Chapter 756 - The Enraged Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 756 - The Enraged Chu Feng

“Shut up! You think you’re comparable to Chu Feng? He’s over a million times stronger than you!

“No, to be more precise, he is a person beyond all persons, but you… you aren’t even worthy to be a person.” When she heard Qin Yu talk of Chu Feng, Su Mei instantly became furious. Without caring about anything else, she started cursing Qin Yu.

Not only did Su Mei defend the person he detested, she even cursed himself in such a way. When he heard all that, the usually narrow-minded Qin Yu also felt furious.

But, when he saw Su Mei’s fair skin becoming redder and redder and the quickening rising and falling of her chest, he forcefully suppressed his anger, and even smugly roared with laughter. He then said shamelessly, “Curse me! Do your best to curse me! It seems that you truly like him, but so what?

“From today on, you will be mine. So what if your heart belongs to him? Your body is fated to belong to me.

“How do you feel, Little Mei? Do you feel very hot, very itching, very wanting?

“No matter, don’t hold yourself back. Your brother Qin Yu I can satisfy everything you desire.”

“You want my body? Are you dreaming?” Su Mei coldly snorted. Then, she suddenly raised her palm, and slammed it at her head. In order to preserve her chastity, she was going to commit suicide.

*bam* However, before allowing Su Mei’s palm to contact her head, Qin Yu waved his sleeve and the palm instead landed onto Su Mei’s face. It not only prevented Su Mei’s suicide attempt, it even thrown her into the air.

A bright red palm print was left on Su Mei’s beautiful face, but not only that, the powerful force even made a trickle of blood flow out of the corner of her mouth.

“Hmph. You want to commit suicide? Don’t even try!

“But, I won’t force you; I’ll just wait here. After the drug starts its effect, you will beg me yourself. Hahaha…”

Qin Yu actually pulled over a chair and sat down as he was speaking. He repressed his lust, and as he stared at Su Mei who lay nearby, he waited for the drug in Su Mei’s body to do its work.

*boom* But just at that moment, the closed door suddenly shattered into pieces. Quickly after, a person flew into the room.

“It’s you?” Qin Yu couldn’t help being taken aback when he saw the newcomer. He instantly recognized who the person was: Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng!” Su Mei’s tears rolled down her face when she saw Chu Feng. She immediately climbed up and jumped into his embrace; her sobbing was truly full of grievance.

“Little Mei, sorry. I’ve come late, I’ve let you suffer.” Chu Feng carried Su Mei to the bed. When he saw the palm print on the side of her face, as well as the blood by the corner of her mouth, it made his heart ache.

“No, no I haven’t. I am here for you. Other than you, no other man should even think of touching me. Even if I die, he should not,” said Su Mei unyieldingly.

“Little Mei, rest well. Let me handle the rest.” Chu Feng used his hand to wipe away the blood on the corner of Su Mei’s mouth, then he slowly rose, and cast his gaze at the nearby Qin Yu, who already removed his clothes and was bare.

Currently, Chu Feng appeared very calm on the surface. No matter if it was his complexion, or his eyes, it was as if he were someone completely unrelated.

But, no one knew what sort of explosive fury and bloodlust surged within his body. If one could see such a thing, even an extremely brave person would be completely terrified, so much their minds would be ruined. Even their souls would completely scatter.

As for Qin Yu, he clearly didn’t realize anything was wrong. Instead, he quickly used his World Spiritist techniques and sealed that area. Then, he looked at Su Mei with a smile, and said, “I didn’t think Chu Feng would truly come. This is perfect, I’ll bring the words I just said into reality.

“I’ll have him kneel, then have him watch as I force you beneath me while he is powerless to do anything! Hahaha!”

“Which hand did you use to hit Little Mei just now?” Chu Feng ignored Qin Yu’s shouts and indifferently spoke.

“Why does it matter which hand I used? What can you do to me? I not only hit her, I will even get on top of her, and do it in front of you,” said Qin Yu conceitedly, as if he were bragging to Chu Feng.

*bang* However, just at that moment, Chu Feng’s eyes lit up, and berserk energy burst out of his body.

It was the three lightning. Three different colours of lightning were currently swirling around Chu Feng’s body. His hair as well as his clothes fluttered everywhere and erupted with sound.

The most important thing, though, was that Chu Feng’s current eyes no longer seemed human. They seemed more akin to heartless beasts as they emitted the light of the three lightnings.

An extremely horrifying aura emanated outward from Chu Feng. It instantly engulfed the entire room, and even Qin Yu, who planned to embarrass Chu Feng and had a face of complacency, changed his expression greatly.

He dumbfoundedly discovered strength far more powerful on Chu Feng’s body. Under the veil of Chu Feng’s aura, even his own strength was completely suppressed.

At that very instant, he saw an illusion: The person who was standing in front of him simply wasn’t a person, but an extremely cold-hearted and incomparably cruel monster.

“Wha-what the hell are you?!” Qin Yu pointed at Chu Feng and spoke those words with his trembling voice. He was truly afraid. He had never even seen a person—though, to be more precise, the person before his eyes simply wasn’t a person—like him before.

“Was it this hand?” Suddenly, Chu Feng made his move. He instantly arrived in front of Qin Yu, and before he had the chance to react, Chu Feng had grabbed Qin Yu’s wrist.

*bzzz* In the instant Chu Feng grabbed Qin Yu wrist, three lightnings burst out of his body. They transformed into countless lightning snakes and bore into Qin Yu’s palm.

“AHH~~~~~” At that instant, Qin Yu’s complexion twisted completely. He widened his mouth, and let out an extremely excruciating cry.

After the lightnings entered his body, it started tearing his flesh, ripping his muscles, engulfing his bones.

Directly before his eyes, his palm was being torn up, ripped up, and bit by bit, it was disappearing from his view. More importantly than that, as his hand was being burned up, he was feeling pain that he never felt ever before.

That pain was akin to millions of insects gnawing it, and innumerable sharp blades cutting it. Every single cut tore his heart, and the pain made him wish he were dead.

“Bastard, let me go!” Qin Yu panicked. He completely panicked because he felt that the person in front of him was akin to a demon that had no emotions. What awaited him was cruel torture, so he started to do his best to struggle as he attempted to escape that demon’s grasp.

*sii* Finally, Qin Yu flung away Chu Feng’s hand. But, before he even took several steps back, he felt a flesh-tearing pain from his shoulder.

When he looked back at Chu Feng, Qin Yu’s visage became as pale as paper. There lacked any traces of blood, and his eyes were filled with endless fear.

He discovered to his surprise that Chu Feng still had his wrist in his hand. However, that wrist was not connected to his body. It was connected to a bloody torn arm.

When he looked back at his shoulder, blood was spurting out. It wasn’t that he got rid of Chu Feng, it was that his arm was ripped away by Chu Feng.