Chapter 764 - Indeed a Genius

MGA: Chapter 764 - Indeed a Genius

At that instant, despite breaking Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation attack, Zhan Feng’s face was ashen, his visage twisted.

Originally, he wanted to use Spirit Formation techniques to defeat Chu Feng and exhibit his strength—so others would know, without an outside power, Chu Feng would never be able to defeat him—but he didn’t think that Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation techniques were truly that strong. Unwittingly, he gave himself a huge slap, and completely embarrassed himself.

But since things progressed to the way they were, he could do nothing about it. If he had to blame something, he could only blame himself for overestimating his own abilities, and underestimating Chu Feng.

He, who had just received a lesson, no longer prepared to keep anything hidden. He no longer prepared to give Chu Feng any chances of making a comeback.

*whoosh* After pulling out his cultivation of a rank five Martial Lord, he flipped his wrist and a three-meter long silver greatsword appeared within his hand.

After that sword appeared, layers of King-level Martial power were exuded from it. It all entered Zhan Feng’s body; his aura became several times more powerful than before.

It was the Incomplete Royal Armament Zhan Feng possessed—it seemed that he was truly serious. Otherwise, he wouldn’t immediately take out a treasure such as the armament right in the beginning. After all, to him, the Incomplete Royal Armament was the final trump card he had.

“Die!” Suddenly, the sword in his hand moved—he jabbed it into the air, towards Chu Feng.

*boom* When that sword appeared, its might was absolute. It was as though that sword could pierce through the heavens and destroy the universe. Undoubtedly, the power of the Incomplete Royal Armament was shown completely.

With that sword alone, there would definitely be no problem if he wanted to turn a mountain range to a plains, or turn a plains to an endless valley, or cut off one end of an entire river.

At that moment, the observers had already run quite a distance away. Although most of them were Martial Lords, they still very much feared an Incomplete Royal Armament. After all, it was an armament with the Martial power of a Martial King.

But, Chu Feng was not the slightest bit afraid, nor did he show any signs of returning any attacks. Instead, he stood on the spot, arms crossed before his chest. He had an appearance of a bystander looking at an entertaining show; it was extremely arrogant.

“Why isn’t that Wuqing running? Even a rank six Martial Lord must evade the tip of such an attack, and even they wouldn’t dare to be careless. Is he, a rank two Martial Lord, looking to die?”

“His mind isn’t frozen by terror, right?”

“It doesn’t seem like it because he clearly doesn’t has any expressions of fear!” The crowd all felt confused at Chu Feng’s current actions.

Only Chu Feng himself knew what he was doing. He wanted to humiliate Zhan Feng, but with his strength now, he was indeed unable to. However, even though he was unable to, in reality, he was able to because he was not alone. He still had an outstanding queen.

*hmm* Chu Feng willed a Spirit Formation Gate to appear before himself. At the same time, the graceful and exceptionally beautiful Eggy, under the gazes of the crowd, elegantly entered the scene!

“World Spirit?”

“He’s using a World Spirit?”

“And it’s only a rank two World Spirit!”

“Is this Wuqing insane? He’s looking down on Zhan Feng too much, isn’t he?”

After seeing Eggy, the crowd was even more dumbfounded. They couldn’t comprehend what Chu Feng was doing.

Just at that moment, Zhan Feng’s attack had arrived. The sword energy congregated by the Incomplete Royal Armament, with devastating power, crashed towards Eggy.

Some softhearted people couldn’t help shutting their eyes because they didn’t want to see the appearance of Eggy’s painful death. After all, looking at it from the outside, she was an extremely rare beauty. Such a beauty being killed was something many people didn’t want to see.

However, just as many people felt Eggy was dead, without a doubt, with a very casual wave of her hand, the sword energy with berserk power instantly dissipated. Then, like a light burst of wind, it scattered in front of Eggy.

“What… what happened?”

“What is this? What happened just now?”

Everyone was stupefied when they saw Eggy, with only a minuscule action like that, caused the sword energy from the Incomplete Royal Armament to scatter like the wind.

“How is this possible?” The one actually most shocked was none other than Zhan Feng. He knew very well how much power the strike of the sword energy contained—it was an attack that he held back nothing. Even if a rank six Martial Lord were struck by it, they would be heavily injured, and possibly even die.

Yet, such an attack, by the wave of her hand, was reduced to nothing. He didn’t even dare to believe that.

“False appearances. Let me see what trickery you used!” Feeling great confusion, Zhan Feng once again threw out an attack. It was the exact same as before, also a jab forward.

Eggy lightly knitted her brows at the incoming boundless sword energy. A hint of disdain and annoyance emerged into her eyes. This time, she didn’t wave her hand. She instead put her hands on her waist, opened her alluring mouth, and yelled at Zhan Feng, “ARE YOU DONE?!”

*boom* That furious roar pierced through the air, and everyone felt that the earth was going to collapse into itself, that the sky was going to fall. Even Martial Lords on scene couldn’t avoid being swayed left and right. There were even some people who fell onto the ground.

Zhan Feng’s sword energy was not only wiped away again after Eggy’s roar, even Zhan Feng received the backlash. After her roar, he was forced back several thousand meters.

“Heavens! Thi-thi-thi-this girl is a World Spirit?”

Everyone finally came to their senses, and realized what happened just now was no coincidence. Eggy truly had the ability to dissipate Zhan Feng’s attack with the wave of her hand.

“How can there exist such a powerful World Spirit in this world? Could it be? She’s…” After confirming Eggy’s strength, their immediate reaction was associating it with one possibility. Yet, they didn’t really dare to accept that possibility because if it were true, that would mean Chu Feng really was too strong.

“It can’t be wrong. A human’s appearance, unimaginable fighting ability… That is definitely the legendary Asura World Spirit.” Just as everyone kept making uncertain guesses, an old man who had lived for at least two hundred years with half a foot already into the tomb spoke with extreme certainty.

“It’s truly a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World?”

“My gods! Doesn’t that mean this Wuqing truly is an unparalleled genius? After all, within all historical records, those who are able to make a contract with an Asura World Spirit all become great, famous characters!”

“No wonder. Then no wonder. No wonder Wuqing’s Spirit Formation techniques are so impressive. So the World Spirit he made a contract with is from the Asura Spirit World.”

After confirming that, everyone’s gazes changed when they looked at Chu Feng. Within their complex expressions, there was shock, there was admiration, there was praise, there was envy, and there was even adoration and affection.

“Junior Wuqing, you actually…” In reality, not to mention the bystanders, at that moment, even Chun Wu, whose relationship was very good with Chu Feng, slightly widened her mouth and roundly widened her eyes. Within her glittering gaze, unbelievable surprise emerged.