Chapter 759 - Stone Forest of Death

MGA: Chapter 759 - Stone Forest of Death

After tangling with each other passionately a few times, Chu Feng hugged the little beauty Su Mei and had a very deep sleep.

When he woke up, he discovered it was noon, when the sun was high up in the sky and shone brightly. When he came here yesterday, it was still afternoon, so it meant it was the next day.

When he looked at Su Mei, who was in his embrace, eyes closed with a face of content and peace, Chu Feng couldn’t resist stroking her smooth long hair.

After doing the thing between a man and a woman, the sweet Su Mei now possessed a mature feeling she didn’t have before. Perhaps it was the so-called “girl turning into a woman.”

At that instant, Chu Feng involuntarily smiled. He recalled the scene when he met Su Mei for the first time in the Azure Dragon School.

Back then, Su Mei, no matter appearance or strength, was high up. Moreover, she had a proud nature, and she was a figure that countless disciples in the Azure Dragon School pursued after with none succeeding.

At that time, even if one had beat Chu Feng to death, he still wouldn’t believe that girl would one day fall for him, and that he too would fall for that girl.

“Mmm~~~” Suddenly, Su Mei’s long brows trembled twice, then she slowly opened her eyes. After seeing Chu Feng, she sweetly smiled and said, “Chu Feng, when did you wake up? Why didn’t you call me?”

“I just woke up. I saw you were sleeping so soundly, so I didn’t wake you up,” said Chu Feng with a smile.

“Mm, it’s time already.” Looking at the colour of the sky outside, Su Mei slightly knitted her brows, a bit of worry emerging onto her face.

“What is it, Little Mei? Are you worried that your sister will find out about this?” Chu Feng asked.

“No, I’m not afraid of my sister finding out at all. After all, I’m yours, sooner or later. But, it’s just… that Qin Yu.” As Su Mei spoke, she pointed at the nearby large pool of blood. On the pool of blood was a corpse with a pulp of flesh and blood—Qin Yu.

“Damn, I almost forgot about this guy.” At that instant, Chu Feng abruptly rose, waved his big sleeve, and a boundless burst of power surged, cleanly engulfing Qin Yu’s corpse. No traces of blood were even left behind on the ground.

“I actually let him see the great occasion between us. What a deal for him,” Chu Feng said unluckily after cleansing away Qin Yu’s corpse.

“Chu Feng, what are you talking about? He was already dead, so how could he have watched us two? Though, Qin Yu died in my residence, so it’ll be difficult to make an explanation. After all, he is…” said Su Mei very worriedly.

“Don’t worry, silly girl. Do you know how I knew you were in danger?” As Chu Feng spoke, he once again pulled Su Mei into his embrace.

“Yeah! How did you know I was in danger? Wasn’t it just a coincidence?” Su Mei’s face was full of confusion and curiosity.

“It was Taikou. When Qin Yu was shamed back then, Senior Taikou felt that he wouldn’t just let that matter slip off. So, Qin Yu was covertly monitored. When he was about to perform immoral acts on you, Senior Taikou already knew.

“Even if I didn’t come, Senior Taikou would have saved you. When I was entering, he already told me he would deal with Qin Yu’s death,” Chu Feng said.

“It’s Senior Taikou again?”

After knowing the course of events, Su Mei’s expression was also full of gratitude. But, she couldn’t help rubbing her face in Chu Feng’s embrace, and the hands which she used to hold Chu Feng held him tighter. She knew very well what kind of person Taikou was. The reason he was doing all that wasn’t to help her. It was all done to give Chu Feng face.

Afterwards, Chu Feng went and saw Taikou again. It was mainly to thank him, because if it weren’t for Taikou, his fiancée would have truly been defiled.

If that happened, by Su Mei’s nature, she definitely wouldn’t continue living, and he too would have received a blow to his heart.

However, Taikou still protected Chu Feng as usual. He even said he would handle the matter of Qin Yu, and it was fine for Su Mei and Chu Feng to act as if they knew nothing. He even guaranteed Chu Feng that within the Four Seas Academy, there’d be absolutely no one who would dare to harm Su Rou and the others.

That made Chu Feng feel endless appreciation for Taikou. He decided, in the future, no matter what, he would repay that expert in some manner because the assistance Taikou gave him was really too much, and also really too significant.

After removing Wang Long and Qin Yu, there were no longer any more potential dangers within the Four Seas Academy for Su Rou and the others,.

The only strong disciple remaining was Lan Xi, but Chu Feng believed she would not make things difficult for Su Rou and the others. Besides, she would not have the courage to do so.

Putting aside Taikou, at present, the person who received the Imperial Bloodline was Jiang Wushang. The Four Seas Academy would definitely channel their full resources into his development.

Taikou also clearly told Chu Feng that if it were before, there would be a huge commotion if the Four Seas Academy lost two peak disciples.

But now, it was different from the past. With Jiang Wushang, the possessor of the Imperial Bloodline, the Four Seas Academy would no longer need to worry about risking their development on weaker people. All of their minds were cast upon Jiang Wushang.

Chu Feng actions really did help Jiang Wushang greatly. It could even be said that Chu Feng changed Jiang Wushang’s destiny and even changed everyone else’s destiny.

Chu Feng didn’t ask for anything in return for what he did. As long as he knew Su Rou and the others could pass the days peacefully, Chu Feng would feel at ease.

On that very day, after Chu Feng said his farewells to the crowd, he left the Four Seas Academy and headed towards the so-called Depraved Ravine.

Chu Feng had inquired a bit about the Depraved Ravine on the side. It seemed to be a former section of the Crippling Night Demon Sect. Ever since the Crippling Night Demon Sect disbanded, the area was emptied. Even now, there was no one who occupied it.

The reason was very simple: When the Crippling Night Demon Sect still existed, it laid a huge formation at the outside of the Depraved Ravine. If one wanted to enter, they would have to pass through the formation. Various mechanisms were not the only things within the formation. There were also many bloodthirsty Fierce Beasts living within.

As for the name of that formation, it was called the Stone Forest of Death.

Like its name, only death awaited those who entered the Stone Forest of Death.

As for those with powerful cultivations, although they could pass through the Stone Forest of Death, there was no one who could thoroughly destroy it.

That also led to the situation where, to a large portion of cultivators, the Stone Forest of Death was an impassable barrier that could always guard the Depraved Ravine. As a result, the Depraved Ravine became one of the most complete remains of the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

“So this is the Stone Forest of Death, huh?”

After some travelling, Chu Feng had now arrived at a rather distant area.

There were barely any traces of people there, and before him was a forest formed by different shapes and sizes of stones.

For the small ones, those stones were ten meters tall. For large ones, they were akin to mountain peaks that touched the sky and passed through the clouds. It was a very grand scene to gaze upon, and on all of the stones, symbols from the Ancient Era were engraved on it, which made them not only indestructible, but also bright.

Most importantly, as he stood before the imposing forest of stone, not only could Chu Feng faintly hear bursts of roars, he was also able to feel the fatal dangers within.