Chapter 757 - Bloodthirsty Demon

MGA: Chapter 757 - Bloodthirsty Demon

At that instant, the lightning surrounding his body jumped about and kept on making bzzz sounds.

As his long, black hair fluttered about in chaos, his eyes could be seen. The eerie glint it emitted was the combination of the three lightnings.

However, what the eyes emitted was iciness, heartlessness.

Chu Feng grabbed Qin Yu’s broken arm, and slowly raised it. Then, he did something that completely stupefied Qin Yu.

Chu Feng opened his mouth, revealing his ferocious teeth, and bit down. He bit away a big chunk of Qin Yu’s torn arm, and started chewing it in his mouth.

Blood started flowing out of Chu Feng’s mouth in large amounts, but it wasn’t Chu Feng’s. It was Qin Yu’s. Not only was Chu Feng gnawing on Qin Yu’s flesh and blood, he even made a grin. He seemed like a bloodthirsty monster enjoying a rare delicacy.

“You demon!” Qin Yu felt all of his hair stand on end. An indescribable feeling of terror permeated his bones.

It was the first time in his life that he feared a person like that. Without thinking anymore, he turned around, and tried to escape.


But just at that moment, Chu Feng widened his mouth and a blood-red mass burst out. It was Qin Yu’s flesh that he was gnawing on just now.

Most importantly, that ball of flesh, after exiting Chu Feng’s mouth, had an extraordinary amount of force. Like an indestructible arrow, it tore through the air, leaving behind a bright red streak, and with a puchi, it pieced into Qin Yu’s chest.

“Ahh!” Such powerful force made Qin Yu fall onto the ground and cry out. When he looked at his chest, and discovered a huge cavity there, he almost cried from fright.

If he knew that the cavity was pierced through by a chunk of his own hand, who knew what he would feel.

*bang* Just at that moment, the hand Chu Feng used to grab Qin Yu’s torn arm clenched, and Qin Yu’s arm then, after a muffled explosion, broke into pieces.

Following that, Chu Feng walked towards Qin Yu with quick steps, stretched out, and with a ripping sound, forcefully tore Qin Yun’s other arm.

“Ahh—” Qin Yu howled from the pain of his arm being torn. The previous one was done when he didn’t realize it, but this time, he personally witnessed his arm being torn off. He truly saw the pain in his eyes, and felt the pain in his heart.

However, the surprise still came afterwards. Chu Feng spun Qin Yu’s arm with his hand at the end of the arm, then waved it and slammed it towards Qin Yu’s face.

*bam bam bam bam* Sharp sounds such as those kept on resounding. Chu Feng was using Qin Yu’s own palm to slap his own face.

Moreover, Chu Feng was very fierce. After only a few slaps, Qin Yu’s face was a mash of flesh of blood. After a few more slaps, even his skin and blood on his face were scraped away, and what remained was only eerie white bones.

“Damn you! Continue this, I dare you! I’m not afraid of you!” Qin Yu, who looked absolutely nothing like before, hysterically howled.

*puchi* But just at that moment, Chu Feng stamped down. Qin Yu’s body instantly quivered once, then it completely froze.

It was because Chu Feng’s stamp resided upon the root of his life—the thing he used to defile countless women—and it was now crushed by Chu Feng.

“Ahh—” Feeling the thing below flattened, Qin Yu once again let out a howl.

That was not only a howl of pain, it was a howl of fury originating from his heart. He was truly angry. Even though he knew he was facing an extremely terrifying demon, after the thing he took pride in was squashed, his rage also fiercely jumped out.

“Chu Feng, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, I’ll definitely kill you! I will kill everyone related to you, or else I will be unable to vent the hatred in my heart!” Qin Yu’s words were ones that came from deep inside. He truly hated every single part of Chu Feng, and he really did want to kill Chu Feng’s entire family, and eradicate his entire clan.

But, Chu Feng was not the slightest bit afraid of Qin Yu’s threats. Instead, he made a hint of a sneer—one of disdain.

*gulp* After seeing the cold smile on Chu Feng’s mouth, Qin Yu’s prior arrogance was no more because only then did he realize how idiotic he was.

Before Chu Feng, how was he even qualified to be arrogant? He had to worry not only for his own life, but also his family’s lives. Before his very eyes was a true demon!

“Ahhh—” Soon, Qin Yu’s miserable cry rang out again, within it contained his desire to die. But, the torture merely only began.

No matter how much more miserable Qin Yu’s cries were, there was no one who would save him because the Spirit Formation he himself laid had blocked off everything.

That being said, however, in the sky outside the palace, Taikou was standing within the clouds. His eyes were extremely sharp, even better than an eagle’s vision. He was not only able to see everything below, he could even see through the Spirit Formation and everything that Chu Feng did and was doing to Qin Yu.

At that instant, even the mysterious cultivation expert furrowed his brows. There was actually a bit of worry in his eyes. After a long while, he sighed. “What kind of power is in this boy’s body? It is simply so immeasurably deep and so unfathomable.

“It even affects his nature. Is there truly a demon inside his body?

“Sigh. It’ll be fine if he walks righteously in the future, but if he walks on the path of evil, I’m afraid all the living in this world will not escape a calamity.”

Chu Feng knew nothing about Taikou’s spying; the fury in his heart had already flooded his reason. Even though Qin Yu had no more signs of life, he didn’t stop.

“Chu Feng!” Only until a voice with anguish sound out did Chu Feng’s eyes light up, returning to their former state.

“Little Mei?” It was Su Mei’s voice that let Chu Feng recover his rationality. At that moment, the lightning on Chu Feng’s body could no longer been seen, and his terrifying aura disappeared simultaneously as well, but the memory from before still remained.

“What happened just now? I seem to have gotten that lightning’s power, but my mind was also affected.” Chu Feng looked at Qin Yu whose sight was unbearable, and couldn’t help sinking into contemplation.

“Chu Feng…” Just at that moment, Su Mei’s voice rang out again.

But this time, it was not only with anguish. There was also seductive panting, and her voice was also accompanied by allure. All in all, it was extremely attracting.

Turning his head around, even Chu Feng couldn’t help inhaling deeply. His eyes also immediately came into focus.

Because Su Mei who was presented before himself was at the peak of her enticing state.