Chapter 760 - Depraved Ravine

MGA: Chapter 760 - Depraved Ravine

After entering the Stone Forest of Death, Chu Feng found out that it was truly not a simple place.

It was a very vast formation, its size unprecedented—at least, it was one of the most impressive formations Chu Feng had ever seen.

Even though the certain type of pressure contained inside wasn’t like the Millennium Ancient City’s—where it made people lose their ability to fly—it more or less placed some restrictions on both flying ability and personal strength.

Moreover, there were invisible mechanisms in the air and on the ground. They would attack without warning at those who entered.

In the stone forest, there were truly powerful bloodthirsty Fierce Beasts. They existed in huge numbers and hunted each other. They had already made a perfect circle of life, and the incoming humans only served to become their prey.

That place truly wasn’t one that people could peacefully pass through. At least, those in the Heaven realm would find it extremely difficult to do so. Unless there were an expert to lead the way, it was a place near impossible to traverse.

But to Chu Feng, it wasn’t much of a challenge. Very easily, he passed through the Stone Forest of Death.

“This is the Depraved Ravine, huh?”

After passing through the forest, Chu Feng saw it was as if he entered another world. It was a world that had no ends. On the earth, there were forests, rivers, length mountain ranges… Even the sky felt bluer, and the clouds whiter. When one’s eyes took such a scene all into their eyes, it was so beautiful one couldn’t even admire it fast enough; it was just like a painting.

However, such an enormous world was sealed shut by the Stone Forest of Death. To keep such a world nearly unblemished, one could see that the Stone Forest of Death was truly not simple.

Putting aside the difficulty to pass through it, just by being able to seal off such an enormous portion of land showed how much effort the creator put into the forest. It was truly quite a large piece of work.

Afterwards, Chu Feng continued heading deeper in. Shortly after doing that, he met a few people. They were elderly people—all Martial Lords. Initially, they were chatting with each other and walking with smiles, but after seeing Chu Feng, their eyes instantly went on alert.

Seeing their cautious and unkind gazes, Chu Feng couldn’t help giving up on the thought of asking them a few things, and had no choice but to continue walking.

On the road, Chu Feng met a few more groups of people, and the deeper he went, the more people he saw.

Chu Feng only stopped when a Spirit Formation that rose from the ground straight into the sky appeared before himself, because that formation was too powerful.

Golden radiance spewed everywhere and it sealed the sky and the earth, as if separated a part of the world completely. Furthermore, the aura it emanated was truly indestructible. The formation was not one that Chu Feng could break open.

Actually, at that moment, there were already many people blocked off by the Spirit Formation; this was likely the deepest possible region one could reach at present in the Depraved Ravine.

Outside the Spirit Formation, nearly everybody settled down. Of those people, some formed groups of three to five, some formed groups of dozens, some even formed groups of over a hundred.

Those people did everything possible; some were drinking wine and chatting happily. From the garbage they threw away, one could tell they had arrived here for quite some time.

Even more people though were guarding their own piece of land. They were very alert. Other than the people they knew, they really didn’t talk with any outsiders. They were only awaiting something in silence.

Chu Feng also learnt, from their conversations, that the reason why they came to this place was to witness the glory of the Four Protectors’ disciples.

“From how it is, it seems that the news is likely true. Otherwise, it’d be impossible for so many experts from so many different places to be attracted here.”

At that moment, the number of people who appeared within Chu Feng’s line of sight was several hundred. And due to the large scale of the Spirit Formation, his current location was but the corner of the outside. Very likely, outside the Spirit Formation, there were at least several thousand people who gathered, perhaps even over ten thousand.

In addition, many people quite possibly had yet to appear and were just hidden within the stone forest. So, rough estimations indicate that the number of people within the Depraved Ravine reached at least several tens of thousands.

When he saw so many people, Chu Feng did not worry. Instead, he celebrated in his heart because it made him feel that the news of the arranged battle between the Four Protectors’ disciples was most likely true—no, actually, to be precise, it should be the arranged battle between the Three Protectors’ disciples because he, the disciple of the head of the Four Protectors, didn’t plan to participate in the upcoming battle.

Besides, Chu Feng didn’t understand many things about the disciples of the other Protectors, nor the matters of the Depraved Ravine. In addition, the people here were very wary and many didn’t communicate with outsiders, so it was rather difficult to acquire any information from them.

As such, Chu Feng could only expand his hearing strength and focus on eavesdropping on the conversations of others. He wanted to see if he could pick up a few things from their words.

As the proverbs say: “Effort will not disappoint those who are resolute.” After some eavesdropping, Chu Feng finally learnt a few more things.

The Four Protectors of the Depraved Ravine were Qiu Canfeng, You Mingdeng, Xue Xiyue, and Fu Liansheng.

Those Protectors had extremely powerful strengths, and they were all very old—pretty much all of them were over a hundred years old—You Mingdeng especially. It’s said that he had lived for over three hundred years. He was a truly old monster.

Other than Qiu Canfeng, before the Crippling Night Demon Sect disbanded, the three other Protectors had already found disciples they felt satisfied with.

You Mingdeng’s disciple: You Tonghan.

Xue Xiyue’s disciple: Xuan Xiaochao.

Fu Liansheng’s disciple: Fu Fengming.

All of the Four Protectors had arrogant natures and they felt they were above everyone else. When they chose disciples, of course, they were very harsh. Thus, to be able to become their disciples meant they were naturally dragons amongst men, the geniuses within geniuses.

You Tonghan, Xuan Xiaochao, and Fu Fengming did indeed not disappoint. When they were young, they had already exhibited talent that surpassed others. Their speed of improvement was extremely quick, and they were praised as outstanding geniuses.

But sadly, after the Crippling Night Demon Sect disbanded, You Mingdeng, Xue Xiyue, and Fu Liansheng all brought their own disciples away from the world. As if they completely disappeared, there was no news about them, and they had yet to show themselves in all this time

By a rough calculation of time, the three geniuses’ ages should already be over thirty, a bit older than the one whose name could shake the Eastern Sea Region, and who was also titled as the number one genius of the Eastern Sea Region, Murong Xun.

But despite vanishing for many years, time was unable to affect the name of the three geniuses. Many people even thought their strengths were not the slightest bit inferior to Murong Xun, possibly even stronger.

Formlessly, the three geniuses, like their masters, had accumulated many admirers.

That was also the reason why so many people, ignoring all the dangers, came here when there was news stating that the three geniuses were reappearing soon and would fight it out in the Depraved Ravine.

Their goal coming here was very simple: To see the glory of the three disciples.

“This voice… It’s her?” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s pupils shrank abruptly as he hurriedly cast his gaze into the distance.