Chapter 769 - Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder

MGA: Chapter 769 - Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder

“Wuqing, you are truly audacious. We initially didn’t plan to do anything regarding what happened inside the Martial Marking Immortal Realm.

“But I didn’t think you would dare to publicly destroy Zhan Feng’s cultivation, and even suck away his life, turning him into a cripple.

“No matter how much forgiveness my Immortal Execution Archipelago possesses, I cannot find any reason to let you go.

“Do you have any last words? I can help you pass them down to your unknown master.” Ya Fei calmly smiled. She didn’t take Chu Feng’s bait and instead, mocked him back.

“I have no last words, but I do have something I’d like to ask you,” said Chu Feng with a smile.

“For a pitiful person like you who’s about to die, I’ll give you that chance. What question? Go ahead,” said Ya Fei openly.

“Are you still a virgin?” Chu Feng smiled as he spoke shamelessly.

“You…” Ya Fei’s face changed immediately with whoosh after hearing those words. No matter how great her limit, she could not leave that alone. Everyone had their bottom line, and Chu Feng’s question perfectly crossed Ya Fei’s bottom line.

*roar~~~* At that moment, Ya Fei was as enraged as a thunderstorm. Cold fury surged within her eyes, and the surrounding space burst with explosions. Even the winds and clouds in the air changed due to her as she expanded her aura of a rank five Martial Lord, and started directly throwing attacks at Chu Feng.

“Haha, it seems that I was right! You’ve indeed already been taken down by that big fiend, heh heh…” Although he saw Ya Fei attack, Chu Feng was still not afraid at all. Instead, he laughed with more immense shamelessness.

In a blink, both of them were in a battle. Shockwaves that touched upon the sky started exploding everywhere.

Murong Xun didn’t attack; he only watched in silence. Looking at Chu Feng’s strength, Murong Xun felt that he wasn’t worthy for his own attacks. He also felt, with Ya Fei’s strength, she could very quickly take care of Chu Feng.

But soon, his brows lightly knitted, and some shock emerged into his eyes. Even though Ya Fei held the advantage, at that very instant, Ya Fei, as a rank five Martial Lord, was truly unable to defeat Chu Feng immediately, a rank two Martial Lord.

“Wan’er, go help your sister-in-law,” Murong Xun said to Murong Wan.

“As if I’ll help her.” But without even thinking, Murong Wan refused instantly.

Murong Xun seemed to have expected such a situation, Not only did he lack any anger, he even smiled lightly and said very patiently, “Wan’er, the global situation is of utmost importance. No matter if you like Ya Fei or not, she is still your future sister-in-law. This is set—you cannot change it.

“Also, putting aside Ya Fei, no matter if you liked Zhan Feng or not, he is still a part of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

“It doesn’t matter what internal conflicts there are, but when facing an outside enemy, we must be united. Don’t forget what Father said, or what you promised him.

“Right now, Zhan Feng has become a cripple. Regardless what he was before, as a person of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, shouldn’t you avenge him?”

After hearing Murong Xun’s words, Murong Wan lightly knitted her brows as well. She curled her lips again, but ultimately, she leaped forward and entered the battle between Ya Fei and Chu Feng.

If it were a normal battle, Chu Feng already felt an enormous pressure when facing Ya Fei. If he continued, with the cultivation Chu Feng currently had, it would be very difficult to defeat Ya Fei. He was certainly going to be suppressed.

And Murong Wan’s cultivation and strength was pretty much the same as Ya Fei’s. So after she joined the circle of battle, the pressure Chu Feng felt instantly doubled.

But, he seemed to have already expected a situation like that. He didn’t just lack the appearance of being trouble, a hint of a light smile even arose.

*whoosh* Suddenly, Chu Feng rapidly backed away. In the location he was before, a gate appeared.

*wuao~* At the same time, endless black flames burst out of the gate. Instantly, it engulfed Ya Fei and Murong Wan.

“This is?!” At that instant, even Ya Fei’s and Murong Wan’s face changed, because they could feel what sort of terrifying aura was within the black flames. It was simply something they had never seen before.

“Eggy, I’ll leave these two to you. I want them alive.” The smirk on Chu Feng’s face became even wider when he saw that.

Chu Feng had planned out everything—he intentionally provoked Ya Fei, leading to her attack. Then, catching them off guard, he released Eggy. With that, he could have Eggy capture Ya Fei while they were unprepared.

And, as long as he had hostages, especially two—Ya Fei and Murong Wan—even though Murong Xun was there, he wouldn’t be able to keep Chu Feng behind.

“Scatter!” However, just as Chu Feng’s thought-out plan was about to succeed, Murong Xun, who stood in the air, shouted. An invisible power then burst out of him, shooting straight towards the black flames Eggy made.

*boom* When that power arrived, it immediately started an intense battle with Eggy’s flames. The winds and clouds surged about, and the sky’s colour changed. Boundless shock waves seemed as if they could consume everything. Even Ya Fei and Murong Xun were affected, being pushed back over several thousand meters away.

But, Murong Xun was truly very powerful. No matter how much more exceptional Eggy’s fighting strength was, before him, it seemed to all lose its power. Eggy’s horrifying flames from the Asura Spirit World was dispelled by Murong Xun.

“Chu Feng, run! This person is very strong; he is not someone we can take care of!” At that instant, the usually confident and proud Eggy also knitted her brows as some worry emerged into her eyes.

After receiving Eggy’s mental message, Chu Feng understood everything. There was a limit to the power of Eggy’s fighting strength.

The might of Murong Xun, a rank eight Martial Lord, was unstoppable; it was clearly not something Eggy, at her present state, could defend against. Of course, even less so for Chu Feng. The title of the number one genius of the Eastern Sea Region was indeed not a baseless rumour.

But even so, Chu Feng couldn’t simply just abandon Eggy. He knew when a World Spirit stepped out of the World Spirit Gate and entered this world, there was a distance restriction between the World Spirit and the World Spiritist. Exceeding that restriction would mean the death of the World Spirit.

This distance was very short as well, with the Spirit power Chu Feng currently had. If Chu Feng left Eggy behind, after a certain distance, even if Murong Xun were willing to let Eggy go, what awaited her was nothing but death—it’d be the same as Chu Feng killing Eggy.

As a result, Chu Feng didn’t just stay behind. He walked in the air, straight towards Eggy. He only stopped after arriving by her side.

“You… Why didn’t you listen to my words? Do you not want to live?” Eggy seemed a bit angry when she saw what Chu Feng did.

“I can’t allow you to fight alone anymore. Otherwise, I really won’t be too qualified to be a master,” said Chu Feng as he faintly smiled. In contrast, however, his eyes were full of the decisiveness of fighting on.

“Less of these shameless big words! I’ve never recognized you as my master.” Eggy curled her lips, but then, revealed an enchanting smile on her exceptionally beautiful face. Although she was very angry at Chu Feng’s obstinate action, her heart was actually quite warm.

It, at least, meant she didn’t judge him wrong.