Chapter 766 - A Calamity

MGA: Chapter 766 - A Calamity

“Lord Zhan Feng!” When they saw Zhan Feng fall from the sky, his minions all rose up and wanted to catch him.


However, before letting them come into contact with Zhan Feng, the black flames in Eggy’s body surged out again, enveloping all of them inside.


Soon after, the Martial Lords cried out in agony. Like Zhan Feng before, they were feeling the pain of their Source Energy and cultivation being sucked away.

Like the events before that occurred to Zhan Feng, from vigorous youths, they rapidly became elderly people with white and grey hair whose lives were constantly in danger.

*poof, poof, poof…*

After their Source Energy were sucked away completely, Eggy didn’t kill them. Rather, she just dropped them onto the ground. The height was also just perfect—although they would break some bones, they wouldn’t die.

It was an easy task if Eggy wanted to kill them. But, that was the exact thing she didn’t do. Instead, she left them a breath of air. Those who could see could tell doing this was true cruelty.

Everyone felt dumbstruck when they witnessed such a thing. Not only were they unable to even squeeze out a word, they felt completely petrified.

The World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World was truly too merciless. Although she had such a beautiful appearance—one that was akin to a fairy’s, that could move one’s heart—but when she started, she ignored what sort of methods she used. She actually forcibly extracted their Source Energy and cultivation. Let alone those who had personally experienced it, if one even heard of such a thing, chills would go down their spines.

“Eggy, you seem to be even domineering than I thought.”

In reality, even as Eggy’s master, Chu Feng couldn’t help shaking his head. Although he had already offended those from the Immortal Execution Archipelago back then on the Misty Peak, it hadn’t reached a degree where they were complete enemies.

At least, in public circumstances with outsiders, the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago wouldn’t dare to do much to Chu Feng.

But now, it was different. When Eggy forcefully turned Zhan Feng into his current state, it also meant he didn’t put the Immortal Execution Archipelago in his eyes.

With Eggy’s assistance, Chu Feng and the Immortal Execution Archipelago were truly like water and fire—both of them could not co-exist peacefully in the same world together. From today on, it was likely every time he were to meet the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, they would meet with blades brandished to fight to the death.

That being said, Chu Feng didn’t really blame Eggy. After all, he and the Immortal Execution Archipelago were fated to become that, so there wasn’t much of a difference if it came a day sooner or later. Particularly, after the Misty Peak, it was already likely that the Immortal Execution Archipelago had written his name on a list of removal.

“Eggy, pick up the things they have on them,” Chu Feng suddenly said.

*whoosh* Eggy didn’t dally. By her will, she sucked over all of the Cosmos Sacks and treasures on their bodies. One of the most eye-grabbing items was naturally Zhan Feng’s Incomplete Royal Armament.

After crippling Zhan Feng and the others, Eggy and Chu Feng both stripped away their fortunes in public.

“Here.” After collecting all the items, she gave them to Chu Feng. Then, she raised her face slightly and said proudly, “How about it? I’ve done a pretty good job, right?”

“An extremely beautiful job.” Chu Feng nodded his head in praise.

“But of course.” Eggy felt even more pleased after hearing Chu Feng’s praises. With a sweet smile, she walked into the World Spirit Gate, leaving behind only deep fear for the crowd.

After Eggy returned to his body, Chu Feng put away Zhan Feng’s Incomplete Royal Armament as well as the treasures from his minions. But, there was only one thing he didn’t put away. Similarly, it was an Incomplete Royal Armament.

However, Zhan Feng had taken this from Chun Wu, so Chu Feng naturally had to return it to its owner.

“Senior Chun Wu, it’s not too convenient to talk here. Let’s switch locations,” said Chu Feng after returning Chun Wu’s Incomplete Royal Armament back to her.

“Mm.” Putting away the armament, Chun Wu nodded. At that moment, her visage was not too good. She seemed to have also been a bit frightened by Eggy and Chu Feng.

*whoosh* Afterwards, the two leaped forward and fled, leaving behind the observers. They didn’t know what to do—they couldn’t really leave, they couldn’t really stay… they could only stand on the spot with blank faces.

They looked at Zhan Feng and the others who previously had quite the extraordinary atmosphere. Yet now, they had not the slightest bit of cultivation and even turned from youthful appearances to elderly ones. Their lives were constantly on the line, and as they watched, everyone had very complicated emotions.

Although the one who turned Zhan Feng and the others into their current state was the Asura World Spirit, Eggy, in their eyes, the actual person who did that was really the young man named Wuqing. After all, regardless of how much more powerful the World Spirit was, she had to listen to Wuqing’s orders.

Before, many people expressed doubt towards Wuqing’s rumours. But now, after witnessing, there was absolutely no one who dared to suspect anything anymore. They now knew that not only was Wuqing as powerful as the rumours said, he was also extremely terrifying.

At least, those who had personally witnessed everything decided that, in their hearts, unless absolutely necessary, they absolutely could not offend the young man called Wuqing.

Because he was an extremely ruthless person who feared nothing.

Let alone them, Wuqing even dared to cripple Zhan Feng, a genius who had such an extraordinary status.

Just as the crowd felt deep fear at what Chu Feng did, he had brought Chun Wu to a rather desolate area. Only when he saw no more traces of others did he lay a Concealment Formation and hid themselves within.

Although Chu Feng had a very indifferent expression regarding the crippling Zhan Feng and the others, it didn’t represent he was unaware of how serious the situation was.

If the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago learnt of that, they were going to tear Chu Feng completely apart. It was likely putting up wanted posters all throughout the Eastern Sea Region was not something impossible for them with the power they had.

“Junior Wuqing, it’s my fault. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have…

“Ahh, I don’t know what’s best now. I’m afraid even the Misty Peak cannot protect you. After all, this…

“How about you leave the Eastern Sea Region? Otherwise, looking at the influence the Immortal Execution Archipelago has, I’m afraid…” At that moment, Chun Wu’s face was swamped with worry. The girl, who was so fearless and bold, now panicked completely. She knew very well that Chu Feng had instigated a calamity.

“Senior Chun Wu, there’s no need to be afraid. How about I show you something interesting?” In contrast to Chun Wu’s worry, Chu Feng’s face was serene.

“What is it?” Chun Wu felt puzzled at Chu Feng’s words.

Just at that moment, right before Chun Wu, Chu Feng used the Transformational Mask and changed his countenance, returning to his true appearance.

“Junior Wuqing, you…” Chun Wu was dumbfounded when she saw Chu Feng at that moment. She was a bit at a loss.

“Heh. Senior Chun Wu, to be honest, my real name is Chu Feng, and this is my real face.

“Just now, the one who crippled Zhan Feng was Wuqing, and the person who needs to face the Immortal Execution Archipelago is also Wuqing. None of that is related to me, Chu Feng.” The reason why he showed his actual appearance to Chun Wu was to let her calm down. He didn’t want her to feel guilt in her heart.

“Actually, I’ve already guessed that Wuqing isn’t your real name, and that you very likely had changed your appearance.

“But no matter what, I didn’t expect you’d be even younger than what I had thought!” Although Chun Wu’s worry had indeed diminished quite a bit, the shock on her face had reached the extreme.