Chapter 752 - Divine Lightning Awakening

MGA: Chapter 752 - Divine Lightning Awakening

It was truly as if the Imperial Bloodline had intelligence. It actually thought that Chu Feng was challenging it.

At that very instant, the entire Imperial Bloodline’s gaseous mass was churning. With it came incomparably ferocious might as it pressed its way towards Chu Feng. It was akin to an ancient Fierce Beast, and it seemed that it wished to tear Chu Feng into pieces.

As he faced such berserk power, honestly speaking, if Chu Feng said he wasn’t afraid, that would be nonsense.

After all, as a World Spiritist, he was able to deeply sense how strong that thing was. Not to mention him, even an existence at the peak of the Martial Lord realm might not be able to block the attack from the Imperial Bloodline.

But, at that very instant, he could not retreat. He could only stand before Jiang Wushang and the others because if he left, they were most definitely dead.

Besides, Chu Feng had some confidence. He felt that the Divine Lightning in his body, whether it was an Inherited Bloodline or not, was stronger than the Imperial Bloodline.

If the master of the Imperial Bloodline was still there, then there was not much he could do. After all, the master could use its own intelligence to control the power of the bloodline and thus take care of Chu Feng.

However, at that very instant, the Imperial Bloodline clearly lacked that sort of mind. It relied completely on itself to attack. Hence, Chu Feng felt that the Divine Lightning in his body would likely be able to suppress the Imperial Bloodline.


Indeed, just as the Imperial Bloodline was about to collide into him, the nine huge lightning beasts in Chu Feng’s body suddenly awakened.

At that instant, an aura alien to this world surged out of Chu Feng’s body. As that was happening, a deafening roar exploded inside.

*boom* After the sound of the roar resounded completely, the Imperial Bloodline that was about to crash into him scattered in all directions. Even as it did, it let out a timid sound, as though it were frightened.

“What’s this?” Jiang Wushang and the others weren’t able to hear the roar inside Chu Feng, nor were they able to feel the chaotically powerful aura in Chu Feng’s body. They could, however, see that the horrifying Imperial Bloodline seemed to be scared.

Scared by whom? It was obviously Chu Feng! As a result, they, who were initially terrified, couldn’t help widening their mouths, not believing the scene before their eyes.

But just as everyone stared out confusedly trying to figure out what exactly was happening, the boundless Imperial Bloodline started to congregate, and then, condensed into a figure.

It was a middle-aged man. His long hair spread over his shoulders and fluttered despite the lack of wind. He wore a set of armour and had a very extraordinary demeanor.

The appearance of the armour was the exact same as the one the bones on the throne wore. Moreover, at that moment, it was shining with golden radiance. Without a doubt, it was an image made by the Imperial Bloodline; but something irrefutable was that the image had intelligence.

It was standing in the air at that moment, and tightly staring at Chu Feng with his eagle-like eyes. They were full of astonishment, but if one gazed with greater detail, they would discover a hint of fear concealed beneath his astonished eyes. A hint of a very strong fear.

“What is your name?” Suddenly, the middle-aged man spoke.

“This Junior is Chu Feng. Senior, if I may I ask, are you the master of this place?” Chu Feng first politely clasped his hands together, then asked.

“Your surname is Chu?” The man lightly knitted his brows after hearing Chu Feng’s words, then deeply pondered.

“Senior, do you know the people from my Chu family?” he asked quickly when he saw such a reaction. He asked him that question because that man did indeed possess the Imperial Bloodline, so he very likely came from the Holy Land of Martialism, and possibly also knew his background.

However, disappointing Chu Feng, the man shook his head after hearing his question, and asked, “You opened the formations I laid?”

“Senior, the formations you laid were indeed opened by me,” Chu Feng said truthfully.

“Impressive. But sadly, the Imperial Bloodline I left behind and put all my heart into while alive is completely useless to you. I’m thinking that you want to give my Imperial Bloodline to those two people, right?” The middle-aged man cast his gaze at Jiang Wushang and Lan Xi. Obviously, he knew who they were.

“This…” Chu Feng was a bit hesitant; he didn’t know how to reply.

He knew that man was most likely the person who killed all the Monstrous Beasts. Also, he had passed away already. The image left behind now was no more than a fragment of his soul. To Chu Feng, it was not threatening in any way. And since that fragment of a soul was appearing before him currently, it would also completely disappear after a short while.

Which would mean even if Chu Feng and the others didn’t do anything, since the man was already dead, the awareness he left behind would disappear immediately as well. The only thing remaining would be his Imperial Bloodline.

Truthfully, the Imperial Bloodline was left behind so others could obtain it. But, at present, the man’s soul was still there. It wasn’t too great if they said they came just for his bloodline.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed about anything. The reason why I put so much effort in leaving the power of my bloodline behind is because I intended it for a person fated in the Eastern Sea Region.” The man seemed to have seen through Chu Feng’s thoughts as he suddenly smiled lightly.

“Then Senior, can you bestow your Imperial Bloodline to my friend? To him, your bloodline is really too important,” Chu Feng requested quickly.

“To be honest, when I left behind my bloodline, it was because I didn’t want a termination in its inheritance. I hoped that one person could receive my power and continue passing it down, so my many years of cultivation wouldn’t have gone to waste.

“But, thinking back and forth, if I just gave my bloodline to a certain person, it would be too easy for that person.

“So, that’s why I laid this formation. It was to find a qualified person to receive this Imperial Bloodline. No matter how long I awaited, it would not matter, so long as that person was sufficiently qualified.

“But, sadly, the fated person I painstakingly waited for had something even more powerful than my Imperial Bloodline.

“My Imperial Bloodline wouldn’t be of any assistance to you, and the thing in your body wouldn’t even allow my bloodline to enter.

“However, the two of them want my Imperial Bloodline, but are simply not qualified enough.” A hint of a bitter smile emerged onto the man’s face as he spoke, then he said with a sigh, “I meticulously laid this formation, left behind a portion of my soul, and bitterly waited for several thousands of years. Finally, in came the person who was able to break through my formation.

“But it mattered not, as to him, my Imperial Bloodline wasn’t suitable for his body.

“How pitiful, how tragic!

“Whatever, whatever. Since you are the one who broke through this formation, and since you have the heart to make others happy, I don’t mind helping you out.

“I will use my final awareness to lead the Imperial Bloodline into your friend’s body. But, my Imperial Bloodline can only be bestowed upon a single person. Out of the two, you can only choose one. You must make a decision.”

“Wushang.” That decision was not difficult, so Chu Feng cast his gaze at Jiang Wushang.

“Junior Jiang Wushang pays his respects to Senior.” Jiang Wushang quickly went up, immediately knelt, and bowed at the image.

“Jiang Wushang, huh? Then in that case, we are interestingly related…” After hearing Jiang Wushang’s name, the grievance on the man’s face was diminished by quite an amount. After meaningfully looking at Chu Feng, he said to Jiang Wushang, “Boy, you really do have a good brother.”

*hmm* After speaking, the man’s outline flashed, turning into a strand of bright golden light, and bore straight into Jiang Wushang’s chest.