Chapter 755 - Detailed Plan

MGA: Chapter 755 - Detailed Plan

Su Mei’s place of residence was filled with structures that suited a girl’s taste. To describe that place required only two words: beauty, and aesthetics.

At that moment, the little beauty Su Mei was sitting in her room. Since all the servants in her residence were female, her current clothing was very casual as well.

A pink long skirt and loose clothes not only exposed her snow-white shoulders, it also exposed half of her round twin peaks. It had to be said that Su Mei really did grow up. The firm and round bulges before her chest were very close to their exact shapes. If a man were to see that, their body would heat up from desire, and they would find it hard to control themselves.

Normally, Su Mei wouldn’t wear such revealing clothes. Only when she prepared to rest would she do so, because wearing looser clothes were more comfortable.

“Little Red, was there anyone who came looking for me today?” Su Mei asked a servant in front of her.

“Master, no one came looking for you today,” replied the servant respectfully.

“He still hasn’t come, huh?” Su Mei’s curved and slender brows involuntarily knitted. A pair of eyes as enchanting as a river of stars glinted with worry.

Chu Feng clearly told her to rest peacefully in her own place, that he would quickly look for her. A day had passed since they split up from the Millennium Ancient City, yet Chu Feng hadn’t returned. She couldn’t help worrying due to that.

But, thinking more carefully, Chu Feng had Taikou’s badge, and in addition, she had seen Chu Feng’s current strength. Within the Four Seas Academy, there shouldn’t be anyone who could harm Chu Feng. As a result, she was not as worried as before, and continued to painstakingly wait.

For a restless little girl like her, waiting for a lover who had yet to arrive was indeed a type of suffering.

“Little Red, you changed the incense?” Suddenly, Su Mei sniffed a few times, then asked the servant.

“Master, I…” The servant’s expression changed greatly after hearing that question. Not only was it bursting with fear, she even knelt onto the ground with a whoosh, as if she committed some horrible crime.

But when Su Mei saw the servant acting in such a way, she sweetly smiled and said, “What are you doing? Although I told you to not to change the incense in my room without my permission, I’m not blaming you or anything. You don’t have to be so afraid, so quickly rise!”

As she spoke, Su Mei walked up and wanted to personally pull the servant up.

Tears poured like rain from the servant’s eyes when she saw Su Mei treat her so well. While crying, she said, “Master, I’ve let you down, but I really have no choice! If I don’t do this, not only will I not keep my own life, my whole family will be struck with a disaster!”

“Little Red, what happened? Is there a person bullying your family? Who? You can tell me! I’ll back you up,” Su Mei furiously asked. Her brows slanted inwards when she heard that, and she even thought her servant was being bullied.

“Sorry, sorry…” But not only was Little Red unwilling to reply, she was unwilling to stand. She kept on kneeling on the spot, and kept on silently crying.

*ta* Just as Su Mei felt confusion as to what exactly happened to Little Red, she suddenly felt a bit dizzy. Her entire body heated up, and an odd feeling was born in her heart.

Although Su Mei usually had pure heart, she was no fool. After feeling something off with herself, she quickly searched for the reason. Soon, she cast her eyes onto the incense in the room.

*whoosh* Stretching out, she grabbed the incense and held it near her. Examining it carefully, she immediately turned enraged. After destroying the incense with a palm, she furiously shouted at the servant, “Little Red, you! You drugged me!”

“Sorry, sorry…” The servant didn’t deny Su Mei’s accusation, and only cried even louder.

“Dammit!” Su Mei didn’t even bother with that servant anymore because she discovered that the poison had entered her body already, and was currently creating problems from within.

She first consumed an antidote, then quickly opened the room’s door. She wanted to leave and ask for help.

However, in the instant Su Mei opened the door, a man’s figure was standing there. Not only did he block her path, he was even looking at her with his wicked gaze.

“You? What you are doing in my residence?” Su Mei was greatly surprised when she saw that person. As she backed away, she tidied up her skirt and covered her snow-white shoulders. That man was a well-known person in the Four Seas Academy, Qin Yu.

Su Mei dreaded that Qin Yu quite a bit. He had expressed his affection for her, but she herself had clearly rejected him.

Yet, Qin Yu shamelessly continued his confessions. That put Su Mei in a very difficult situation because with his position and status in the Four Seas Academy, even her master could do nothing to him. She could only endure, again and again.

At that moment, she was poisoned by some unknown substance, and now, Qin Yu suddenly appeared inside her residence. She didn’t have a chance to notify anyone about the poison; she had a bad feeling about what was happening.

“Hehe, my little beauty. The clothing you’re wearing today is truly quite attracting. Could it be… that you knew I was going to join you here, so you made such preparations?”

When he saw Su Mei, whose face was a bit red and eyes were a bit dazed, not only did Qin Yu’s eyes shine, saliva even started flowing out of the corners of his mouth. A pair of wicked eyes kept on glancing all over Su Mei’s body.

“Senior Qin Yu, I don’t understand what you’re saying. I have an urgent matter and I need to leave. Please make way.” Su Mei acted as if she didn’t know what was happening, and as she spoke, she was going to force her way out.

“Ahh, my beauty. Where do you want to go? How about I carry you there?”

However, how could Qin Yu let Su Mei go after such detailed planning? He extended his arms and covered the entire width of the door. As he looked at the servant, he even said, “Why are you still here? Get out! Remember, do not let anyone enter. If someone disturbs my perfect occasion, your entire family will pay for it with death.”

And the servant of course didn’t dare to hesitate in any way. She rose, and walked out.

*whoosh* Su Mei understood everything when she saw that. As she suspected, it was Qin Yu who threatened her close servant, forcing her to poison Su Mei, and wanted to make his move on Su Mei. So, Su Mei leaped forward, flying towards the window of the room. She wanted to escape the mouth of the tiger.

*bang* However, she had clearly arrived at the window, and already saw the scenery outside, yet as if she collided into a steel wall, Su Mei bounced back and roughly fell onto the ground.

“My beauty, where are you going? Do you think you can escape?” At that moment, Qin Yu’s shameless voice rang out again behind Su Mei.

Turning her head, Su Mei’s face changed greatly. At that moment, Qin Yu had already stripped away his clothes and revealed his bare body in front of her.

Su Mei quickly turned her head back upon glancing at that scene, no longer daring to look. She furiously shouted, “Qin Yu, if you dare to perform such immoral acts on me, Chu Feng will definitely not forgive you!”

“Hahahaha! Chu Feng?

“That brat who relies on Taikou’s badge?

“It seems that you have quite a close relationship with him! But sadly, your Chu Feng will not come and save you.

“Even if he dares to come and save you, I will have him kneel before me, and force him to look as I push you down—while remaining completely helpless.

“I will take his woman; what can he do? Who does he think he is without Taikou? He wants to fight with me, Qin Yu? He is not worthy!” Qin Yu’s complexion also changed instantly when he heard the two words “Chu Feng” as it surged with incomparable hatred and resentment.