Chapter 761 - Meeting an

MGA: Chapter 761 - Meeting an Acquaintance

“Chun Wu?” Chu Feng was surprised because he, faintly, seemed to hear Chun Wu’s voice.

So, he quickly rose into the air and flew towards the origin of the voice. The more he neared, the clearer the voice was. Gradually, it became sharp from its initial muddy state.

Finally, after flying for a while, Chu Feng saw quite a few people gathered together nearby. It seemed that there was something happening.

Passing through the crowd of people, Chu Feng instantly recognized two people in the very center. One was, as expected, Chun Wu, and the other was also someone he knew—Zhan Feng.

“Why are they also here?” Chu Feng did not immediately show himself when he saw the two of them. Instead, he blended into the observing crowd, and watched along with them, planning to see what exactly was happening.

It turned out that they were arguing.

Zhan Feng was not alone; behind he stood over a dozen of his minions who were roughly the same age. They were all Martial Lords, and the weakest was a rank two Martial Lord.

However, the geniuses of the Immortal Execution Archipelago currently did not wear the clothing of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. Instead, they were in ordinary clothes, and at that moment, they were in a circular shape, surrounding Chun Wu in the center. Their intentions were not kind.

“Zhan Feng, don’t even think of attacking me. If you continue making trouble, I’ll tell everyone about what your Immortal Execution Archipelago has done,” Chun Wu shouted coldly and fiercely.

Zhan Feng’s brows furrowed even tighter when he heard that as a bit of worry and fury emerged into his eyes. He coldly said, “Lady Chun Wu, do not speak nonsense. Otherwise, be careful as you may attract disasters upon yourself.”

Zhen Feng then pushed forward after speaking. His minions too neared Chun Wu, and very slightly, they emanated killing intent.

“Ahh? So you’re planning to silence me, from what I understand?” Chun Wu knitted her brows after hearing Zhan Feng’s threats. Not only was she fearless, she even disdainfully snorted, then yelled at the surrounding crowd, “Come look! Zhan Feng of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, seeing his failed plot, wants to murder!”

Chun Wu’s shout was full of might, intentionally letting many people hear it. As a result, everyone who was nearby, upon hearing the shout, came over.

When they arrived, some people recognized Zhen Feng, Chun Wu, and the others. They all felt shocked because they never would have expected to see two geniuses who were so well-known in the Eastern Sea Region

Seeing the increasing number of people surrounding them, Zhen Feng’s face turned ashen. Yet, he forced a smile on his face and said to Chun Wu, “Lady Chun Wu, I’m sure you must be mistaken about something. I, Zhan Feng, mean no harm towards you.

“How about we both calm down and have a good talk?”

“Talk? What talk? What is there to talk to you? If I didn’t think quickly and escape to this place, you would have already killed me.” Chun Wu put her arm before her chest and curled her lips, seeming to have already known what Zhen Feng was planning. She then yelled at the crowd, “Everyone! Uncles, Aunts, Brothers, Sisters.

“Although we do not know each other, to be able to meet here is a type of fate. These bastards who surround me and are unwilling to let me go, all come from the Immortal Execution Archipelago. The leader is the infamous Zhen Feng.

“As for me, my name is Chun Wu. I am one of the five disciples of Lady Piaomiao of the Misty Peak.

“Today, I was very unlucky to have heard something I shouldn’t have heard. It seems that it’s likely I won’t leave this place alive. If misfortune truly strikes me, I ask everyone here to be a witness and help me tell my master Lady Piaomiao who the murderer is, so she can better avenge me.”

At first, only a few people recognized Chun Wu and Zhan Feng. But when Chun Wu spoke, it immediately told everyone who they were. In a moment, they were all stunned and discussions arose.

But not a single person dared to go up and ask what exactly happened, nor, not to mention, was there anyone who came forth and stopped them. There were even some people who, upon learning that he was Zhan Feng, backed away in fear, afraid of being dragged into that mess. The fluctuation of the caring and indifference of human emotions was shown perfectly there.

Seeing that, the corners of Zhan Feng’s mouth curled up to form a hint of a sneer. Then, he shot a glance at his minions, then shouted, “Go!”

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* After speaking, Zhan Feng and the others all let out their boundless auras and attacked Chun Wu.

She seemed to have already expected that to happen. She was not afraid, and instead, she coldly snorted and said, “Zhan Feng, do you think I am still the person back then, who you freely bullied in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm?

“Today, I’ll take revenge for what you did that day!”

*boom* As she spoke, endless Martial power burst out of Chun Wu’s body. It was in the shape of a powerful vortex, similar to a hurricane, and it expanded, instantly engulfing Zhan Feng and the others.


In the instant the Martial power vortex engulfed all of them, other than Zhan Feng, the other geniuses of the Immortal Execution Archipelago all cried out. They were forced back by the vortex, and for those with light injuries, their faces were pale. But for those with heavier injuries, they vomited blood, their organs seriously wounded.

“Rank five Martial Lord? Senior Chun Wu made a breakthrough?!”

Feeling Chun Wu’s aura, Chu Feng couldn’t help celebrating inside. Only a bit more than a month had passed since he left the Misty Peak, yet Chun Wu, from being a rank four Martial Lord, had already become a rank five Martial Lord. As Chun Wu’s good friend, Chu Feng truly felt happy for her.

“I was just wondering why you had such confidence. So you made a breakthrough.

“But so what if you’re a rank five Martial Lord? Do you truly think you can defeat me?”

Even though he discovered Chun Wu’s current cultivation allowed her to stand equally with him, Zhan Feng’s face was still full of disdain.

He extended his palm, and Martial power surged. With a bang, it shattered the Martial power vortex Chun Wu made.

*ta ta ta* After Zhan Feng threw out his palm, Chun Wu was forced a few steps back. Her initially rosy face instantly became as pale as paper.

Seeing the situation head into a disadvantage for her, Chun Wu of course didn’t stop and await death. She quickly flipped her palm, then an exquisite longsword appeared within her hand. It was an Incomplete Royal Armament that contained Martial power of the King level.

*bang* Almost in the same instant Chun Wu took out the sword, another attack from Zhan Feng arrived. After the clinking of metal, the Incomplete Royal Armament in Chun Wu’s hand was forced out of her hand, and Chun Wu too was forced onto the ground.

Quickly after, Zhan Feng waved his sleeve and a boundless Spirit Formation was created, enveloping Chun Wu inside. At the same time, he made a grabbing motion at the sword that flew out Chun Wu’s hand, and the exquisite armament thus landed into Zhan Feng’s hand.

Although they were both rank five Martial Lords, Zhan Feng had suppressed Chun Wu in a mere blink.

Rubbing the Incomplete Royal Armament Chun Wu took out, Zhan Feng smiled smugly, and said, “Lady Chun Wu, it seems that you have only just recently made that breakthrough. Your foundation of a rank five Martial Lord still isn’t firm. There is truly a difference between the heaven and the earth when you compare your fighting ability to mine! It is in no way equal!”

“Ha! Less of that arrogance. Have you forgotten how you were completely beaten by my Junior Wuqing in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm?” said Chun Wu unyieldingly.

After hearing those words, Zhan Feng’s smug complexion immediately turned green.