Chapter 765 - The Techniques of the Queen

MGA: Chapter 765 - The Techniques of the Queen

“Bastard, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you!” Zhan Feng, who was blown back by Eggy, neared insanity. He clearly hadn’t realized the danger he was in, and what he felt was only endless anger.

Because to him, face was extremely important. No matter if it was the battle of Spirit Formation techniques before, or Eggy just now, both of them made him lose all face. That was something he could not bear.

So, at present, not only did Zhan Feng choose to not retreat, he even prepared to start his most insane attack. He had his left hand in a special gesture, and right hand clutching a sword. As he did so, his aura rose rapidly, and he had infinitely neared the realm of a rank six Martial Lord.

“Human Taboo—Illusory Sword Technique!” Suddenly, Zhan Feng shouted. The silver-coloured greatsword in his hand pointed at Eggy once again, then a ray of light explosively shot out.

When he used the Illusory Sword Technique, the sky instantly changed colour. The pressure that they faced made everyone’s complexions lose colour. Even the rank six Martial Lords on scene involuntarily created some distance from Chu Feng and Eggy, afraid they would be injured by them.

Taboo martial skills were indeed incomparably powerful.

“Hmph.” However, Eggy faced such an attack with disdain. Her lips curled and she coldly snorted.

Then, with a thought, a seemingly infinite gaseous mass surged out of her body. Then, by her will, it became a greatsword of roiling black flames.

It was near a thousand meters in length. It lay horizontally in the air, and it was unordinarily imposing. When it shot forth, it perfectly collided into Zhan Feng’s Illusory Sword Technique.

*boom* A huge explosion made the entire world shake. Even those several hundred miles away from the origin could clearly hear that explosion and feel the tremor.

However, after such an explosion, the Illusory Sword Technique Zhan Feng shot out was shattered. But glancing back at Eggy’s surging black flames, it was not only undiminished, it even increased in size. At that very instant, it had completely surrounded Zhan Feng.

“What the hell is this, what the hell are you!” At that instant, Zhan Feng’s complexion was pale, as though he were diseased. Obviously, the backlash of the Illusory Sword Technique was starting to torture him.

As he held the Incomplete Royal Armament, he brandished it chaotically. As he did so, he even cursed. Clearly, he could not accept the fact that his Illusory Sword Technique was broken by Eggy.

“Shameless words! You dare to be disrespectful to me? Get the hell over here for your punishment.” Eggy was enraged when she heard Zhan Feng’s curses. With a thought, the boundless black flames froze Zhan Feng’s movements.

As the flames rolled around, the top genius of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Zhan Feng, was brought before Eggy in a tangled state.

“You filthy woman! I’ll hack you open!” How could Zhan Feng just take such public humiliation? In comparison to Eggy, he was much more enraged. He waved the silver greatsword in his hand and wanted to slice Eggy into two.

“You are nowhere close to being worthy to kill me.” However, was Eggy someone Zhan Feng could injure? In the instant the two of them exchanged blows, the outcome had already been set.



Before Zhan Feng’s sword even slashed down, Eggy willed and caused Zhan Feng to cry out in pain. At the same time, the Incomplete Royal Armament was also dropped.

When they looked carefully though, all of them couldn’t help gasping. What fell down along with the Incomplete Royal Armament was also one of Zhan Feng’s arms. It wasn’t that Zhan Feng lost his Incomplete Royal Armament, it was that he lost his arm.

“Ahh—” The pain of his arm being cut off made Zhan Feng howl endlessly. That, however, was merely the beginning.

The flames surrounding Eggy moved as her heart commanded. Within the black flames, Zhan Feng was completely controlled by Eggy.

She didn’t even need to move half a finger. With her mind alone, she could torment Zhan Feng to the point no part of his body remained unscathed.

It could be said that all of Zhan Feng was in Eggy’s control. If she wanted to cut his hand, his foot would not be injured. If she wanted to cut his foot, his hand would not be injured.


Just at that moment, the most shocking scene occurred. When Zhan Feng widened his mouth, letting out a sound akin to the wailing of ghosts and the howling of wolves, Eggy forced the black flames to pour into his mouth.

They entered through his mouth, yet exited through his ears and mouth. In a situation like that, Zhan Feng started making a wail unheard of before. No one was able to comprehend what sort of agony he was experiencing right now.

But, after they saw the changes taking place on Zhan Feng, there was almost no one who wasn’t pale from fright. They couldn’t help feeling chills go down their spines, and even their hearts were trembling.

The scene at that moment was really too terrifying. As the black flames entered his body, Zhan Feng’s life force seemed to be extracted. His hair akin to ink now turned white. Very soon it was even whiter than snow.

Zhan Feng’s body also started to shrink. Countless wrinkles crawled all over his body, and his thinness was akin to a corpse’s. Even his cultivation greatly dwindled—Zhan Feng, who was a rank five Martial Lord, now entered the Heaven realm. It was continuing to drop down, and in a blink, he entered the Profound realm.

Only when Zhan Feng had no more cultivation did such changes stop.

Finally, Eggy pulled out the black flames from Zhan Feng’s body. And, in that instant, one could see no traces of Zhan Feng’s former handsomeness and elegance. He seemed more like an old man whose life was near the end.

“What did you do to me? What did you do to me?!”

Looking at his palm that was full of wrinkles and so dried up that it didn’t even seem to exist, then feeling his body that lacked any power at all, Zhan Feng knew something was wrong and furiously shouted.

However, after speaking those words, he was even more stupefied because even his voice changed. It was the voice of an old man—powerless, hoarse, and lacking of any strength.

“Heh, it’s nothing. I just forcibly drew out your Source Energy and cultivation. But, you don’t need to be afraid. I left behind a bit of Source Energy for you to be an ordinary person. As long as you nourish yourself with some treasures, I’m sure you can live on for a few more years.”

Eggy lightly squinted her brows, and revealed an enchanting smile. But, such a devastating and bewitching smile, at present, was even more horrifying than a demon’s.

“I will kill you, I will kill you!”

“Ah!” Zhan Feng was furious. As he spoke, he planned to attack Eggy again. But before he even took a step, he tripped into the black flames with a poof. It was full of pity, full of grief, and extremely tragic.

“Shh, don’t move around so carelessly. Do you still think you’re a rank five Martial Lord? Right now, you’re a useless person who doesn’t even have a bit of cultivation. If it weren’t for me, you would fall down from the sky right now, and you’d be mashed into meat paste,” Eggy kindly reminded.

“Ahhh—” Zhan Feng was truly in great pain; he had a suicidal impulse as he howled at the air. He shouted with his petty and powerless voice. Just a mere shout. His current voice no longer had any might to it.

“What? What did you say? Oh, so you don’t want me to protect you. You wish for death.” After hearing Zhan Feng’s shout, Eggy sweetly smiled, then said, “No problem, I’ll grant you your wish.”

*whoosh* After speaking, Eggy pulled back all the black flames that sealed Zhan Feng’s location, and he instantly lost his ability to stay in the air. With surprised and frightened cries, while struggling with his crippled body, he fell down from the air.