Chapter 768 - Murong Xun

MGA: Chapter 768 - Murong Xun

Chu Feng shut his eyes and used Spirit power to determine the direction he was going. Within the rolling black dirt, he was like an underground dragon. All the earth that he passed through turned over as he speedily fled.

“Junior Wuqing, what happened? Why are you so alarmed?” Chun Wu’s face was full of confusion when she saw this. They were initially having a good chat, so why did Chu Feng suddenly start fleeing? And he was even fleeing underground!

*boom* Just at that moment, a huge explosion suddenly rang out. Soon after, the black soil above Chu Feng and Chun Wu loosened, then rose straight up.

At the same time, both of them felt a powerful suction power—it had already bound them both. They had no strength to resist, and in the end, they could only speedily shift upward along with the large mass of soil.

Finally, the surrounding darkness turned bright. From their deeply burrowed location underneath, they returned to the surface. However, at that instant, it was not only Chu Feng who tightly furrowed his brows. Even Chun Wu’s complexion changed greatly. In her eyes that were full of confusion earlier, indescribable uneasiness and trepidation now emerged.

At that very instant, three people stood in the air and were staring at the two of them.

Two of them were female, and one of them male. Both women had very pretty appearances, and even within a myriad of beauties, they would still be the most attracting ones.

One of them had a spicy figure, and a protruding front and behind. Her round, firm, and white breasts nearly burst out; it was extremely seductive, and infinitely alluring.

Such a figure, accompanied by her fox-like face, could most definitely bewitch millions. That woman was none other than one of the three great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region, Ya Fei.

As for the other beauty, though her appearance wasn’t as great as Ya Fei’s, she could still be counted to be a top-rank beauty—she was Murong Wan.

Chu Feng and Chun Wu could not be more familiar with those two. They were peak geniuses of the Immortal Execution Archipelago whose name stood on par with Zhan Feng’s. Moreover, in terms of their position and status, both of them were far superior to Zhan Feng.

But, at present, Chu Feng’s gaze was not locked onto their bodies. Rather, it was locked onto the man between the two of them.

He had a large physique and a fit body. In terms of external appearances, he was fairly typical—he wasn’t really all that handsome. Though, he was absolutely not ugly either.

That being said, despite his ordinary appearance, beneath his pair of pitch-black sharp brows, there were two extremely fierce eyes. Those eyes had power to them despite his lack of fury; they gave off an atmosphere lacking in typical people.

Most importantly, in comparison to Ya Fei’s and Murong Wan’s rank-five-Martial-Lord cultivation, that person was much stronger. He was a rank eight Martial Lord, and the power that fettered Chu Feng and Chun Wu came from him.

Looking at his age, he seemed to be just thirty years old. Having such cultivation at such an age, his aptitude was rather impressive. Without much thinking, Chu Feng already knew who that person was.

“Murong Xun?” As expected, Chun Wu spoke, as she recognized that man. He was the number one genius of the Eastern Sea Region, the future master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, the fiancé of two great beauties—Ya Fei and Zi Ling—Murong Xun.

At that moment, Chun Wu truly felt terrified. Beside her, Chu Feng could feel her nervousness and uneasiness. Chun Wu not only recognized Murong Xun, she finally also understood why Chu Feng suddenly started escaping.

He had definitely felt the arrival of Murong Xun and the others with his sharp Spirit power.

But, she didn’t understand one thing: Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation techniques were so powerful, so reasonably only very few people could discover the Concealment Spirit Formation that he laid. How did Murong Xun find them?

But, no matter how Murong Xun did it, she had to admit they were currently in a perilous situation where they had but a fraction of a chance to live; she more or less knew of Murong Xun’s temperament.

“Lady Chun Wu, I truly haven’t seen you in a while. I, however, have not come here for you today, but for the person next to you.

“As for the reason, I’m sure you know it well. But, because of Senior Piaomiao, no matter what sort of grievances you had with Zhan Feng before, you were not the one who crippled him. So, I will let it pass. Leave, right now.” Murong Xun’s words were spoken quite calmly, but Chun Wu knew what dangers were contained within.

“No…” At that instant, Chun Wu’s first thought was to refuse. The only reason why Chu Feng beat Zhan Feng was to save her, so she simply could not just… abandon Chu Feng.

“Senior Chun Wu, quickly leave. Leave this place as fast as possible. You will only distract me by being here; it’ll be very difficult for me to escape then.” But just at that moment, Chu Feng hurried sent Chun Wu a mental message.

“No.” Chun Wu shook her head, her face full of resolution, as though she had already made the preparations to die. She didn’t want Chu Feng to die because of her, nor could she let Chu Feng die alone.

“Even if I die, Senior Qiushui and Senior Piaomiao at least have to know who killed me, so in the future, there will be people who avenge me.

“But, if you die alongside me, there will be no one who can take revenge for me, nor for you.

“Besides, I truly do have methods to escape. I am only unable to use them because you are here. Believe me, Murong Xun won’t kill me that easily. I can escape,” said Chu Feng very confidently.

When Chu Feng acted in such a way, Chun Wu really didn’t know what to say. She actually didn’t particularly believe Chu Feng had the ability to escape from Murong Xun’s grasp, but if Chu Feng did, he would be unwilling to leave due to her—he would not be able to use that escaping method. By staying behind, it would be equal to harming Chu Feng.

“Junior Chu Feng, you must hang on. I’ll think of a way to notify my master right now and have her save you.

“If you are able to safely escape, you must send a message to the Misty Peak.” Despite her unwillingness, Chun Wu had no choice. After leaving behind that mental message, she turned around, and left.

Murong Xun and the others weren’t able to hear the mental conversation between Chun Wu and Chu Feng, but they could still tell what the two of them did.

However, they weren’t concerned what their conversation held because in Murong Xun’s perspective, Chu Feng had only one path he could walk—a road of death. He didn’t have the ability to escape.

“Do you know who I am?” said Murong Xun indifferently. But as he spoke, he had a prideful demeanor about him that was akin to a lord questioning a commoner from high above. In his eyes, Chu Feng was an extremely lowly citizen.

“Hoh, of course I do.

“Aren’t you the renowned and famous young master of the grand Immortal Execution Archipelago, the great sex fiend that everyone in the Eastern Sea Region knows about, Murong Xun?”

Chu Feng lightly squinted his eyes, and formed a hint of a mocking smile. He was not the slightest bit suppressed by Murong Xun’s formless atmosphere.

He could suppress others with the demeanor he gave off, but to use that to scare Chu Feng… he shouldn’t even think about it.

“Insolence!” When he saw Chu Feng’s fearless attitude when facing him, and even said he was a “great sex fiend” before his fiancée, that made Murong Xun furious. Rays of chilliness instantly emerged into his eyes.

“Is that not true? Lady Ya Fei, you should know very well whether he’s a sex fiend or not. Doesn’t he always want to go to bed and sleep with you?” Chu Feng said as he smiled and looked at Ya Fei; his gaze was filled with hints of his attempt to spark conflict.