Chapter 763 - Intense Battle

MGA: Chapter 763 - Intense Battle

“Such shameless words. Without obtaining the power from such evil methods, do you think you can even put up a fight against me?

“Don’t say you didn’t obtain any special power from the Temple of Reproduction. If you didn’t, why were you a rank three Martial Lord back then, and now a rank two Martial Lord?” said Zhan Feng furiously.

“Yes, I did gain something back then in the Temple of Reproduction, and as a result, obtained some temporary power, which made my cultivation rise from a rank one Martial Lord to a rank three Martial Lord. However, if you feel that I defeated you by relying completely on that foreign power, then I can only say you are absolutely wrong.”

Chu Feng admitted it because he felt it was not disgraceful in any way. After all, a rank three Martial Lord defeating a rank five Martial Lord—that was his strength.

“You are quite shameless, and very cunning.

“But, it matters not. Today, I will expose your false appearance in front of the crowd, and let everyone know what you actually are—whether you are that rumoured genius or not!”

*boom* Suddenly, Zhan Feng made his move. Overlaying his hands, he willed an attack to appear. It was neither Martial power nor a martial skill. It was a Spirit Formation attack.

The boundless Spirit Formation was created in only an instant. Then, the purple-coloured Spirit Formation surging behind him converged to form an enormous wave that could touch the sky as it pressed its way towards Chu Feng.

Chu Feng subconsciously made a hint of a sneer when he saw that. In his perspective, Zhan Feng not only wanted to defeat him, he even wanted to humiliate him. In the outside world, the rumours said that Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation techniques were powerful. So, he wanted to have a battle of precisely Spirit Formation techniques so he could slap Chu Feng’s face and humiliate him that way.

Honestly speaking, if it were a battle of Martial power, perhaps Chu Feng truly wouldn’t be able to defeat Zhan Feng with his current cultivation. At least, there would be great difficulty; after all, there was a difference of three full levels. As for Zhan Feng’s fighting ability, it was indeed not on the same level as Wang Long or Qin Yu; within the same generation, Zhan Feng truly was a top genius.

However, regarding a battle of pure Spirit Formation techniques, would Chu Feng be afraid of Zhan Feng? Putting aside Chu Feng’s comprehension of Spirit Formation techniques, his Spirit Formation alone was many times stronger than Zhan Feng’s.

One must know that Chu Feng had a treasure on him—the Asura Ghost Axe.

Although, in terms of fighting, the axe wasn’t too useful anymore, it was still a Mastered Elite Armament.

The value of the Asura Ghost Axe rested upon its special effect—training Spirit power. The Asura Ghost Axe had already melded together with Chu Feng; he could control it as he wished.

Although it didn’t seem that Chu Feng had any training in such a long time, he was actually sharpening his Spirit power. As a result, at present, Chu Feng’s Spirit power was already very strong, which also led to the Spirit Formations he laid to be stronger than those who had superior cultivation.

“Senior Chun Wu, back away.” Chu Feng first pushed away Chun Wu, then without showing any signs of dodging, he stood where he was and laid a formation.

Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation techniques were really too practiced. With a thought, the formation was finished. In nearly the exact instant the enormous wave Zhan Feng created was about to flood Chu Feng, a boom was heard.

An even fiercer wave of Spirit Formations burst out of Chu Feng’s own formation. It not only wiped out the one Zhan Feng made, it even slammed towards Zhan Feng.


Even Zhan Feng, who was incomparably confident before, couldn’t help being astonished when he saw that. He never would have expected Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation techniques to be so perfect despite the cultivation he had, so much that it could break the one he created first.

It was already too late—with his strength, he didn’t have the ability to create another formation from such a distance. As a result, Zhan Feng had no choice but to fly back and recreate a formation as he evaded the wave.

*hmm* Finally, a new Spirit Formation was formed. It was a wall that had extraordinary mass. That Spirit Formation wall was not a normal Spirit Formation wall. It was one craftily made by exquisite Spirit Formations, so logically, it should stop Chu Feng’s giant wave.

However, Chu Feng expected such an outcome. After all, the attack he threw out just now was too hurried, so it was unable to injure Zhan Feng. The following attack, however, was going to become even fiercer.

*wuao* The gestures Chu Feng used to create the Spirit Formation changed as a new formation came into being. Almost at the same time the Spirit Formation wave dissipated, a several-hundred-meter long Spirit Formation dragon appeared.

When the Spirit Formation dragon roared, the entire world shook. With the swing of the divine-like dragon tail, a boom resounded and it completely destroyed Zhan Feng’s Spirit Formation wall.

Just like that, they kept on exchanging attacks. Their Spirit Formation battle had a myriad of changes, and all sorts of oddities. Moreover, every single attack was superior to the previous, and as the observing crowd gazed upon those scenes, their hearts and souls were shaken as they sighed in admiration.

Chu Feng’s and Zhan Feng’s grasp in Spirit Formation techniques was indeed quite practiced. Their control was so good that the Spirit Formation could almost be said to be shaped as their hearts desired. That was something many people who were watching could not do, and, really, only true geniuses could do such a thing.

“It seems that the rumours are not false. At least, this Wuqing has very strong attainments in terms of Spirit Formation techniques.”

“Yeah! After all, there are three levels of cultivation difference between them. But, in terms of Spirit Formation techniques, not only is Wuqing not the slightest bit weaker than Zhan Feng, he is even superior. His attainments in Spirit Formation techniques can simply be said to be unprecedented, and I doubt there will be anyone in the future who will have the same strength. He is truly a Spirit Formation genius.”

Many of the praises resided on supporting Chu Feng. After all, those watching were not blind; they could tell that even though Zhan Feng attacked first, Chu Feng overwhelmed him, and in the instant Chu Feng made his own move, he took the advantage.

And then, when they thought of Chu Feng’s current cultivation and age, it was truly hard for them not to sigh in admiration.

“I do not believe I am truly weaker than you in Spirit Formation techniques!” Zhan Feng actually very cared about the comments and opinions others had of him. So, even when fighting against Chu Feng with Spirit Formation techniques, he still seriously listened to the observations of others.

After hearing the discussions of the crowd that leaned towards Chu Feng’s side, he was even more furious, and also even more unwilling to give up. So, with his teeth gnashed, his obstinateness surged onto his mind. He swore to fight against Chu Feng until the very end with Spirit Formation techniques.

*wuao* However, just as Zhan Feng was about to create a new Spirit Formation, planning to block the one Chu Feng sent at him, he suddenly heard a deafening roar from behind him.

“Ho-how is this possible?” Turning his head back, Zhan Feng’s complexion instantly lost all colour because behind him, a huge, ugly, and purple-coloured Spirit Formation beast appeared.

Not only did the Spirit Formation beast have an incomparably ferocious aura, its attack was already imminent. It had sealed his escape, and he no longer had any time to defend.

Most importantly, from its aura, he could determine that the Spirit Formation was created by Chu Feng.

That made him feel both embarrassed and shameful, but also greatly furious because Chu Feng, without him knowing, had laid a Spirit Formation behind him. When it was discovered, it was already too late; he was cornered. Even though he was very unwilling to, he had no choice but to admit in terms of Spirit Formation techniques, he was indeed inferior to Chu Feng.


*boom* At that instant, Zhan Feng suddenly shouted. Then, his body shook and boundless Martial power swirled out.

The Martial power was incomparably ferocious; it was great evidence of Zhan Feng’s true strength. So, in an instant, it completely shattered the Spirit Formation attack Chu Feng made.

Although it seemed that Zhan Feng had the advantage, it was, after all, obtained by relying on Martial power. Not by Spirit Formation techniques.

As a result, his move clearly told everyone that he, Zhan Feng, lost in the battle of Spirit Formation techniques.