a tone you have there. You are a mere World Spirit, but you take yourself as some invincible person?

“So what if you come from the Asura Spirit World? There is no need for me to personally attack; my World Spirits can easily take care of you.”

Furious—Murong Xun was completely furious due to Eggy’s provocations. By his will, twenty Spirit Formation Gates opened by his side, one after the other. Soon after, twenty three-meter tall figures all walked out.

They were World Spirits. Twenty rank six Martial Lord World Spirits.

Their appearances were a bit special—they seemed like people, yet their physiques were a bit larger than humans. Moreover, they had sharp ears, red eyes, and sharp and pointed teeth.

Something that had to be mentioned as well was their powerful auras. It was far beyond humans in the same realm, and even superior to World Spirits from the Beast Spirit World and Ghost Spirit World.

“Monster World Spirits? Hoh, they are still inferior things.”

After seeing that group of World Spirits, the disdain on the corners of Eggy’s mouth became even stronger. As a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World, let alone these World Spirits from the Monster Spirit World, she pretty much didn’t put the World Spirits from the Fairy Spirit World, Demon Spirit World, and even the Buddha Spirit World in her eyes.

“Hehe, it truly is a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World. They say those in the Asura Spirit World are arrogant, not putting the World Spirits from any other Spirit World into their eyes, and they see themselves as the ruler of the Seven Worlds. Today, let us see the impressiveness of a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World!”

As Eggy examined them, those World Spirits were also examining Eggy. After confirming she only had the cultivation of a rank two Martial Lord, all of them were fearless and confident, and they were impatient to get started.

“A pile of trash. All of you, come together! It’ll save me the trouble of taking care of you one by one.” But Eggy was still not afraid even though there were twenty rank six Martial Lord World Spirits.

“Quite arrogant words. Today, we’ll give a good lesson to a little lady from the Asura Spirit World.”

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* Suddenly, the twenty World Spirits all rose and attacked at the same time.

The eerie green light they emitted from their bodies made them, who were already so powerful, even more terrifying. They starting fighting Eggy in an instant.

However, even though they had the advantage of numbers, as well as powerful strength, Eggy was not disadvantaged.

*wuao* Black flames, akin to what a demon created, covered the sky and sun. While it did so, as Eggy willed, it made no defensive maneuvers. Ferocious attacks were what it did only.

In a situation like that, the World Spirits from the Monster Spirit World, who were confident and thought they could suppress Eggy with the difference in cultivation levels, were all stupefied. From the start, they were forced into a passive state. They could only defend and not attack; they had entered a horrendous situation.

Eggy not only fought against twenty alone, she even fought rank sixes as a rank two, and suppressed them.

“So this is a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World, huh? Isn’t it a bit too powerful?” The faces of Ya Fei and Murong Wan tightened up when they saw such a scene. Their eyes endlessly glittered, being deeply stunned by Eggy’s power. That level of fighting strength was something they had never seen before, nor heard before. It was even something they didn’t dare to imagine before.

“Asura Spirit World!” At that instant, even the conceited Murong Xun tightly furrowed his brows, some coldness and envy glittering in his eyes.

Now, they finally understood why the World Spirits from the Asura Spirit World were titled as legends.